4 Essential Components to Build a Strong Home Network

May 13, 2016 by luis@echoworkshop.com

Modems: The amalgamation of modulation and demodulation is the first piece of hardware you will need. Basically, it converts analog signals to digital. Hence, it enables the router to read the signals and communicates directly to the internet service provider (ISP). So, this device receives both, internet and cable signals. Nowadays, the modern modems are cable employed and come with coaxial connections.


Switches: Certainly, these are the system’s power outlets. This means, these serve to be the place when you will plug in the Ethernet cables which you can link to your gaming device, speakers or computer. Although, in many cases these are included in the general router, yet the external switches serve to be an important function. Here it is important to note that a right strategic placement is must have for a better connectivity throughout your home.


Router/Access Point: Being the central point of your home networking system, the routers and access points are the one to take the signal from your modem. Later, these amplify the signal and send it throughout your home with a wired (router) or wireless (access point) connection. The access points (or router) needs to be located near devices which need internet access. Also, for better connectivity avoid the interference like a cell phone booster or microwave as far as possible. In case, you want to transfer large amount of data quickly and efficiently, you need both of them to come with dual-bandwidths and large bandwidth capabilities.


Cables: While switches, routers, and access points are important, you cannot ignore the importance of quality cables. Therefore, you need to invest in cables to make sure that it intact to the end points. You can prefer using CAT 5 Ethernet cables or CAT7 cables. These offer lower resistance, higher durability and come with greater shielding. These allow the signal travel farther without a loss in strength.


So, now whenever you plan to set up network for your home, make sure you consider these four essential elements.

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