4 Reasons Smart Home is Beneficial for Parents

May 27, 2016 by luis@echoworkshop.com

Parenting is overwhelming but on the flip side it is challenging. Right from their birth to upbringing, you need to take care of your children on every aspect, be it’s a security or discipline. However, these things are overlooked or forgotten with your busy schedules when you have no time for your children. In this scenario, a smart home being equipped with monitoring tools and automated security features make the things stress free.

Smart Home is Beneficial 

You Can Watch What’s Going On Even in Your Absence

Every parent wants their children to be secure especially when they are alone at home. The smart home automation system ensures you of the security of your near and dear ones. Starting from video doorbells, you can see who is standing at your door while sitting on your couch.

secure System


It is the great tool for parents whose children are left at home; as they’re completely sure that they wouldn’t accidentally open the door for someone they shouldn’t. To monitor your child’s activities or happenings at your home, a video camera is really helpful. It enables you to watch the things going on in your place in your absence. These surveillance cameras are like the robotic nanny and they must be placed at the right spot. The home automation is also helpful where you can lock your home in few clicks from any remote location. In this way the security benefits of the smart home enhance your piece of mind.

Your Smartphone Tells That Your Child Has Reached Home Safely


When your child enters the home, you will be notified by an alert on your smartphone about his arrival. That’s what a digital lock can do for you! These automated lock are set to notify you once your child has punched in his password to unlock the door. In this way, you know that your children are at home from school.

Wake Them Up Even When You’re Not Around

With the help of your smart bulbs, you can control the lighting level of your home and can turn on and off the lights when you’re away. Besides, they reward you when it comes to your parenting. You can set them to turn on to signal your child get out of bed and switch to certain shade when to tell them to go to bed.

An Ease to Control the Temperature:

Wake up

  One of the biggest benefits of being in smart home that you can control your home’s thermostat with an ease. If your child has changed the settings of air conditioning, you will be notified by an alert on your phone and you can correct the temperature from the comfort of your office desk. All credit goes to the smart thermostat system! It makes you free from the worries of leaving the AC running in home or having your teenager turn on the wrong devices accidently.

In this way, you end up with the increased security and the peace of the mind when you can control everything in your home from anywhere and anytime.


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