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Your sweet home is your mansion, and it’s one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make. Keeping it protected and secure is a top need of many homeowners. Savvy Home security system and security cameras can make your life simpler while additionally raising the security level of your home!

There are a lot of security systems available, however, what number of them really make living in your home simpler and more secure? Here are a few that we found!

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Danalock Bluetooth Z-Wave Smart Lock


You’ll never need to stress over overlooking your key again after installing a smart lock. Rapidly and effectively installs, permitting you to open your door by means of smartphone and allow others way in no matter where you are in the world. It’s one of a kind smooth design blends with any home decor style.

Samsung Smart Home Monitoring Kit


Keep your home and family secure with this complete savvy home monitoring kit. Automate the electronics or lights of your home, and monitor who’s going back and forth to setup that takes less than 15 minutes. It monitors smoke and carbon monoxide levels to keep your family protected.

Netatmo Welcome


If you would prefer not to fork out a monthly membership, however, you’re searching for an innovative smart security system, try Netatmo Welcome. It offers you access to your Full HD videos for no extra monthly installment. It also uses face recognizing software to recognize your family as well as friends and immediately alarm you with a still when any burglar is seen in the house.

Nest Cam


The Nest Cam is another indoor Wi-Fi empowered security camera that cautions you when it identifies any movement in your home. This Smart Home gadget records at 1080p and has a 130 degree wide-angle view with the capacity to zoom in, making it incredible for observing huge areas while as yet capturing little points of interest. The Nest Cam sends an alert to your smartphone when it detects any movement or identifies a noise, however, it make sure to ignore background noise.


Canary packs an entire security system in a smooth box that resembles a router. The box incorporates a camera, acceler ometer sensors, a speaker and siren. At whatever time it spots something strange, you get a warning on your smartphone. If you get an alarm, you can tune into the video sustain straight far from your smartphone, empowering you to check if that it truly is an evening prowler or your dog has set the motion detector off.


After reading the title, you must be thinking that listening room is no match of home theater. We think you shouldn’t make haste to make the conclusion.

Yes, it’s true that home theater has dated the listening room, although, it can be seen at most of the home. Why?  Reason is that listening room is used to listen to the music only, where you just feel the sound. When you’re in deep blues or want to calm yourself with “music therapy”, listening room is the great option.

Coming to home theater, it is the ultimate source of entertainment for game enthusiasts and movie goers. But that doesn’t mean home theater has made the listening room out of business. Read the differences between home theater and listening room to know why latter is still relevant in former’s dominance.


four puzzle

More or less, home theater and listening room have same components like audio speakers and players. Home theater comes with big screen lacking by listening room.

Listening room has only a speaker system with an audio player. On the other hand, home theater is equipped with LCD screen, video player, AV receivers and speakers set. Latter has more complicated setting and may be costly than listening room component.



As its name speaks, listening room is only meant for enjoying the music, only music, meaning that no video or other activity. The room may have two audio channels and few sitting arrangement.

On the other hand, home theater can be used for movie watching, playing games and many more things.

But it is found that people seeking calmness always head to listening room away from the excitement of home theater.

Location Type:


That’s the point which make listening room special than home theater. Since enjoying the music is the sole use of the room, making the room more acoustic is prerequisite. A good listening room has the suitable ambience for to keep the listeners interested and concentrated on the piece of music. And that ambience is created by the sound proof walls, right sound insulation and the things creating difference between vocals and heavy instruments. So, you can say that listening room helps you get to the music in its “original” form the way musician wants it to be.

With home theater, you don’t need to be strict on the acoustic environment like listening room. Although, make sure the environment is enough ideal to avoid sound distortion and light interfacing.

So, these are the key differences between listening room and home theater. If you want solitude and want “music” to calm yourself, listening room is the better idea. If you want to get those “stunning” visuals and surrounding sound, home theater is the great choice for you.


True, a home value is determined by the factors like location, layout, age and condition, and renovations of your property. However, there are several other things which indirectly influence the rate of your home, for example security system. You must be thinking how security system can add to the home value. It’s logical to think in this scenario. A home with security systems always creates a safer and desirable place to live as it acts as a warning to home invasion and fire breakouts. Here are the points given below to prove that a home with security cameras and smoke alarms can gain good resale value.

Your Home is Safe:


There are CCTVs cameras in your home which let you know the things happening at your property. Plus, the presence of smoke alarms will warn you in case of a fire breakout.

Nowadays, many home security systems are equipped with the features that can detect gas leaks, roof leaks, temperature and even flooding. And these all situations require you to act quickly to avoid the serious hazards.

It simply means these security systems have lowered the emergency chances in your home. As a result, your home will earn the good the appreciation value from the buying party on the basis of safe environment.

Low Insurance Premiums:


An insurance company is likely to lower their rates for the home installed with security systems, as they are safe. Generally, an insurer can offer up to 20% off on the installments, if your home has security cameras and burglary alarms. Needless to tell, a property with cheap insurance rate will attract the buyer soon.

Peace of Mind:


Having a security system in home means you need not be worried for the burglary, fire or water damage and other unpleasant things. Same thing will be enjoyed by the potential home buyer of your property, making him to pay more than the actual value of your home.

So, these are the prime reasons a security system can increase your property value. A new homeowner can’t help but impress by the cool security features that can be controlled from anywhere. Make sure you have placed CCTV cameras and alarms at the right position across your home.


So far there are two ways to watch the movies—either insert a disc (may be a flash drive) into DVD player or stream the content online. Both ways give you a freedom to watch the movies anytime and anywhere rather than waiting for the broadcast or going to the cinema hall like few years ago. But DVDs require your labor and patient for inserting and playback and you have to return back if they are rented. Similarly, online streaming eats up your bandwidth data and can be a “patient tester” with slow links or poor connectivity.

In this scenario, you’re willing for the “third” way of movie watching where you can mix up the pros of both these ways (DVD+Online Streaming). That’s why “cloud movie watching” fit in this condition. It means you convert the movies into files and then store them on server, where you can access them to watch or download. As an added bonus, you can watch movies on mobile phones and tablets while on the go. Let’s see how you can build your cloud movie library.

Choose Appropriate Cloud Services for Movies:


Well, there are many dedicated cloud services which let you convert DVDs into digital files which can be stored into their digital library later. Check their storage services and processes of building up your digital movie library. Choose the one which not only keeps the backup of your movies but also sync them on all PCs and devices.

Choose the Right Format:


After selecting the cloud platform, you can check their options to convert the movies into various formats. Make sure you have chosen the format that makes your files easily uploaded to the cloud side. Find a balanced bit rate to meet your need best. Whereas a high bit rate will make the file size bigger and reduce the storage space, file with low bit rate can affect the sound and video quality. MP4 is one of the popular media formats that is not so heavy and keeps the quality of your audio/video intact.

Organize your files


Don’t forget to organize your file amidst the exciting features of a cloud service provider. Name and tag the movies so that you can easily search them when you’ve a large collection in digital library.

So, these are the tips to build a digital library collection to enhance your movie watching experience.


Our T.V. watching experience is enhanced with the introduction of the better resolutions with HD, Ultra HD, and the latest one, 4K. But it is equally true that the advent of these technologies has made it confusing for customers to decide which one is the best. Most of the people don’t know which screen size is good or the difference between HD or HD ready. Here are the key things about T.V. screens you must know before choosing the T.V.

Screen Size:


Choosing the right screen size matters! Know how many people in your family watch T.V at once and where you’re going to place your T.V. set. Though a bigger space will need bigger screen, a golden rule is that you must invest on the bigger T.V. However, for non-conventional T.V. watching areas like bedroom, smaller screen T.V. is better. Also consider the distance of your viewing position, which can be 1.1/2 times than the screen diagonal. For example, you can watch 40 inch screen from the distance of 5 to 8 feet.

(40×2: 80—80 inches means 6.6 feet)

Screen Resolution:



HD, UHD or 4K. Which one you have decided to take home?

The question may make many people puzzled as they don’t know these screen resolution differences.

Well, screen resolution means the sharpness and clarity of the TV picture. The more pixels a T.V. has, the clear picture it will have. A basic T.V set comes with 720 pixels while an HD format supports 1080.

Today, Ultra HD or 4k are advanced level of TV screen and has four times the pixels ratio than HDTV. It goes like 3480×2160 pixels! There is superb improvement in image quality as they appear richer, clear and lifelike. Choose it if your budget allow it. Sadly, there are few Ultra HD channels available and the existing HD content doesn’t produce 4K quality on ultra HD T.V. HDR is an upcoming improved TV resolution technology that goes beyond 4k.

And Take Care of Refresh Rate Also….. 

Refresh rate is determined by the time taken by TV to change the images on the screen. A basic T.V set has the capacity of changing 60 frames per second which means 60Hz. But a 60 Hz rate is not compatible with the HDTV as it creates a motion blur. In simple words, a good refresh rate is essential to make the footage appear fast without jittering or blurring.

That’s why they come with minimum 120 HZ refresh rate. So, it makes sense to buy a T.V with at least 120 HZ refresh rate. Steer away from the sets with the phrases like “effective refresh rate” or without the actual refresh rate information.

So, these are the things telling you about the picture quality of the screen.


Key Takeaways:

  • Buy a TV with at least 1080 resolution with 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Invest on 4K Ultra HD TV to keep pace with upcoming technology
  • HDR compatible set offers realistic colors
  • Check the T.V. with your “eyes” rather than manufacturer’s specification
  • Your T.V. should have 4 HDMI ports at least
  • Consider buying soundbar/speakers as the sound is not so good these days because of ultra slim screens.



To understand how technology has made our life easier, the smart home is one of the perfect examples. The great technological advance in modern times has made our home “tech savvy”. In short, we have one smartphone swipe to operate all things like lights, fans, appliances and locks. If you’re a smart homeowner, you can’t resist boasting about the perks of your home.

Here, we have summed up some major benefits of smart home. Let’s see how it makes your life easy.



One of the greatest home automation benefits is the safety! Your home is equipped with the special cameras and alarming system to help you monitor even from remote location. For example, a smoke alarm rings up when it detects fire or you can watch over your mobile screen who is entering your property.

It Monitors Your Health:


Home automation system plays an important role in health monitoring also. Many dedicated sensors for this purpose are installed to the home to check the health and wellbeing of the elderly, disabled and people with chronic health conditions. Plus, they send the alert to the caregivers an elderly relative doesn’t wake up in a morning, while an Internet-enabled medicine cabinet checks if a patient has taken the medication or not. You can customize them to fulfill you wide range of needs.

It Saves Your Utility Bills:


A continuous surge in electricity bills can be the worry for other homeowners, but not for someone living in a smart home. They save on your monthly utility bills. For example, a smart lighting system has energy efficient bulbs while the automated controls will turn off the lights and appliances when they are not in use. In this way, home automation system helps you save on electricity.

You Can Control When You’re Away:


You can control most of the things in your home when you’re away. For example, you can turn off/on the lights and monitor the security with your smartphone. A smart lock system lets you generate digital keys which you can handover to another person via mail. In other words, you can control your home functions when you are not even there.

It Creates a Wonderful Ambiance:


Whether it’s a dinner party or film watching, smart home creates the environment according to the event. Thanks to the motorized blends and smart lights that create the mood with their automated settings. Blinds roll up and lights turn off when it is morning!

So, these are the benefits of living in a smart home. If you’re longing for such a home, you must contact professional services for that.



According to a survey, an American watches only 17 channels from the bundle of 189 channels at his disposals. And interesting thing is that we pay all for those useless channel we don’t watch. Plus, there are hidden fees and data caps.

In this ever advancing digital world, everything has been revolutionized and T.V. watching is no exception. Today, there are many video streaming service providers who are providing the content at much cheaper rates than cable TV. For example, you can get seemingly endless content for a few bucks on any screen. Whether it’s a football match or new series of Game of Thrones, you can watch the video on demand anywhere. On the basis of these loose benefits, one can say streaming is the future of home entertainment.

Let’s see how streaming services are transforming the T.V. watching experience.

Rise of Content Service Providers:

This is the good news for those who are just fed up with the rising cable rates including the hidden charges. It means you have lot of choices to choose from! The growth will also trigger the competition among the provider—which makes the rates go even lower.

You Can Watch Them On the Go:

Whether you’ve smartphone or tablets, you can watch your favorite show or sports, no matter where you are. All you need to download the app of the service provider. So, you don’t need to turn on T.V. every time, when few swaps can do this.

You Don’t Pay for Bundle Pack:


In video streaming services, you pay for what you watch, unlike in cable or satellite TV. As an added bonus, many content providers are giving deals and discounts.

They are Cheaper!


That is striking benefit of using content streaming services. They are much cheaper and cost effective than cable TV. On the other hand, subscribing to the cable packages dents your budget. And the ongoing completion can give you the service on low rates.



Another cool benefit of streaming services is that they are much more flexible than cable TV. You have lot of choices to download and watch content worldwide, rather than satisfying with few choices of cable TV. Plus, you can have content on demand.

They are Ad Free:


How do you feel when you suffer a deodorant ad at a climax mode of the show? Annoying! But with video streaming services, you just enjoy the program without advertisements.

That’s why video streaming services are gaining popularity and there are over 50 million subscribers in the USA.

An atmosphere is extremely important for any bar or restaurant, besides the menu. And music plays a big role in creating the right atmosphere, whether it’s a soft music over candlelight dinner or the rock tunes for the dance floor!

Music is one of the things noticed by the guests while entering your restaurant. A quiet sound is the wastage of money while a loud and unbalanced music is nothing but an attempt to annoy your guests. In this scenario, choosing the good AV company makes the sense as it ensures you the good balance of sound and visuals for your dining establishment.

That’s why we offer cutting edge audio video solutions for your restaurant and bars. At Echo Workshop, you find all integrated audio video solutions specially tailored for the restaurants and bars. Our sound systems produce awesome sound quality while our video systems include big screens ensuring a flawless visibility from all points. Let’s see how Echo Workshop Audio Video solutions can set the right mood in your restaurants and bars.

audio video

  • We provide user-friendly integrated audio and visual system for your hospitality business.
  • We deploy the dedicated music servers and devices to be integrated with the smart lighting control that dramatically set the right mood.
  • We install HD, LCD panels, and multiple projectors to make your restaurant a hot spot during sports events.
  • We offer security solutions for the restaurants and bars, like CCTV for monitoring, alarm system and intercom system.
  • We also give training to your staff for the operation of our integrated AV systems.



From wiring to mounting, our services are performed by our experienced and qualified technicians. Like installation, they can train your staff to operate these systems. So, wait no more and make you restaurant atmosphere compelling so that the guest would like to come again and again.


Every AV system that Echo Workshop installs is supported by our competitive price guarantee.


Hoping to improve your way of life? Do you feel as if your life looks like a coffee table lined with remotes? With home automation, tasks like controlling your indoor regulator, turning on and off lights, and dealing with a security framework get to be incorporated, customized, and instinctive. Such systems permit you to engross easily, increase the proficiency of your home, and convey significant serenity.

With Relative Home Systems, those in Houston and The Woodlands, are only one touch far from effortlessly working the majority of a home’s smart technology. Whether it’s a new development, a redesign, or a retrofit, connected home is the best solution for your space.

Here in this article, we’ll going to talk about what is connected home? What are the benefits of a connected home?

What Do You Mean by “Connected Home”?


Networking technologies, for example, super quick broadband and wifi imply that a greater amount of the gadgets we use are connected to the internet than any time in recent memory. Also, permitting us to communicate with loved ones, huge numbers of the gadgets communicate with each other to make what’s been named the ‘connected home’ or ‘smart home’.

These gadgets communicate with each other on your home system or by means of Bluetooth, doing things like sharing data, exchanging records and computerized media and giving remote get to and control to household appliances.

What Kind Of Connected Home Devices Are There?


The most well-known connected gadgets are PCs, games consoles and Smart TVs, yet in the course of the most recent couple of years the number and type of connected gadgets has extended to incorporate connected heating system, lights, pots, vacuum cleaners, scales and security cameras.

Accessories that can interface with the web, for example, locks, doors sensors and even children’s shams can be cell phone controlled and normally utilize Bluetooth to associate with your smartphone.

Benefits Of A Connected Home

  • Connected homes can give you access to information regardless of where you are in the house like, your photographs might be stored on your PC in the study, however, you can see them on a Smart TV in your lounge or on your tablet in the room.
  • You might need to stream video that you shot on your telephone to your portable workstation so you can see it on a greater screen.
  • Numerous connected home gadgets can likewise be controlled remotely. Connected heating system permit you to kill your heating on and remotely using a phone, so if you get back home late one night you don’t squander cash warming your home while you are away.
  • Connected home gadgets can likewise cooperate as they incorporate an indoor regulator and the smoke/carbon monoxide finder, and if the last recognizes a carbon monoxide spill, it will communicate with the indoor regulator to kill the heating.
  • A well designed automation system takes into consideration consistent, instinctive interaction and management of a home’s hardware. It doesn’t require the client to dispatch numerous applications that can be wasteful and cumbersome. The interface ought to be easy to use, which means you won’t have to refer to a manual to operate it.

In concluding lines, make your home a “connected home” by making it tech-friendly. Enhance your lifestyle by using the connected device for your home. Are you using any of the connected or smart device, do share with us in a comment below.


Somebody can break into your home or you can be locked yourself out while losing the keys. Your wife has to wait outside for long since without the keys. These are some scenarios every home owner goes through. But with the introduction of smart door locking system, all these concerns will be history.  Install a smart door locking system and enjoy the great ease of access like never before.  It is the futuristic technology where you can unlock the door by tapping your smartphone. You just need to connect your smartphone Bluetooth to do all that. Wait, this is not the only benefit you enjoy, here are more convincing reasons to go for smart door locking system.

You Need a Smartphone for That:


You need to pair your smartphone’s Bluetooth with deadbolt to lock or unlock your keys. Just simply tap that deadbolt to open your door. Yeah, it’s pretty cool and handy in the situation when you lose your keys. Plus, it gives you a freedom from carrying the bunch of keys with you.

Send e Keys to Your Near and Dear Ones:


Don’t make your family members and friends wait outside because you’re not at home. Send the eKeys to them via the mobile app so that they can let in. This is the other great benefit of using smart locking system. So, you don’t need to skip office hours or send somebody else to hand over them a key.

It Detects Your Presence:

Let’s accept it, many of us are either locked outside or inside our home accidentally. Instead of screaming or worrying, you can trust your smart locking system. It knows whether you’re outside or inside the home.

Ensures You a High Security:


Burglary is the common threat for all home owners. Any unwelcome guest can easily break into your home, no matter how stronger your lock is. But a smart locking system is the hard nut to crack for them, since it is without any keys. Their mechanism is based on the security protocols deployed in bank system. It means their digital encryption mode can’t be duplicated or broken. In this way, the burglars are unable to pick or bump the system. With smart door locking system, you can decide who can enter your home at what time. It lowers the risk of anything get stolen.

Convenient for Elderly and Physically Impaired People:


Technology has made the living much easier for disabled or elderly people. And smart door locking system is no exception in that! Since it can be opened with smartphone, a senior citizen or disabled don’t have to struggle with keys or go near the door to open it.

So, those are the reasons making you to install the digital smart locks in your home. Make sure to know your preferences before you pick.

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