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There’s a big sign in our shop that states the words “Enjoy What You Do!.” It is a philosophy I adopted early on and have adhered to throughout the years. It has grown to be more than a philosophy, and become a prerequisite. I love my profession. Sure, it has grown me to be more than the technician I once was. Now I have the entrepreneurial duties as well, but overall I consider myself very fortunate to be part of my industry. This couldn’t be any truer than the week after CEDIA every year.

If you’ve understood the term “kid in a candy store” you get a true sense of what CEDIA is like for me and my crew. We get to see the latest and greatest gadgetry our vendors are releasing for the year. Along with the seemingly endless hours of classroom instruction we got to participate in, we got to walk the isles of incredibly cool electronics we can install in our client’s homes. So here’s a brief list of the heavy hitters coming out for the 2015 season. Be on the lookout for these great technologies and products, and don’t forget to reach out to your Echo Workshop consultant for assistance in getting these into your homes or businesses.

1. ATMOS: This incredible new technology just took your home theater experience to a new level. If you enjoy a home theater room now, it can be upgraded to include this technology by replacing the processor and adding a few speakers. Most notable in this category, were products from JBL Synthesis, Integra Home Theater, and DataSat.

2. 4K: although not a new technology, manufacturers have continued to work towards perfecting and incorporating it into products in different ways. What an unbelievable picture quality! It doesn’t matter if we’re talking projection or flat panel displays. The picture quality is spectacular! Big players in this category, as usual, Sony and LG, but I also found some amazing experiences watching the Wolf Cinema projectors. Wow!

3. Motorization: Hidden TV’s, projectors, bars, and weapons safes. Straight out of your favorite spy movies, they’ve become reality. Companies like Future Automation continue to assist us in creating the ultimate experience. Whether we are hiding your TV behind some artwork or making it drop out of your ceiling by pressing a button, this is the really cool stuff we can do for you.

4. Automation: The new Savant User interface is EXCELLENT! It is very intuitive and easy to user. I think our clients will be very pleased with the new look. Most older systems and legacy product can be upgraded to support the new look. We also really enjoyed playing with the latest and greatest moving parts in the Future Automation world. These guys really have it figured out when it comes to hiding TVs using motors. Awesome product!

5. The Audiophile Corner: Are you kidding me? Our friends at Totem Acoustic, Mark Levinson, and JBL Synthesis are still at it. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. I’ll take one of each.

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