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AV Solutions for Your Training Room

Audio video equipment plays a great role in your employee’s training! They demonstrate sales procedures, documentation, specific operations and complicated processes in an interactive way. You can even deliver the training sessions or presentation via video conferencing from any part of the world. In short, using AV aid in your training room will make the learning interesting and easy as well.


With the help of AV technology, you can make your communications, presentation and long distance conferencing even interactive. That’s why the aid has been used in the corporate world on large scale to train the employees. The sophistication of video technology has brought a significant improvement in the quality of training in past few years. Let’s see how AV solutions can make the difference in your employee’s training.

  • 24/7 Access to Training Anytime and Anywhere
  • Products and Data Demonstration to In House Resources
  • Video Conferencing
  • Quick Training for New Hires


Av Solution

How Echo Workshop Make Difference?

At Echo Workshop, we provide cutting edge AV solutions to create a better learning environment inside your training room with outstanding equipment. We provide latest AV technology to make your employees and onboard talent to grasp the things quickly.

Whether you’re looking for LCD TV, touch screen AV system or ceiling projector, we’re here to meet your all AV needs.

 Let’s see how we live up to your expectations:

  • Latest AV Hardware and Software
  • House of Leading Brands like Sony, Lumagen, and ScreenInnovations.
  • Qualified Technicians and Quick Support
  • Competitive Rates
  • Meet Every Budget Range

Echo Workshop has been providing reliable and incredible audio visual solutions to enterprises for over twenty years. Every year, we look forward to making your AV solutions more smooth and interactive.

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