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December 30, 2014 by luis@echoworkshop.com

Every once in a while, you run into something new that excites you about your chosen profession. Yesterday, I had one of those opportunities present itself. We assisted an old client in upgrading his outdoor system and installed one of the James Loudspeaker Outdoor Systems. We had to hire a landscape company to assist us with all the digging as the sub-woofers get buried under ground. We also wanted to hide all the wiring so it took the better part of the day to perform the installation. The reward was definitely worth the wait and hard work. At the end of the process, I said to one of my guys “I wish you could take a picture of sound quality!” Being an outdoor system, I never expected to here such clarity, punch and precise delivery. We tried several different types of music looking for weaknesses in the system and it never failed to impress. I look forward to recommending this system to more clients as we move forward. Once again, something we can be passionate about…


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