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Custom Audio Video

Music and Video in different rooms for different people. This is the definition of a Distributed Audio/ Video system. Imagine sitting on the back porch with some fun music playing on the speakers over head, your spouse is in the study listening to something completely different from the same iTunes account, and the kids are in the game room watching their favorite movie. This can all be fed from the same Electronics closet in your home. Whether you need a simple two television setup to a more complex twenty-two television setup with sixteen zones of audio, we offer DAV solutions for all types of needs and budgets.

Controlled Multi-Source Multi-Zone:

This system gives users the option to listen to any source attached to the system in any configuration of rooms throughout the home. It also gives users the ability to select one source for the entire house. Additionally, this system typically will provide keypads, touch screens or wireless at connectivity at any of the rooms to give the user control of system attributed such as volume, play status, and source selection.

Distributed Audio: Multi-Source Multi-Zone:

This System gives the user the ability to send a source from a specific location (such as a stereo receiver) to several different rooms in the home by use of speaker selectors and in-room volume controls. Such systems do not allow the user to control devices from the rooms. The user has to return to the original stereo location to make changes to play status, station presets, and source selection.

Distributed Video:

Modulated: Modulation is the act of injection a signal onto a carrier. An easy to understand example of modulation is to take a DVD player in your home and assign it to a channel in a modulator. Lets say we assign it to channel 35. Now every TV in your home can view that DVD player on Channel 35. Although a bit out of date, modulation still exists. It is an available solution for the extreme budget conscious, but the inception of HDTV has driven matrix switching systems to dominate as a solution for video distribution.

Matrix Switching: There are several products on the market that perform audio and video switching. The basis of all these products is an integrated (and sometimes external) matrix switcher. A Matrix Switcher can be much more complex than modulation, but the outcome can be worlds above it in quality. Matrix switchers have the ability to switch any signal (this includes High Definition) to any video display in your home. Modulation is limited to an injected analog signal that most A/V professionals consider sub-standard. Matrix Switching gives you the ability to distribute your Blu-Ray player to the living room, bedroom, and game room or you can select to watch different sources in all rooms simultaneously.



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