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Today, Echo Workshop is involved in design, build-out, installation and programming of many phenomenal home theaters. We pride ourselves in the “No Surround System Packages” approach.

Our design team can create a home theater room that travels back in time to those days of style and elegance or even step through a portal under the stars in a modern, contemporary design.

Theater History

It was the Jazz age, The Roaring Twenties, a time of prosperity and elegance. This period of American History generated more growth in the cinematic industry than any other. Stars of the silver screen like Rudolph Valentino, Gretta Garbo, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, and a seemingly endless list of performers were iconic symbols of grace and distinction. The experience gained from attending the theater, cinema, silver screen, or moving pictures was one that embodied the grace and elegance portrayed on the screen. It was also along this timeline that very lavish million dollar mega-theaters were being created.

Technological upgrades have been constant and on-going since the inception of the industry. The first public film showing in America was in 1896 in New York City, however, just a few months later the first “store front” theater dedicated to showing Motion Pictures opened in New Orleans. This was due to the Edison invention of the Vitascope Projector. Leaps and Bounds were made throughout the years in picture quality, but it was not until the mid to late twenties that sound was added to the films. In the 1950’s we saw the dawning of home movies. The development of the Kodak 8mm film and projectors made it possible for the American public to have screening rooms within their homes, however this was still a luxury afforded by the wealthy.



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