Lighting and Shading Solutions

LightShade1WE DO WINDOWS!!! Now, don’t get the wrong impression. We’re not coming to your home with a bottle of cleanser and some paper towels. We provide lighting and shading solutions. We provide the best and quietest window covering solutions on the market. The extensive collection of Lutron® shades gives us the ability to match almost any color, opacity level, and style you desire. Additionally, the motorized functionality gives you the choice of a great view or complete privacy at the touch of a button (we cannot provide the view). These can tie into your Lutron® Lighting Control System for seamless control of lighting, temperature and shades. Please contact your Echo Workshop Representative for a demonstration of our Lutron products.
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Lighting Control is the ability to control several lighting loads or fixtures from a single button press. A perfect example of this would be a “Goodbye” button by the garage door that makes all the interior lights in your home turn off. Lighting Control is also the ability have groups of lighting turn on and off based on timed events. A perfect example of this is the “Sunset” scene triggered every day at, you guessed it, sunset. This scene can cause all the exterior lighting in your home to turn on. A “Midnight” or Sunrise scene would then cause them to turn off.

Please contact your Echo Workshop Representative for more details on Lighting, and shade control systems.

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