System Integration

Gears1Just ten years ago we debated at the auto dealership whether or not it was a necessity to purchase the power lock or power window feature. It was only a matter of convenience. Today, these have become standard features for a car. The same is true for your home. System Integration connects all your home systems together to provide an ease-of-use and comfort in your home you will not want to live without.

System Integration ties all your home systems into one simple to use interface. In our case, we support the wave of Apple iOS® devices that have become available in the marketplace. Imagine using an iPad® to turn on your lights, lower your shades, change your thermostats, start your steam shower, turn on the TV, and select a musical playlist to listen to. Now imagine having started all these features by pressing one button on that iPad®. That is Systems Integration. The same can be achieved from an iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or several handheld remote controls we can provide.

This all used to be a feature set that had to be wired into the home when it was being built. The Retrofit market has become much stronger in the past years and we can now retrofit these systems into existing homes as well. A little less than half of our business is in outfitting older homes with these great amenities.

Contact your Echo Workshop Representative for more details on what can be done in your home with a Systems Integration Package.


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