A Way to the Secure Home Networking System in 6 Easy Steps

June 3, 2016 by luis@echoworkshop.com

Whether it’s your home or office, you can’t afford to ignore the network security. You don’t want that somebody peep into your system; use your data or leave malware in your PCs. That’s why considering a network security makes a sense. Here are the some easy ideas to make your home networking system secure against all attacks.

Choose the Right Router


A quality router plays an important role to consolidate your network security. Nowadays, routers are available with multi-layer security system. A router uses firewall, guest networks and VPNs to keep the security risks at the bay.  At the advance level, UTMS (Unified Threat Management System) enables an administrator to keep an eye on your system and the potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Don’t Leave a Device Exposed to Threat


Make sure your tablet, desktop, smartphone and laptops are loaded with updates in security features. But it can be an exhaustive task to divide the workload of family members and go with the updates. Here come some software security services that can help you with that. You can purchase third party software for your OS which can give you updates and runs security checks, such as whether it has antivirus, a firewall, and an encrypted hard drive. Many security software makers have made it easy to operate and manage multiple digital devices.

Make Your Network Password Strong


Never choose the default setting while installing the new router as it may be common to many routers. If you do so, your network security is simply exposed to the hackers. Change the password or the encryption key. A good password is not easy to guess, let alone it can be easy to remember. So forget using “cakewalk” passwords like “ABC456” or date of birth. Instead, use special characters, upper case, lower case and the long phrases to make it too strong to be cracked.


Device Updates are Crucial:



This is one of the areas where some of you have a “laid back” attitude! But caring for the updates is as crucial as your device passwords. Remember, a hacker targets the outdated software. So, giving an attention to your updates will always pay you off! Check if your applications are on auto update. But software updates are not only confined for your PCs but also for the phones, digital camera and MP3 player. These updates are known as “firmware updates” and sent via an application install on the devices. So, you must consider the updates for an improved security and better performance.

Check Your Wi-Fi Network System:


Wi-Fi network is convenient but sometime it is the way your neighbor uses to eat into your data. Moreover, someone can gain an invalid access to your files or it can be the puppet of the hacker’s hand. These entire things happen because your Wi-Fi network is not enough secured! Always monitor who is connected; wipe off the SSID names; create strong password; and encrypt with WPA2. Turn off the access when it is not in the use.

You Need Firewall:


Firewalls guards your system and monitors the malicious activities.  It keeps the unknown person or sites away from your PC and blocks the unwanted sites and sources. All you need to just turn on the features of firewall coming with your software or OS.


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