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What’s the Difference Between Smart Home Control and Smart Home Automation?

How Savant Home Automation Transforms Your Lifestyle

What’s the Difference Between Smart Home Control and Smart Home Automation?

Control is a wonderful thing. 

When you make dinner, you can control what goes on the plate. When you watch a movie at home, you can control when you stop and start. Having control over what you do is one of the most simple yet rewarding pleasures in life.

And home control is a big part of that. From one-touch functions of your thermostat, lights, AV, and more, you can take advantage of your home automation system from your smartphone or tablet.

But Savant smart home automation does more that that. It allows you to control each device in your home and a provides you a system that integrates them seamlessly.

What’s the difference between home control and home automation? Find out below.

Audio Video Installation: DIY vs Professional

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your System?

Audio Video Installation: DIY vs Professional

Now that football season is upon us, you’re probably thinking more than ever about your AV system. From crystal clear picture to realistic audio, you’re probably realizing that your home entertainment system isn’t quite up to modern standards.

That’s ok – it just means you need an audio video installation upgrade for this fall.

But there’s a lot of elements that go into a new system, and the costs can add up quickly. How do you know if its worth it to try and DIY a solution?

In this blog, we’ll explore the difference between calling in a professional or doing it yourself. Just keep reading!

Home Network Installation: DIY or Professional Upgrade

How Do You Get the Best Performance from Your Network?

Home Network Installation: DIY or Professional Upgrade

We’ve all been here: the kids are on their smartphone Wi-Fi, your spouse is using their tablet, and you’re trying to stream the latest Netflix series. Then, everything slows down.

If that’s ever happened to you, you probably know it means its time for a home network installation upgrade.

And with the prevalence of DIY and wireless technology, you wouldn’t be crazy to think it’s just a weekend-afternoon project. But installing and upgrading a network can be more complicated than you expect.

So, should you go with a professional installation or can you do it yourself? This blog will explore the differences. Just keep reading for more.

Securing Your Shop for the Holiday Season

Why Now’s the Perfect Time for a Business Security System Upgrade

Securing Your Shop for the Holiday Season

With the last days of summer quickly approaching, you may think you have a bit of a break between back to school and the start of the holiday season.

But the truth is, that time will go by in a flash.

Thanks to increased foot traffic, the next few months will likely be some of the biggest your Houston Heights retail store has seen all year. Of course, with increased traffic comes increased risk of potential threats.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the ways you can enhance your business security system for a happier – and more profitable – holiday season. Keep reading for more.