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Technology: Inside & Out

Echo Workshop has the ability to make your home as beautiful and smart as you like.

Technology:  Inside & Out

Home automation and technology become more advanced every year.  While some of us enjoy the way speakers, TVs, and other high-tech items look in our homes, on our patios, and poolside, others would prefer these items blend more seamlessly into their landscaping and home, or, even better, be completely hidden from view.  At Echo Workshop, we focus on the design at the beginning of the building/remodeling process, making it possible for technology to be as hidden as you like.  Are you looking for some great items that can blend into your dream home or pool area?  Let us help.

Speakers:  Are you dreaming of music throughout your home, but don’t relish the idea of seeing speakers on your shelves or speaker grills in your ceilings or walls?  Then the Sonance Invisible Series may be just what you’re looking for.  These speakers are installed in the ceiling or wall and then finished over with the same material as the surrounding surface, making them completely invisible.  Yes, you can have beautiful sound with no visible speakers.  If you’re looking for outdoor options, the Sonance Patio Series blends in beautifully with your landscaping, while filling your pool or patio area with great sound.

Televisions:  We all love to watch TV, but that doesn’t mean we want it to be the focal point of all of our rooms.  The Frame by Samsung is a great option for any room.  Display beautiful artwork when you aren’t watching TV and a crystal-clear QLED screen for viewing your favorite programs.  Or maybe you prefer the aesthetics of a mirror instead of artwork, or like to watch television in the morning while you get ready for work.  Then the Séura Entertainment TV Mirror or a Vanity TV Mirror is just what you’re looking for.  You can experience a great picture when you want to catch up on your favorite program and a stunning mirror when the TV is off.  Séura also makes fully weatherproof TVs that function beautifully in extreme cold and heat, with a picture designed for outdoor viewing in bright sunlight.

Lighting & Shades:  Automating your lighting not only has the ability to beautify every room in your home, it also has the ability to improve ambiance and beauty on your patio or surrounding your pool.  Just imagine have a pre-set scene for the morning, evening, bedtime, or even entertaining.  Change the color and intensity of the light to customize your design and set the mood for any activity - indoor or out.  You may also want to consider outdoor shades from Screen Innovations.  They not only make it easier to keep those pesky Texas mosquitos at bay, they also help keep the dust out and the cool air in.

Of course, there are a multitude of technology options for your home and outdoor area, and Echo Workshop has the ability to make your home as beautiful and smart as you like.  Contact us today to learn more about all of the new, and often hidden, technology available for the home of your dreams.

WiFi Issues?

Echo Workshop has lots of networking upgrades like Wireless Access Points to help boost your signal.

WiFi Issues?

So, you’re having WiFi issues!?  It can be a very frustrating experience trying to fix the problem, and there’s a good reason for that.  There are literally dozens of reasons why your WiFi signal may not be where you want or need it to be. 

Let’s begin by discussing a few things you can do right now to see if you can improve your WiFi signal.  First, get your router off the floor (optimally 5 to 7 feet off the floor).   While you’re at it, move your router to as close to the center of your home as possible to allow the signal to get to as many rooms in your house as possible.  Is your router behind the TV or in an enclosed console?   That’s also not optimal, although we understand the desire to hide it.  Letting the signal be broadcast without anything blocking it can greatly increase your speed.  Okay, so those are some basics, but there are many other factors to consider when troubleshooting WiFi signal issues.

Building materials are a big one.  If you have marble or concrete floors, you’re probably going to have issues with your WiFi signal between floors.  Are your walls concrete, stone or metal?  These are beautiful aesthetically, but also amazing WiFi blockers.  Even things like energy-efficient glass or a fish tank can impede your WiFi signal (we know – Goldie is fun to look at, but he isn’t good at boosting WiFi). 

From a technical perspective, there are a few easy things you can do to troubleshoot your signal issue.  First, check for damaged cables and make sure that cables are pushed in all the way.  Next, have you considered the age of your router and the devices that you are using via WiFi? Older devices have limited capabilities and it may be time for you to consider an upgrade.  It’s also important that you make sure you are running the latest system software. 

With so many things to consider when troubleshooting WiFi signal issues, we know that it can feel overwhelming at times, but we are here to help.  Echo Workshop has lots of networking upgrades like Wireless Access Points (WiFi 6 is available and WiFi 7 is on its way) to help boost your signal, as well as expert technicians to help you diagnose the culprit and improve your WiFi signal. 

The Aesthetics of Technology

There are so many options for integrating technology into your home without compromising your design dreams.

The Aesthetics of Technology

Are you in the process of building or remodeling?  Or perhaps you are ready to upgrade the technology in your home.  You may be waging an inner battle of whether the convenience of technology or the aesthetics of your space is more important.  Would you like a TV in your living room, but also want it to look technology free?  Would you like great sound in your dining room, but don’t want to have the speakers showing?  Would you like a way for your power outlets to blend into your wall or kitchen island, or for the lighting in your home to adjust to your needs and schedule?  With technology from companies like Séura, Samsung, Lutron, Trufig, and Sonance, Echo Workshop can integrate products into your home that no longer compromise the beauty of your space.

Do you want the convenience of a television in your formal living room, but hate the idea of technology ruining your design aesthetic?  Echo Workshop has a couple of beautiful options for you to consider.  If you enjoy the look of a mirror above your fireplace, the Séura Entertainment TV may be what you’re looking for.  This gorgeous mirror transforms into a television when switched on.  Or if you would like to take a more artistic approach, The Frame by Samsung would be a perfect addition.  The Frame displays a stunning 4K picture when on and your favorite art when turned off.

Your lighting should adapt seamlessly to your activities and schedule.  Echo Workshop personally designs each project to meet your specific needs.  Lutron lighting not only improves the ambiance in your space, it helps save energy and money, enhances the safety and security of your home, and can even improve your health.

Technology devices and fixtures can be bulky and, quite frankly, ugly.  Trufig is designed to make things like power outlets disappear.  With no trim and finishes to match every surface, your eye is no longer drawn to it and it blends into your space. 

The Sonance Invisible Series produces beautiful ambient sound with no impact on your design.  These speakers are installed in your ceiling or walls and are finished over with the surrounding surface, making them invisible.  Yes, you heard that right – they are completely invisible.

There are so many options for integrating technology into your home without compromising your design dreams.  From TVs that will go completely unnoticed until you want to watch them, to speakers that are invisible, Echo Workshop has the ability to integrate all of the most advanced technology into your home while taking nothing away from its beauty.

Technology & Construction Planning

Technology is an Integral Part of the Construction Planning Process

Technology & Construction Planning

So, you’ve decided to build a new home or remodel your current home?  You may have already chosen a design firm and hired your builder and interior designer, you have most likely considered your budget, but have you remembered to choose your technology company?  You may think that this is something you can leave until later in the building process, but it is vital to get your technology company involved early. 

In this day in age, good connectivity is everything and we want to be able to connect with ease in every room in the house!  Having a solid cabling infrastructure is the beginning of that.  Where do cables need to be run for cameras, TVs, WiFi access points, and other tech devices, where will your computer sit in your new office, where will you house your modem, will you need a rack for your technology components, does your rack room need a vent, where will the optimal location for your wireless access points be, do you know where your main cable from your internet service provider will be entering your home?  There is a lot of planning that goes into this and our experts can help.

You may have heard that there are current supply chain challenges in the building industry.  The same holds true with technology.  Having an expert guide you through options in entertainment, lighting, shades, and networking takes a lot of the sting out of the planning.  Our experts can see what is available or when your favorite brand may be available again.  Early planning is also optimal when it comes to selecting smart home features that can save you time and money and improve your quality of life.  Features like programmable thermostats and automated shades and lighting by Lutron are big energy savers.  Smart locks, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, and whole-home security will give you the peace of mind that your family is protected when you’re home or away. 

Technology is evolving daily and is an extremely important aspect of our work and leisure time.  Getting all of your choices outlined and sourced before the day of installation is obviously the best plan.  At Echo Workshop we spend a great deal of time listening to what you want and designing a system specifically for you – a system that not only works today, but is designed to grow with you in the future.