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Let Your Houston Trufig Source Seamlessly Solve Your Bulky Design Problems

Cultivate a clean, modern look for your living room and kitchen.

Let Your Houston Trufig Source Seamlessly Solve Your Bulky Design Problems

Your home has beautiful design features that you should be able to enjoy and show off, but right now, there are chunky white power outlets getting all the attention instead. Imagine walls that can hide your electronics, camouflage your electrical outlets, and vent refreshing air, without any bulky eyesores. With the help of the Trufig seamless mounting system and your Houston Trufig dealer, your outlets, linear diffusers, and devices will blend right into your walls. You won't have to choose between function and design.

Explore the possibilities that are unlocked when you use Trufig's design solutions to disguise the bulky devices that power your home. 

Your Walls Can Camouflage Power Outlets

Your home has stunning stone countertops, gorgeous accent walls, and smooth marble surfaces. It's time to stop letting power outlets ruin carefully crafted designs. Trufig is like a chameleon that can change its skin color to hide in plain sight. Whatever pattern, design, color, material, or texture your wall has, your power outlets will now be able to replicate its surroundings and blend right into the wall. This design solution is also trimless and flush with the wall, so your power outlets won't stick out or stand out. Now, you can put invisible power outlets anywhere you need them, instead of having to worry about what they will look like in that location. You can now keep your living room and kitchen walls clean and clutter-free.

Your Walls Can Seamlessly Hide Your Electronics

Instead of mounting smart home devices on your wall, put the devices in your wall. Your lighting and smart home controls will be exactly where you need them, without ruining the aesthetic appeal of your space. Control your lights with the touch of a discrete button, and mount an iPad inside your wall for easy, yet unobtrusive, smart home control. The electrical components and wires will stay safely hidden inside your walls. Trufig's mounting system is compatible with many touch screen devices to fit your preferences.

Your Walls Can Keep You Cool

Stay cool and refreshed, without bulky vents and units. With Trufig's mounting technology, even your HVAC grilles and linear diffusers will be fully integrated in your home. The vents and grilles become so hidden that it's almost like your walls can breathe on their own. Imagine HVAC grilles and wall or ceiling linear diffusers that are flush with the wall, match their surroundings, and still function perfectly. Trufig's mounting system for linear diffusers offers a seamless transition between the air opening and wall or ceiling surface. This integrated system helps you breathe clean air, while also keeping your walls clean and streamlined.

Your Walls Can Play Music

If your walls could talk, they would tell great stories about your family and home. You also wouldn't have to look at bulky sound systems and tangled cords. With Trufig's integrated Sonance speaker system, your walls will do more than talk. They will play music. Relax on your couch while peaceful ambient music gently plays, or enjoy a get-together with friends and family with lively music in the background. Enjoy the benefits of background music, without having to look at the obtrusive speaker system that takes up space. Let the speakers blend into your walls with Trufig.

Your Houston Trufig Dealer Can Help

You don't have to compromise anymore. With Trufig's integrated mounting system and design solutions, you can enjoy your home with all of its features, without any bulky electrical outlets or devices.

At Echo Workshop, our team of trained custom electronics specialists provides seamless installation of seamless products. Please contact us to schedule a visit at our Houston showroom, learn more about Trufig products, or ask us any questions. We are here to help.

5 Reasons Why You Need Motorized Shades This Summer

Turn up the comfort and keep down utility costs with help from your Houston Lutron dealer.

5 Reasons Why You Need Motorized Shades This Summer

Smart home technology has become a part parcel of our every day in just about everything we do. Enter Lutron motorized shades; they not only have become the best solutions in the world of smart homes, but they also ensure convenience and safety and help lower your home's utility costs.

Long gone are the days when controlling your shades was a loud and glitchy affair. While every person has different needs and style preferences, it's worth considering Lutron motorized blinds or drapery as your window treatment option for the following reasons;

1. Energy Efficient

Although most home automation systems focus mainly on the convenience of smart technology, you can do more to reduce your overall carbon footprint and monthly energy bills with Lutron motorized shades. With a touch of a button, they can control the amount of sunlight coming into a room for a more energy-efficient surrounding.

Do you know that your AC works twice as hard to create a comfortable indoor climate during the summer's heat? You can create a weather-specific schedule such that your windows remain unobstructed when it's too hot, as your Lutron motorized shades or drapes draw to conserve the energy used for heating and cooling. By so doing, you reduce the amount of heat and temperature in your home while reducing the amount of energy your air conditioning will need to use to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Additionally, you can also create an eco-friendly and perfect ambiance by integrating your home's lighting and Lutron motorized shade system. The lights adjust accordingly to provide electricity, as will the shades when it's time to close at sunset.

2. Convenient and Easily Managed

Unlike non-motorized blinds that you have to manually operate, anyone can use a remote to open and shut Lutron motorized shades. Additionally, manual blinds and shades might be versatile and fit any window; however, the panels or slats are expensive to repair and replace once they are heavily damaged. 

Because Lutron motorized shades are not manually operated, plus they are made to fit your window perfectly, they do not get tangled up, thus creating a clean-looking space.

3. Quiet-motorized

The definition of motorized shades or drapery is a type of window treatment using a quiet motor either through centralized sets of controls, touch panels, or a smartphone and tablet app. Not only are the shades very quiet, but your Houston Lutron dealer may also incorporate external sensors that monitor the sun's position or temperature. Consequently, the shades automatically open or shut all the way at specific times to avoid direct sunlight glares while insulating your home.

4. Customized Styles and Design Fabrics

You can control natural lighting and have a well-lit space with a wide variety of stylish motorized shades and Lutron drapery to match your home's decor. They also come in different sizes, meaning if you have windows out of reach (for example, in a commercial building), you can contact Echo Workshop to custom-make drapery that will fit your specific need. 

5. The Best on the Market

Lutron is considered the most popular and cost-effective motorized sun-blocking and shading window treatment, with a wide variety of fabrics, materials, and design offerings that suit individual preferences. These quiet-motion, battery-powered shades work in perfect unison, thus eliminating unwanted wear and tear from overuse or entanglement.

In conclusion, advantages of having your home installed with energy-efficient motorized drapes include;

  • Customizable, therefore, can be easily integrated with most smart home systems to further automate your home's devices.
  • Readily available from a variety of shade types, hundreds of drapery fabric including textured materials as well as color options.
  • Unlike traditional shades that use cords, Lutron motorized shades and energy-efficient drapes can only be controlled using a smartphone app or remote control.

Installing motorized drapes or shades can make a great impact on your home or commercial building. Contact Echo Workshop today to learn more about how our smart home solutions can help you.

Protect Your Devices This Hurricane Season with Surge Suppression

Be proactive about keeping your home and business safe.

 Protect Your Devices This Hurricane Season with Surge Suppression

Families and businesses are still in the process of rebuilding in Southeast Texas and Louisiana from the devastating hurricane season last year. New homes and businesses are looking for protective solutions before the beginning of the next season in June. When it comes to keeping your Houston home or office safe, it pays to pay attention to energy efficiency and surge suppression. So, Echo Workshop has tips to prevent damages from energy surges.  

What Is an Energy Surge?

Any major storm has the potential to cause damage to buildings, electrical relays, and cable lines. Pole-based lines are the most susceptible to damages caused by major weather, like the 2020 hurricanes. When the electrical wires are damaged, a buildup of power, or a surge, is created and released into the neighboring connected homes and businesses. This can damage any appliances or electronics that remain connected to the energy grid.

Houston experienced a large energy surge with the landfall of Hurricane Laura in August 2020. More than 113 thousand homes and businesses in Southeast Texas were without power. In the days that followed, energy began being restored. This created a new danger for those electronics and equipment still connected to the grid: the surge back to power. As lines were repaired and re-energized, it created an inward surge that continued to have the potential to damage electronics that had not been disconnected.

All this being said, it’s important to note that most surges actually come from within our own homes, not from storms. You can read a detailed explanation about this from our owner here

What Does a Power Surge Do?

Everything from alarm clocks to high-tech computers that are connected to a wall socket has a form of a power converter in it. With the influx of too much power, the tiny transistors and capacitors are unable to handle the load. In essence, it floods the system and burns out the device's ability to transfer power from the electrical grid into the device itself. Devices that are charging when a power surge occurs have a greater risk of exploding the battery, as they can not hold enough power.

What to Do in Inclement Weather

Major storms caused most of the damage that created the energy surges in August 2020. However, all storms have the potential to damage systems. It is not only the storm creating electrical surges that can damage equipment either, but water damage can also occur from flooding and downed trees on homes. How do you protect your important electronics from storms?

To prevent damage from surges, you may read the well-intentioned advice to unplug your devices. However, Echo Workshop does not recommend this to our customers. There are a lot of interconnected systems in what we do and unplugging something can cause a failure in other items. It is safer, and much more effective, to be proactive and include proper surge suppression and surge elimination solutions within your system. This way, you are not running around trying to unplug everything as a storm approaches, and you can ensure that your systems remain properly installed. 

For minor surges, point-of-use surge protectors are available in stores to help reduce the effect of surges on equipment plugged into them. Not all surge protectors are created equal and are easily confused with power strips that only add extra outlets. The packaging on surge protectors shows how many joules the strip will be able to handle on an incoming surge. If it goes higher than the max, the protector will no longer be of use. Check the lights and replace surge protectors regularly to get maximum protection from the devices.

No matter the reason for the power surge, there are ways to prevent damage to your devices. For proper surge suppression, the cost of protecting your equipment is usually less than the repair or replacement of the devices. Let Echo Workshop work with you to set you up with the best and smartest system to protect your home and business.


This Father's Day, Treat Dad to High-End Audio

Your Houston Revel dealer is here with the perfect gift for dads who love audio.

This Father's Day, Treat Dad to High-End Audio

Every year when Father's Day rolls around, we find ourselves wondering how best to show the father figures in our lives exactly what they mean to us. Should we splurge on an expensive present? Or should we concentrate on the emotional side of the holiday, trying to put into words exactly what these men mean to us? One way to help narrow down our choices is to think about the unique tastes and interests of the men in our lives.

This Father's Day, treat the audiophiles in your life to a gift they can enjoy all year long. Stop by your local Houston Revel dealer, Echo Workshop, and get your dad a set of Revel speakers. 

Luxury Listening

Imagine the dad in your life coming home after a long day at work. Whether he's been downtown at the office, in a back corner of the shop, or even just down the hall in his at-home studio, chances are high he's spent the majority of his day listening to sounds that, while necessary for his work, were nonetheless underwhelming. Horns honking during the commute; co-workers droning on in meetings; phone calls projecting through tinny earpieces.

None of these sounds struck joy in his heart. 

Once dad's home and settled in for the evening, however, he can enjoy some luxury listening on his high-end Revel speakers.

  • Home screenings of classic movies
  • Favorite studio albums
  • Video chatting
  • Podcast binging
  • Top-notch gaming

After we gift our fathers some high-end audio equipment, all their listening experiences from that point forward will be amplified through top-quality speakers. 

Some Manly Options

Whether dad hangs out in the living room with everyone else or likes to retreat to his own space to enjoy his downtime, the high-end audio options available from your Houston Revel dealer, Echo Workshop, are sure to fit right in.

A general rule of thumb about high-end speakers is that the heavier they are, the higher quality they're likely to be. The heft of the Revel speakers alone will go a long way toward convincing you that not only are these some of the best speakers available on the market but also that they are an option that will fit well into the most "manly"  of dad-centric spaces.

That could be the living room, the home theater, or yes—even a "man cave." 

No Cave Like a Man Cave

In recent decades, the man cave has become the ultimate in manly suburban spaces.

The typical man cave is a room to which men can retreat, either as individuals or together as a group. Once there, they shoot the breeze, decompress, and enjoy entertainment and relaxation in a manly environment. 

The man cave is the best getaway in the house for the ultimate sports enthusiast or audiophile.

  • Smart TV
  • Epic surround sound system
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Automated functions

In the high-tech man cave, dads can keep up with their favorite sports teams, participate in online gaming, or enjoy their music and movies in their own, dedicated spaces.

After you've invested in a thoughtful Father's Day gift of Revel Beryllium speakers from Echo Workshop, these high-tech audio options will take his enjoyment over the top. 

Contact Echo Workshop

Echo Workshop is your go-to Houston Revel dealer. If you're looking to pamper Dad with some high-tech audio this Father's Day, you need look no further.

Contact us today to schedule a time to listen and enjoy the Revel Speakers at our showroom. We're ready and willing to help you match up with the perfect gift just in time for Father's Day.