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Custom Furniture Designed Specifically for You from Your Houston Salamander Dealer

A/V furniture is perfect for keeping all those wires for your tech hidden and organized.

Custom Furniture Designed Specifically for You from Your Houston Salamander Dealer

Custom furniture is designed with your every need and wish in mind, not someone else's. With modular furniture, you can seamlessly integrate technology into your home, without any eyesores or bulk. Imagine an A/V cabinet that hides all of your TV wires and fits beautifully into your entertainment space or comfortable home theater seating in the exact layout that you wanted. Your Houston Salamander dealer can transform your home with custom furniture solutions designed specifically for you.

Entertainment, Without the Wires

Flying looks a lot more impressive if you can't see the wires. When you walk into your living room, you shouldn't be able to see all the wires and electronics that make your technology work. You should be fully immersed in the impressive, exciting, and comfortable entertainment space, with no bulky wires or electronics on display. With custom furniture, you can maintain the illusion of full technological integration.

Imagine a state-of-the-art, fully customizable credenza that is specifically designed to seamlessly store and hide all the cords and electronics for your TV. Salamander A/V furniture not only hides the electronics but also protects and integrates them into your space. These sleek modular cabinets offer cable management, a cooling system to protect your electronics, and can even integrate an impressive sound system right into the cabinet. The vented cabinet's built-in cooling system keeps your electronics from overheating.

Now, you can shrink down the capabilities of an entire movie theater to fit inside a sleek A/V cabinet that integrates effortlessly into your home. 

Custom, Not "One Size Fits All"

Every room in your home should feel like it was designed specifically for you and your family. Your style, your preferences, and your wants and needs should all be reflected in your home. Furniture sets the tone for the entire space, so you need to be able to customize it. With custom furniture, you don't have to compromise.

You can customize your A/V cabinet to perfectly fit into the design of your home. Change the size, shape, layout, finish, color, material, and much more so that the furniture will blend harmoniously into your home. With custom furniture, your specific requests can turn into reality because of the modular design of Salamander furniture. This furniture works with you so that you don't have to settle. 

Your home theater should feel like home. Do you want your theater chairs in a sectional layout with reclining features in rich black leather? Or would a loveseat and single chairs with storage ottomans better fit your needs?  From material to layout, with custom seating, you can easily have all of your requirements met. 

Streamlined Solutions, For Your Home and Office

Salamander vented cabinets and customized seating provide elegant solutions all over your home. It will feel like your home but even better. Unwind in an ergonomically designed theater chair with wireless reclining and built-in cup holders from the comfort of your home. Entertain your family or guests without the distractions of cables or bulky equipment. Streamlined, customized, and modern.

You can also update your office space with Salamander's clever furniture solutions. Use their professional audio racks and modular electronics stands to update your office's technological capabilities. Your presentations can now have impressive audio and visuals that will enhance your hard work. With sleek TV mounts and cable management cabinets, your office will blend beautifully with modern technology. 

Your Houston Salamander Dealer Has the Answers

Echo Workshop is a Salamander dealer that delivers solutions, like custom theater seating or A/V cabinets, to Houston. Your home is not one-size-fits-all, so we will work with you to find solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Please contact us to learn more about how we can design and install custom Salamander furniture in your home or office. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Your Houston Seura dealer has smart mirrors that will make you glow.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can now do much more than just show you your reflection. Now, mirrors can come with their own custom, built-in lighting that makes your reflection look professionally retouched. Mirrors can now also turn into TVs with the click of a button. You can now watch TV while brushing your teeth without needing a separate TV screen in your bathroom. You can turn your bathroom into a luxury spa with the help of your Houston Seura dealer. 

Seura Mirrors Make You Glow

You deserve a "mirror mirror on the wall" that makes you feel like the fairest of them all. You deserve to have professional quality lighting built right into your mirror so that you truly glow. You know the difference between a high-quality mirror and a bad one. You know that boost of confidence you feel when you see your reflection in a luxury hotel mirror, versus the frustration you feel when a bad mirror casts annoying shadows and doesn't light your face properly. With Seura lighted mirrors, you can turn your home bathroom into your private spa. No more squinting your eyes while you put on your make-up, or needing to find better lighting while you are busy with intricate tweezing work. Seura lighted mirrors have seamlessly built-in LEDs that offer unparalleled brightness. You will feel like a model at a professional shoot for a beauty ad campaign. You should enjoy your time in front of the mirror every day instead of feeling like it is another chore. Seura mirrors reflect your true beauty and make your skincare and make-up application effortless. These lighted mirrors can also be customized to match your personal style, so you can finally have your dream beauty salon right in your own home.

Seura mirrors are just as useful for men. Think of how easy shaving is when the mirror is also a light source. You will appreciate how Seura lighted mirrors transform any bathroom into a luxury space. You can also multitask in the morning with a built-in TV screen in your Seura TV mirror.

Enhance Your Workout Studio

A TV mirror will take your Houston at-home gym to the next level. From the comfort of your home gym, you can stream videos of your personal trainer, yoga teacher, ballet instructor, or coach to your TV mirror. With your reflection and your video screen conveniently in one place, you will perfect your form in each exercise and yoga pose. You will be able to compare your positioning directly to your instructor's. Think of how much farther you'll stretch, how many more sets you will do, and how much better your form will look when you have your workout videos right next to your reflection in the mirror. 

You can also watch TV from your built-in screen to keep you entertained during a grueling cycling session, or play a relaxing video during a yoga routine. If you don't want any distractions, just switch the TV off, and the screen will disappear.

Seura's lighted mirrors also look beautiful in-home workout studios. The elegant etched designs illuminate your studio, inspiring productivity and movement. It will remind you of a beautiful ballet studio or celebrity gym with glowing mirrors. 

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

The mothers in your life deserve a present that is as beautiful as they are. Impress your wife, mom, or any other important mother in your life by giving them a gift that literally reflects their own beauty. Seura mirrors are a "thank you" note to each mother who does so much for other people that she forgets to take time to herself. These custom lighted mirrors will help her feel like she can finally enjoy a moment to herself as she gets ready each morning or winds down at night. A gift like this will show her how much you appreciate all that she does. It will also show her that you care about her time to herself. Seura lighted mirrors make every bathroom look better, and they make every woman feel better when they see their glowing reflection. When shopping for Mother's Day this year (heads up—it's May 9th), consider what her smile would look like when she sees her new mirror and her glowing reflection.

AtEcho Workshop, your Houston Seura dealer, we have all the Seura lit, TV, and smart mirrors that you are looking for.Contact us if you are interested in upgrading your home's mirrors or learning more about these high-end mirror's exciting features

Upgrade and Automate Your Office Building With Help from Your Houston Savant Dealer

Systems integration can bring a new level of sophistication and control to your office.

Upgrade and Automate Your Office Building With Help from Your Houston Savant Dealer

With the unforeseen events of 2020, the modern office space temporarily shifted to home offices. Now, people are slowly saying goodbye to their improvised video conference backgrounds and are returning to office buildings. Although people may be tired of working at home with all of its distractions and unpredictability, some people may take more convincing to leave the comforts that their homes offer. 

With the help of your Houston Savant dealer, you can wow your employees with an upgraded and automated office building that will make their Alexas and Google Homes jealous. They will rush to come back into the office when they hear of all of its new features. Here are several ways that your office building will benefit from the Savant integration system.

More Comfortable Office Environment

While your office is hard at work, Savant Multistat is working just as hard to make sure your space remains perfectly comfortable. Your office will become much more welcoming with Savant's climate control system. It monitors and corrects the temperature to accommodate for humidity, outdoor temperature changes, or even the changing seasons. No more uncomfortable sweating while wearing a suit or the annoying guesswork of trying to get the temperature just right. 

Savant can also control the shades on the windows to eliminate unwanted glare or shadows during the workday. Your Savant system will also be more efficient and can save you money by turning off lights and other equipment when not in use. When your employees do not have to think about the temperature of the office, the sun getting in their eyes, or other annoying office inconveniences, they will be more productive, focused, and happy. A more comfortable office is a more productive office. 

Improved Audio and Video Capabilities

Imagine it is time for an employee to give a big presentation. Instead of wasting time setting up the projector, telling someone to dim the lights, and fixing the sound equipment, what if your Savant system did all of that for you? No more inefficient presentations with outdated technology. With the Savant automated system, dim the lights from your chair by touching your phone screen. Connect to any device for professional sound quality that is easy to control. Get impressive sound and video for all presentations, conferences, and calls. Work quality and attitude will improve with the help of improved audio and video technology. 

Upgraded Office Security

Everyone feels more comfortable working in a secure office, and you will feel reassured knowing that security is now made easy with the Savant system. You can now easily monitor all entry points of the office building through the Savant Entry Service. You can "answer the door" through your phone first before letting an unexpected visitor come in. When it comes to office security, peace of mind goes a long way in the overall atmosphere of the office. This security system is easy to use for you, comforting for employees, and a strong line of defense against any potential threats. 

Impressive Possibilities

With the ability to control lighting, window shades, climate, audio, video, and security all through simple and elegant devices, the possibilities are really endless. Your employees will feel inspired by the options that an automated office provides. From upgraded video presentations with professional sound systems to impressive event hosting with easy-to-control lighting that sets the mood, the potential of an automation system this sophisticated is overwhelming. The Savant system is the perfect boost to morale and "welcome back" that every office worker needs right now. 

Echo Workshop is your Houston Savant dealer who is here to help upgrade your office building. Please contact us to install the Savant systems integration in your office or commercial space. We will help you become the Savant of your office building.

How Lighting Affects Circadian Rhythm

Get ready for Daylight Savings with Lutron Lighting Control.

How Lighting Affects Circadian Rhythm

With Daylight Savings right around the corner, now is a great time to examine how the change in lighting can potentially throw off our sleep cycle. The amount of light our bodies receive has a lot of influence on our circadian rhythms. Before you find yourself struggling with insomnia and the side effects of a poor night's sleep, it's important to learn more about how light affects our sleep and what you can do to prepare for Daylight Savings.

What Is Our Circadian Rhythm?

Our circadian rhythm is our body's natural 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. It basically acts as an internal clock, influencing nearly every system in our body including the production of hormones that make us feel sleepy,hungry, energetic, and more. If we don't listen to our body's natural signals, it's easy for this rhythm to get thrown out of whack, resulting in a poor mood, low energy, slower metabolism, lost productivity, and other negative health effects. To maintain optimal performance in all of our body's systems, it's important to pay attention to our circadian rhythm and do our best to maintain a regular sleep cycle.

How Does Light Affect Circadian Rhythms?

While the circadian rhythm is mostly an internal process, some external factors influence it as well. It can be affected by our behavior, like if we stay up later than we should. It can be affected by certain medications we are prescribed or other substances like caffeine. And it can be influenced by our environment as well. Light, both indoors and outdoors, is one of the biggest environmental factors that affect our circadian rhythm because it tells our body to stop producing melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us feel tired.

When there's plenty of light in our environment, it's an environmental cue for our body to wake up. When the sun starts to set and there's less light in the environment, it tells our body to start producing melatonin, so we can prepare to sleep. Daylight Savings can cause a serious interruption in our body's internal clock. Some studies show that in the weeks following the start of Daylight Savings, people lose out on up to40 minutes of precious sleep as their bodies adjust.

While 40 minutes doesn't seem like a lot, this lost sleep seems to result in mood changes, an increase in traffic accidents, and more workplace injuries. But luckily, keeping lighting consistent throughout our home can help our bodies adjust to Daylight Savings more easily. With the use of smart technologies in our homes, we can create the right environment with light that is beneficial to our bodies. We can't control the light outside, but we can use technology to overcome environmental factors that affect our sleep. 

Prepare for Daylight Savings

It isn't hard to prepare your body for Daylight Savings. Create a sleep-friendly environment in your own home to improve your quality of sleep and the length of time you'll sleep soundly. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, get plenty of exercise, put down the phone and computer before bed, and practice relaxation techniques before bed like a hot bath, meditation, and listening to soothing white noise. 

In addition, it's important to get plenty of light so your body knows when to stop producing melatonin. Home automation can help—for instance, using Lutron lighting control to automate when certain lights in our home go on and off. Despite the hour jump in our time, we can keep our internal clocks on schedule by very gradually changing the lighting in our home, so there isn't such an abrupt change. 

At Echo Workshop, we strive to create lighting layouts that are both beautiful and functional, so you can make the most of your spaces. We understand how essential light is, not only aesthetically, but to our physical and mental health.Contact us today to learn more about our lighting design services as your Houston Lutron dealer.