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How Lighting Affects Circadian Rhythm

Get ready for Daylight Savings with Lutron Lighting Control.

How Lighting Affects Circadian Rhythm

With Daylight Savings right around the corner, now is a great time to examine how the change in lighting can potentially throw off our sleep cycle. The amount of light our bodies receive has a lot of influence on our circadian rhythms. Before you find yourself struggling with insomnia and the side effects of a poor night's sleep, it's important to learn more about how light affects our sleep and what you can do to prepare for Daylight Savings.

What Is Our Circadian Rhythm?

Our circadian rhythm is our body's natural 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. It basically acts as an internal clock, influencing nearly every system in our body including the production of hormones that make us feel sleepy,hungry, energetic, and more. If we don't listen to our body's natural signals, it's easy for this rhythm to get thrown out of whack, resulting in a poor mood, low energy, slower metabolism, lost productivity, and other negative health effects. To maintain optimal performance in all of our body's systems, it's important to pay attention to our circadian rhythm and do our best to maintain a regular sleep cycle.

How Does Light Affect Circadian Rhythms?

While the circadian rhythm is mostly an internal process, some external factors influence it as well. It can be affected by our behavior, like if we stay up later than we should. It can be affected by certain medications we are prescribed or other substances like caffeine. And it can be influenced by our environment as well. Light, both indoors and outdoors, is one of the biggest environmental factors that affect our circadian rhythm because it tells our body to stop producing melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us feel tired.

When there's plenty of light in our environment, it's an environmental cue for our body to wake up. When the sun starts to set and there's less light in the environment, it tells our body to start producing melatonin, so we can prepare to sleep. Daylight Savings can cause a serious interruption in our body's internal clock. Some studies show that in the weeks following the start of Daylight Savings, people lose out on up to40 minutes of precious sleep as their bodies adjust.

While 40 minutes doesn't seem like a lot, this lost sleep seems to result in mood changes, an increase in traffic accidents, and more workplace injuries. But luckily, keeping lighting consistent throughout our home can help our bodies adjust to Daylight Savings more easily. With the use of smart technologies in our homes, we can create the right environment with light that is beneficial to our bodies. We can't control the light outside, but we can use technology to overcome environmental factors that affect our sleep. 

Prepare for Daylight Savings

It isn't hard to prepare your body for Daylight Savings. Create a sleep-friendly environment in your own home to improve your quality of sleep and the length of time you'll sleep soundly. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, get plenty of exercise, put down the phone and computer before bed, and practice relaxation techniques before bed like a hot bath, meditation, and listening to soothing white noise. 

In addition, it's important to get plenty of light so your body knows when to stop producing melatonin. Home automation can help—for instance, using Lutron lighting control to automate when certain lights in our home go on and off. Despite the hour jump in our time, we can keep our internal clocks on schedule by very gradually changing the lighting in our home, so there isn't such an abrupt change. 

At Echo Workshop, we strive to create lighting layouts that are both beautiful and functional, so you can make the most of your spaces. We understand how essential light is, not only aesthetically, but to our physical and mental health.Contact us today to learn more about our lighting design services as your Houston Lutron dealer.

Outdoor TVs for the Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

Have a great staycation with help from your Houston Seura Dealer.

Outdoor TVs for the Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

This year, you don't need a travel agent. Instead, it is your Houston Seura dealer that holds the ticket to your perfect spring break. With the help of Echo Workshop's outdoor solutions and the Seura outdoor TV, you can transform your backyard into a staycation destination. Your backyard will become a five-star hotel, all-inclusive resort, movie theater, live concert hall, and much more. 

Although vacations are a great getaway, the planning process can be stressful. Booking plane tickets, finding the right hotel, and planning excursions can be tedious and expensive. This year, your spring break vacation can have the same getaway feel without all the planning and booking. You definitely deserve a great vacation, but this year you can enjoy the same pleasures from the comfort of your backyard. If you embrace the staycation idea, all you have to do is step into your backyard and turn on your new Seura outdoor TV.

Features of the Seura Outdoor TV 

A Seura outdoor TV is not just a normal TV that you put outside. It is designed specifically for outdoor entertainment. Just like hearing about a hotel's amenities, let's explore what makes the Seura outdoor TV the right outdoor entertainment source for you:

Best Picture Quality

When picking a beach to go to, you want to choose the one that looks the prettiest. When choosing an outdoor TV, you also want to choose the one that looks the prettiest. The Seura outdoor TV has the best picture quality. When you are on a beach, it is hard to see your phone screen because the sun creates glare that your phone's brightness cannot compensate for. The Seura outdoor TV is designed to be bright enough to prevent that annoying screen glare. With vivid 4K UHD and HDR technology, whatever is on your screen will look like an extension of your backyard because it is that life-like. 

Large and Sleek Design

Part of the appeal of a vacation is being able to see an impressive and beautiful new landscape. Your new TV will be your staycation's impressive feature that everyone wants to take pictures of. Your new screen can span all the way up to 86 inches, with a soundbar the same length, for a sleek and seamless design.


No one likes rain or wind on their vacation, especially if the weather causes cancellations of outdoor activities. This year, your outdoor activities don't have to be canceled. With an outdoor TV that is designed to be weatherproof, you can carry on with your staycation adventures, no matter what the weather is. This TV has built-in thermal controls and can withstand dust and water ingress, so you don't have to cancel any staycation activities. 

Best Sound Solutions

An outdoor TV has to project powerful audio to fully immerse your backyard in the staycation experience. The Seura outdoor TV has a front-facing soundbar that will deliver high-quality sound to your whole backyard.

How to Use Your Seura Outdoor TV for the Best Staycation

When planning your unique staycation, consider what types of events you would have booked if you were on a vacation somewhere other than your house. For example, if you love to go to live events, you can use your outdoor TV to create a similar experience at home. Here are a few destinations you can transform your backyard into for new excursions each day and night during your spring break staycation:

Movie Theater

What's better than a movie theater? A personal movie theater. Unlike at a regular movie theater, you get to be in charge of the remote at your personal outdoor theater. You can pick the movie, pause it when you need to refill drinks and popcorn, and control the volume to fit your preferences. Also, the Seura outdoor TV can compete with the picture and sound quality of an actual movie theater. Plan a movie night during your staycation for an intimate and custom movie experience.

Live Concert Arena

If you want to sing, dance, or feel the rush of live concerts again, you can turn your backyard into a concert with your new TV. Find your favorite band's concert videos or choose your dream concert setlist that can play through your new outdoor TV. With the Seura TV's impressive sound system, you will feel like your backyard is a private concert. 


Is a relaxation staycation more your style? Your staycation can include a peaceful spa day with the help of your TV. While you unwind with backyard yoga, a massage, or just relaxing on a lounge chair, play relaxing music and videos on your outdoor TV for an immersive spa experience.

"Book" Your Staycation

Since spring break is fast approaching, it is time to "book" your staycation experience by consulting your Houston Seura dealer.Echo Workshop is here to help.Contact us today to order a Seura outdoor TV for the best spring break staycation.

Valentine's Date Night: Vino and Vinyl

High quality turntables will make your romantic night extra special.

Valentine's Date Night: Vino and Vinyl

Whether you are ready or not, it is just a few weeks to Valentine's Day. Don't be like everybody – they wait until the last day to start thinking about how to celebrate or what to give their loved ones on Valentine's Day.

If you plan early, you can be sure to have the most romantic, memorable, and extra special Valentine's Day night. However, considering the so many Valentine's Days you have had in the past, it can be challenging deciding what to do to have a memorable day. That's why we suggest visiting us at Echo Workshop, your Houston Rega Dealer to sample the best Rega turntables for an unforgettable Valentine's Day night.

If you are wondering how turntables can give you the ultimate Valentine's date night, read on, and let's explore together!

Record Players for a Great Valentine's Day Night

We are all used to the tradition of giving flowers on Valentine's Day. However, going against this tradition might turn out to be a great thing, especially if you consider going for turntables. A turntable would be a perfect option for a memorable Valentine's Day Night. It will not only blend function and beauty, but also it will set up the mood for the entire night, giving you and loved one a moment to cherish!

Why Rega Turntables Create the Best Vinyl Experience

Listening to vinyl is so nostalgic, and if you are a lover of vinyl, then listening to it on the Rega should be your bucket list this Valentine's Day. Rega makes the vinyl sound more nuanced harmonically, better focused, and emotionally compelling. There is no better way to capture your attention much longer and with an airier and much bigger picture than listening to vinyl on the Rega.

Rega turntables communicate the emotional content and message of the music more clearly. The available versions of the Rega turntables add a touch of authentic analogue warmth to their sound. The perfect combination of skill and accuracy knitted together help expertly display diverse music strands. In addition, you will notice a unique close of authority and scale with a Rega turntable. Often, these turntables deliver large-scale dynamic shifts enthusiastically and simultaneously handle subtler variety shifts with outstanding finesse.

Listening to vinyl is so nostalgic. Having a turntable for a Valentine's Day night could create the most romantic moment for you both to enjoy. For instance, the Rega Planar 1 is the perfect record player that would pass as the best and thoughtful gift to your music lover. Besides having a glossy and sleek finish, Planar 1 has an outstanding design that would match any traditional or modern home.

With its low 24v motor, you are guaranteed the best and refined sound quality perfect for a romantic night. If you do not have any clue how to use turntables, don't worry since the Rega Planar 1 is easy to use. Rega Planar 1 isn't the only Rega turntable you can consider for your Valentine's Day night. There are other versions, including Planar 2, Planar 3, Planar 6, and Planar 8.

Final Thoughts

Having the ultimate Valentine's Day night doesn't have to be about flowers or expensive getaways. You can still create the best memories from a stay-at-home Valentine's Day, especially with one of the various versions of Rega turntables and a nice bottle of wine.

If you are looking to create the most memorable Valentine's Day night, get in touch with Echo Workshop, the best Houston Rega Dealer for quality turntables to spice up your date night!

Is Your Media Room Ready for the Super Bowl on February 7th?

For Black Diamond screens and more, Echo Workshop is your Houston Screen Innovations dealer.

Is Your Media Room Ready for the Super Bowl on February 7th?

You have your Super Bowl party all planned out. You have a list of the food, the drinks, and a few of your closest friends and family. You are ready. The only question that remains, however, is regarding your media room. You may be ready but is your media room ready? Having the right technology in your media room can make the difference between just watching the game and immersing yourself in the experience of the Super Bowl. The right screen is the key to making your media room Super Bowl ready. Echo Workshop can help elevate your Super Bowl experience to another level and enable you to feel like you are right there at the game while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Your Screen—The Centerpiece of Your Media Room

The centerpiece of any media room is the screen. All eyes will be turned to the screen for the duration of the game and that makes the quality of your screen one of the most important aspects of your media room. One of the characteristics you will want in your screen is for it to be ambient light rejecting or ALR. This means that your screen will reject other light sources, such as the lights in the room or sunlight through a window. They will enable you to watch the game with the lights on without glare thereby allowing you the opportunity to fully invest and enjoy the game. These screens will also produce a higher level of contrast when they are compared with matte screens making every image more vibrant and crisp.

Fixed Screens

Before you embark on purchasing the perfect screen for your media room, you will need to decide if you would like a fixed screen or motorized screen. The choice you make will have an influence on the types of materials you have to choose from for your screen. The choice to go with a fixed screen enables you to choose from materials such as Black Diamond, Black Diamond film, Slate, Flex Glass, and many more. Many of these materials are usable both in a fixed or motorized manner. However, there are also some, such as Black Diamond, that is only an option if it is being used in a fixed capacity. Screens, such as the Black Diamond, communicate images that go way beyond simply watching a game or television show. They create an immersive experience that allows you and your guests to feel like you are right there in the thick of things. 

Motorized Screens

Motorized screens, on the other hand, can give your media room a wow factor that fixed screens may not. Screens such as slate screens, which can be found in either a fixed or motorized capacity, can create a hush that falls over the room when they drop from the ceiling. Slate screens are made from a special material that reject the light in such a way that makes it popular with many people, including astronauts. That's right, slate screens are the projection screen material used by the International Space Station. Slate screens make content quality good even in space so just imagine what they could do in your Houston living room and your Super Bowl experience.

You are prepared and ready for the biggest game in football. You have the food ready, the drinks ready, and the perfect people to watch the game with you. The only thing that remains to be done is making sure your media room is as ready for the big game as you are. The right screen, such as one from Screen Innovations, is the key to creating the perfect Super Bowl experience. Echo Workshop can help you choose the right screen to make your team, your friends, and you have an incredible Super Bowl experience.