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The Aesthetics of Technology

There are so many options for integrating technology into your home without compromising your design dreams.

The Aesthetics of Technology

Are you in the process of building or remodeling?  Or perhaps you are ready to upgrade the technology in your home.  You may be waging an inner battle of whether the convenience of technology or the aesthetics of your space is more important.  Would you like a TV in your living room, but also want it to look technology free?  Would you like great sound in your dining room, but don’t want to have the speakers showing?  Would you like a way for your power outlets to blend into your wall or kitchen island, or for the lighting in your home to adjust to your needs and schedule?  With technology from companies like Séura, Samsung, Lutron, Trufig, and Sonance, Echo Workshop can integrate products into your home that no longer compromise the beauty of your space.

Do you want the convenience of a television in your formal living room, but hate the idea of technology ruining your design aesthetic?  Echo Workshop has a couple of beautiful options for you to consider.  If you enjoy the look of a mirror above your fireplace, the Séura Entertainment TV may be what you’re looking for.  This gorgeous mirror transforms into a television when switched on.  Or if you would like to take a more artistic approach, The Frame by Samsung would be a perfect addition.  The Frame displays a stunning 4K picture when on and your favorite art when turned off.

Your lighting should adapt seamlessly to your activities and schedule.  Echo Workshop personally designs each project to meet your specific needs.  Lutron lighting not only improves the ambiance in your space, it helps save energy and money, enhances the safety and security of your home, and can even improve your health.

Technology devices and fixtures can be bulky and, quite frankly, ugly.  Trufig is designed to make things like power outlets disappear.  With no trim and finishes to match every surface, your eye is no longer drawn to it and it blends into your space. 

The Sonance Invisible Series produces beautiful ambient sound with no impact on your design.  These speakers are installed in your ceiling or walls and are finished over with the surrounding surface, making them invisible.  Yes, you heard that right – they are completely invisible.

There are so many options for integrating technology into your home without compromising your design dreams.  From TVs that will go completely unnoticed until you want to watch them, to speakers that are invisible, Echo Workshop has the ability to integrate all of the most advanced technology into your home while taking nothing away from its beauty.

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