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Automated Privacy Glass Brings a New Level of Control

For your home or business, Echo Workshop is your Houston privacy glass dealer.

Automated Privacy Glass Brings a New Level of Control

Nothing offers excellent control over the UV rays that enter your room more than a switchable/integrated window film. They leave your home or office more comfortable and productive. A Houston privacy glass dealer can get you the glass you need at your home or business. This will enable you to achieve a calm environment at your homestead and a peaceful work environment for your employees. 

Below are some other benefits that privacy glass can have at your premises, including front doors, windows, conference rooms, and restrooms.

Control Over Your Privacy

While getting natural light is important, so is privacy. Instead of using curtains, tapestry, and shutter blinds, you can opt to install a privacy glass, which is the best way to attain privacy, while also reducing congestion. With a switchable privacy glass window or door, you can change from plain to semi-transparent to opaque. For instance, when you hold a meeting to discuss an important issue concerning the company, you may need a more private and distraction-free environment. A privacy window or door can help.

Besides having privacy settings, smart window films can also help reduce or regulate the noise from the outside environment. This enables attendees to concentrate while also creating a quiet and conducive environment to hold a meeting effectively. With privacy glass, you can redefine the room in seconds with ease.

At home, even though you want a well-lit house that allows the morning sun to penetrate easily, your privacy should never be compromised. You can ensure this by installing privacy glass at your front door, bedroom, living room, dining room, media room, or window. You can switch from clear to opaque at different times of the day and vice versa.

Control Over Room Temperature and Light

High room temperatures and irritating glares can make you uncomfortable and lead to underperformance at work. If you are working in a position with direct sunlight, you may struggle when reading documents, thus having less productivity. With privacy windows, you can switch to opaque, which will not only reduce the room temperature by 60% but also block at least 98% of the UV rays. This will create a friendly working environment, which translates to high productivity.

Window films can also eliminate hot spots, thus preserving room temperature, which helps save energy. As a result, you can reduce the chances of your HVAC appliances wearing out.

Switchable privacy glass will enable you to control the level of UV rays that enter your room. Therefore, you can prevent the rays from damaging your valuable furnishing—for instance, the artwork, furniture, and carpets, among others.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Unlike custom glasses, you can easily operate a switchable privacy glass by just switching on or off. There is no learning curve and you can start operating it as soon as it is installed. In addition, it is easy to clean, since it does not absorb much dust, and maintain, since it requires a relatively low operating voltage.

A Highly Versatile Nature

Given their versatility and availability in different colors and sizes, switchable privacy glass can serve other tasks like advertising and engaging with your audience. You can use it as a presentation screen at shows and exhibitions for displaying advertisements.

Echo Workshop is your trusted and dedicated Houston privacy glass dealer who is ready to help you improve your work premises or home. Our team has the right expertise and is highly experienced in all matters regarding smart films, from selecting the best types to installation. We also take pride in providing the best service. Contact us to install the switchable window film at your residential or commercial property today.

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