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Samsung Frame TV: A Holiday Treat for the Entire Family

Ready your Houston home for the season with a Samsung installation from Echo Workshop.

Samsung Frame TV: A Holiday Treat for the Entire Family

The meal is over, the dishes are done, and the entire extended family is gathered in the living room to relax and enjoy each other's company. Add entertainment to this already joyous atmosphere with Samsung's Frame TV.

This Smart TV offers more than just football games or televised parades. A Samsung Frame TV installation from Echo Workshop in Houston is a stunning piece of electronic art that brings personal memories to life.

Create a Slideshow on the Samsung Frame

What about a family slideshow to revive memories, trigger laughter, and maybe embarrass a few (former) youngsters? The Samsung Frame makes it easy to create a slideshow of cherished family memories.

Upload old family portraits along with your own photos to create a slideshow as unique as your family. You can even show dance recital or wrestling match videos that you took with your phone.  

Enjoy Your Favorite Artwork

When it's not being used for entertainment, the Samsung Frame transforms into a beautiful piece of framed art on your wall. Suddenly, the TV is no longer the bane of a home decorator's existence. 

The most beautifully designed and decorated room was marred by that big black rectangle on the wall. These modern necessities just aren't attractive when the screen is off. As television screens became larger, the problem of how to draw attention away from them became even worse. Everything from hiding them behind shutters to encasing them in custom furniture was tried. 

Enter the Samsung Frame! This designer-inspired TV becomes artwork when the screen is off. First, choose a customizable monitor bezel from a selection of different styles and colors. When you're ready for a change, the built-in magnets make it easy to swap one bezel for another. Then hang your Samsung Frame flush against the wall like any other piece of fine art.

Now, the real fun begins. Your Samsung Frame comes with a free trial to the Art Store, so you can choose from an ever-growing collection of artwork. Experiment to see what fits your space and personal tastes. Will it be traditional, modern, or an eclectic blend? Your new Samsung Frame TV allows you to curate your favorite pieces. From a single piece that you love to an ever-changing list of favorites, you're in charge of the art on your wall.

Whenever the TV is off, you can engage Art Mode and disguise that boring black screen. You can even program your Samsung Frame to turn the art off to save energy when no one is in the room to enjoy it. 

Television Watching Becomes Extraordinary

You've enjoyed a family slideshow and now it's time to settle back and cheer on your family's favorite team. Watch football with fantastic sound, brilliant color, and an unrivaled picture on the Samsung Frame. 

The big game is even more enjoyable when the active voice amplifier adapts the sound automatically to background noise. Not to be outdone, the adaptive screen adjusts to the surrounding light — no more glare! It automatically balances the screen's brightness with the ambient light for true color and a clear picture. You can even catch the highlights of other games when you temporarily split the TV screen in order to mirror your phone's screen.

The Samsung Frame has all of the features you expect on a Smart TV, like voice recognition and wireless connectivity with other smart devices. However, it goes beyond an ordinary Smart TV with 4K resolution and QLED (quantum light-emitting diode) screen with its enhanced brightness and exceptional color.

With the holidays coming up, isn't it time for a Samsung Frame in your home? Contact Echo Workshop, your Houston area Samsung dealer, for an installation to experience the Samsung Frame for yourself. 

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