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Optimize Your Company's Lighting for Employees' Circadian Rhythms

Use lighting control in your workspace to keep everyone energized.

Optimize Your Company's Lighting for Employees' Circadian Rhythms

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding to light and darkness in an organism's environment. These natural cycles repeat about every day and persist even without external cues such as daylight and darkness.

How Can Circadian Rhythms Affect Work Productivity?

The most important cue for the internal circadian clock is sunlight. The light/dark cycle shifts our body's biological rhythm to synchronize with the 24-hour day-night cycle and supports normal functioning.

Lighting affects sleep quality by regulating our biological clock. Disruption of the light/dark cycle can lead to sleep problems and other health issues. For employees, changes in light exposure disrupt the circadian rhythm and may cause a reduction in productivity, creativity, and well-being throughout the day.

Daylight during the day might increase energy, but too much artificial light at night disrupts melatonin production (a natural substance that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle). For example, using your computer or phone before bed can induce insomnia. Your productivity may dwindle, and your mood may not be good either, with little to no sleep.

Benefits of Having a Lighting Plan for the Employer

The way we feel can be drastically changed by the lighting in our office environment. That's why it's crucial to optimize your company's lighting with solutions that target circadian rhythms, like Savant Systems LED Lighting.

Developing a lighting plan that helps employees stay awake and alert during the day will increase their productivity. Changing your office's light bulbs to LEDs can help you accomplish this goal. Lighting solutions for your business can include; desk lamps, task lights, and ambient overhead light.

The right light in the workplace improves employee health by increasing exposure to natural daylight, which boosts energy levels and keeps circadian rhythms healthy. Employers can preserve energy and increase profits while employees feel energized.

What Are Some Best Practices for Designing Office Spaces?

Your Houston Savant Dealer, Echo Workshop, offers lighting control for commercial properties designed to provide employees with an optimal work environment, which will translate into increased productivity and creativity throughout the day.

Light can be adjusted to different intensities and color temperatures, impacting circadian rhythms in different ways. LED Lighting provides a variety of benefits for employees and employers alike:

  • It helps employees concentrate by reducing visual fatigue.
  • Maintains employee comfort and health with reduced glare, less flicker, harsh blue-light emissions.
  • Lowers lighting costs by using less energy.

How to Optimize Employees' Productivity Ahead of the Daylight Savings Time Switch?

As mentioned, lighting affects circadian rhythms. So, tinkering with LED lighting in the office may help enhance productivity. These can be changed depending on the expected outcome.

If you need an employee to work on a task that requires more focus and attention, then you should increase the intensity (or brightness) of their surroundings to enhance their performance.

If you need an employee to work on a task that requires more creativity, you should increase the blue light in their surroundings to enhance their performance. Echo Workshop can help you customize lighting solutions to keep employees focused, productive and creative.

As Daylight Savings Time approaches, Echo Workshop wants to encourage companies to optimize their lighting. Light intensity and timing can be adjusted based on different work tasks for maximum productivity throughout the day. 


It's almost Daylight Savings Time (DST). If you are a business owner, this is the perfect time to evaluate your lighting and improve employee productivity. Contact us today so that our team can walk you through Savant Systems LED Lighting solutions that will keep employees happy and awake at work.

Make the Most of Outdoor Entertainment This Fall with Sonance Outdoor Speakers

Come together with friends and family with help from your Houston Sonance dealer.

Make the Most of Outdoor Entertainment This Fall with Sonance Outdoor Speakers

October has finally arrived, bringing cooler weather and fun, festive gatherings with it. As the air becomes more crisp in the Houston area, you may find yourself wanting to use your outdoor spaces more frequently and enjoy time in the fresh air with family and friends. The weather is perfect for all sorts of occasions, allowing you to spend ample time outside, indulging in everything your outdoor space can provide. Celebrate in style and soak up all the moments this holiday season has to offer with Sonance Outdoor Speakers. 

Go Ahead, Throw a Party

Picture hosting a Halloween party in your own backyard. You've prepared all the delicious themed food you'll need, your decorations are ready to go, and you're confident you'll crush the costume contest. The best way to set the mood for your event and keep the energy exciting and positive is with music. The Sonance Garden Series is the perfect system to level up your party. This system is ideal for outdoor gatherings and comes with everything you need for ideal performance and quality. You won't have to worry about your guests being able to hear the music, regardless of where they are in your backyard due to the 8 aluminum cone woofers that are spread throughout your space. Volume will never be an issue.  As a Houston Sonance dealer and installer, Echo Workshop makes purchasing and installation easy. We'll take care of everything. You'll love your new outdoor system and your guests are sure to be impressed. Gone are the days of the portable Bluetooth speaker that is carried around throughout the night to take your music with you. Your whole outdoor space is covered. 

Maybe you're not the type to throw large holiday gatherings in your backyard, but enjoy a more intimate and relaxed occasion. As the nights begin to get cooler, you may be tempted to enjoy a dip in your private hot tub on your backyard deck. You've got your glass of wine and the temperature is perfect to wind down and truly relax. Now, imagine cueing up your favorite playlist for relaxation to really complete the mood.  Don't worry about getting your phone or portable speaker wet, your system has you covered. The Sonance Patio Series is absolutely perfect for occasions like this, and Echo Workshop can make installation and maintenance a breeze. You won't have to worry about a thing. This outdoor speaker system is great for coverage in a smaller space, coming with 4 satellite speakers and 1 in-ground subwoofer, all powered with 1 amplifier. The sound is crisp, clean, and detailed.  Make your Houston outdoor space a true escape with this system. 

You won't have to worry about a thing when it comes to your Sonance Outdoor Speaker System in Houston, as every little detail has been thought of. You'll impress your guests with the system's gorgeous aesthetic that's made to blend into its surrounding environment. No one will be able to even tell you've had the system installed until you decide to use it. If a storm is coming through or the weather has turned more severe, you don't have to worry about this either. These outdoor speakers have been specifically designed to withstand weather conditions, humidity, and UV light. 

So, go ahead and plan that next celebration. Just don't be surprised when you end up being the most popular house on the block. Don't worry, you'll still have plenty of time for relaxation and tunes in the hot tub. Contact Echo Workshop today for more information about all the products and services we offer. 

Samsung Frame TV: A Holiday Treat for the Entire Family

Ready your Houston home for the season with a Samsung installation from Echo Workshop.

Samsung Frame TV: A Holiday Treat for the Entire Family

The meal is over, the dishes are done, and the entire extended family is gathered in the living room to relax and enjoy each other's company. Add entertainment to this already joyous atmosphere with Samsung's Frame TV.

This Smart TV offers more than just football games or televised parades. A Samsung Frame TV installation from Echo Workshop in Houston is a stunning piece of electronic art that brings personal memories to life.

Create a Slideshow on the Samsung Frame

What about a family slideshow to revive memories, trigger laughter, and maybe embarrass a few (former) youngsters? The Samsung Frame makes it easy to create a slideshow of cherished family memories.

Upload old family portraits along with your own photos to create a slideshow as unique as your family. You can even show dance recital or wrestling match videos that you took with your phone.  

Enjoy Your Favorite Artwork

When it's not being used for entertainment, the Samsung Frame transforms into a beautiful piece of framed art on your wall. Suddenly, the TV is no longer the bane of a home decorator's existence. 

The most beautifully designed and decorated room was marred by that big black rectangle on the wall. These modern necessities just aren't attractive when the screen is off. As television screens became larger, the problem of how to draw attention away from them became even worse. Everything from hiding them behind shutters to encasing them in custom furniture was tried. 

Enter the Samsung Frame! This designer-inspired TV becomes artwork when the screen is off. First, choose a customizable monitor bezel from a selection of different styles and colors. When you're ready for a change, the built-in magnets make it easy to swap one bezel for another. Then hang your Samsung Frame flush against the wall like any other piece of fine art.

Now, the real fun begins. Your Samsung Frame comes with a free trial to the Art Store, so you can choose from an ever-growing collection of artwork. Experiment to see what fits your space and personal tastes. Will it be traditional, modern, or an eclectic blend? Your new Samsung Frame TV allows you to curate your favorite pieces. From a single piece that you love to an ever-changing list of favorites, you're in charge of the art on your wall.

Whenever the TV is off, you can engage Art Mode and disguise that boring black screen. You can even program your Samsung Frame to turn the art off to save energy when no one is in the room to enjoy it. 

Television Watching Becomes Extraordinary

You've enjoyed a family slideshow and now it's time to settle back and cheer on your family's favorite team. Watch football with fantastic sound, brilliant color, and an unrivaled picture on the Samsung Frame. 

The big game is even more enjoyable when the active voice amplifier adapts the sound automatically to background noise. Not to be outdone, the adaptive screen adjusts to the surrounding light — no more glare! It automatically balances the screen's brightness with the ambient light for true color and a clear picture. You can even catch the highlights of other games when you temporarily split the TV screen in order to mirror your phone's screen.

The Samsung Frame has all of the features you expect on a Smart TV, like voice recognition and wireless connectivity with other smart devices. However, it goes beyond an ordinary Smart TV with 4K resolution and QLED (quantum light-emitting diode) screen with its enhanced brightness and exceptional color.

With the holidays coming up, isn't it time for a Samsung Frame in your home? Contact Echo Workshop, your Houston area Samsung dealer, for an installation to experience the Samsung Frame for yourself. 

How a Home Theater Elevates Entertainment

Pull out all the stops with a Sony home theater.

How a Home Theater Elevates Entertainment

We've all seen movies or watched a show about someone rich enough to have a movie theater in their own home. They're usually sitting there surrounded by friends, all watching a movie and enjoying popcorn in the privacy of their own home. Obviously, having a movie projector in your house may not be in your budget but having a home theater is the next best thing. The widescreen of the TV mimics the movie screen, and a Sony Projector gives you the sharp image you associate with movie screenings, right in your Houston home. This guide will talk about how owning a Sony home theater system elevates your entertainment experience.

Family Nights

Studies show that regular routines, like having dinner together, increase the chance that a child becomes resilient to the changes in life. In our modern age, however, it can be hard to create such routines. We often eat on the go as we rush to sports or dance practice and don't have time to establish regular routines. Add to that the pressures of different schedules, and it can be difficult to get a family together. Having a home theater system gives your family an event that they can look forward to every week. You might not be able to afford to go to the movies every weekend, but you can watch a streaming movie on your home theater system and create the same kind of memories, and the snacks are much cheaper too.


No matter what sport you enjoy, you probably can't see it live as often as you like. Tickets to events are expensive, and it can also be costly traveling to where the game is. Seeing the big game on a home theater is the next best thing. You feel like you're actually there live as the size of the screen brings all the action to you. If you're watching football, you can see more of the field. If you enjoy pro wrestling, you get the feel of the fight in your living room. Not only can you enjoy the action, but your friends and family will flock to your home on game day, creating a party atmosphere. A home theater gives you the feeling of going to the big game without ever leaving your couch.


If you've never played a video game in a home theater before, prepare to be amazed. It will feel like you're right there in the video game. Blast aliens and experience the action. Play Madden and feel like it's an actual football game. The level of detail a home theater system brings to gaming is unreal. If you're a competitive gamer, you need a home theater system to succeed. Your opponents will have a home theater setup, and if you don't have one, you won't be able to see the entire screen as well as they will. You'll be at a disadvantage before you even pick up the controller. A home theater system makes any video game session a video game experience.


When you go out to the movies, you have no control over the sound. It can be too loud or too soft. A home theater system makes the movie seem like it comes alive all around you, and you can control how loud or soft it is. You can turn down the sound for action scenes that would hurt your eardrums in a theater and then turn it back up for soft dialogue. It puts you in control!


A home theater doesn't have to cost a lot of money. You can start with a Sony TV and surround sound speakers in your Houston home, or create a real experience with a Sony Projector to amp up your viewing experience! A home theater system with Sony innovations will save you money on the price of popcorn and turn your home into the place all the kids want to hang out. As your Houston Sony dealer, Echo Workshop is excited to help you elevate your entertainment experience.