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Keep It Clean - Cleaning Electronics the Right Way

Technology Spring Cleaning

Keep It Clean - Cleaning Electronics the Right Way

It’s spring in Houston and things are starting to heat up. In the spirit of spring cleaning, we thought we would look at this annual tradition from a technology standpoint. After all, technology will last longer and function more efficiently if it is kept clean and cool.

One of the first rules of cleaning electronics is to never spray cleansers directly on the equipment. Using a feather duster or a microfiber cloth with a cleanser lightly sprayed on the cloth is our recommendation for cleaning. And always make sure the cloth you are using is clean to prevent scratching screens. To learn more, visit our YouTube page. https://youtu.be/I3RVOWMmkfY

Spring is also a great time to set an annual reminder to change out the batteries on the smoke detectors throughout your home, and if it has been greater than ten years you should consider changing the smoke detector units themselves out. Did you know that smoke detectors have a recommended lifespan? In this YouTube video, Luis talks a little bit more about smoke and heat detectors. https://youtu.be/uNFwDnjqLQc

How does the water taste in your home? How are your allergies? Have you been considering an air purification system to help mitigate the horrible pollen that accompanies the beautiful spring weather in Houston? It can get tracked in by your furry friends and your shoes. Echo Workshop offers both water and air purification systems to further clean things up for you this spring.

As always, Echo Workshop offers the most cutting-edge technology for your home or business. From motorized shades for your loggia, to Sonance Outdoor Speakers for around your pool, to smart thermostats so you can control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world, Echo Workshop is here for all your spring technology needs.

Let's Go Al Fresco

The Best Technology for Outdoor Spaces

Let's Go Al Fresco

It’s already February, and if you have been mulling over making upgrades to your outdoor area, now is the time to start thinking about all of the incredible spaces you can create.  From a relaxing reading nook to a full kitchen, Echo Workshop can help you bring your new space to life with all of the best technology.

Do you have a cozy corner on your patio or deep in the garden in your backyard?  Do you look at it and think, “I would love to take my book and cozy up in that corner for a few hours.”  Why not design a relaxing nook?  With an outdoor carpet, a comfortable lounger, some plush pillows, and your favorite throw, you can make the space your own.  Add in some speakers by Revel for some relaxing music and beautiful lighting from Lutron, and you’ve just created your own oasis.

Are you dreaming of more poolside fun?  Then let Echo Workshop take your outdoor experience to a whole new level with a Sonance Landscape System.  While you cool off in the pool, immerse your family in sound.  This system offers even, balanced coverage that is directed where you want the sound - at you and not your neighbors. 

Firepits are popping up in a lot of backyards.  They’re a great place to engage with family and friends.  With Savant and Control4 systems you can integrate great sound from Sonance, lighting from Lutron, and maybe even an outdoor TV for the big game from Seura. 

Although movie theaters are back open, many of us still love the idea of staying home and watching movies in a bigger and better way.  We have just the product to take your outdoor viewing experience to the next level.  The Stealth Patio Theater Outdoor Series replicates a true theater experience right in your backyard.  Does the idea of technology in your yard make you shudder; well, we can integrate a vertical lift system and hide it away so it doesn’t take away from the aesthetics of your space.  Consider adding in some automated shades to keep the bugs and dust at bay from Screen Innovations, relaxing lighting and comfortable seating, and you are all set for family date night all year long.  Not only that, you will be able to control all of your technology with a single integrated system from Savant or Control4.

Finally, let’s consider a space that many of us use year-round in Houston – an outdoor kitchen or bar.  There are so many dynamic elements that can be added in this area.  Imagine color-changing lighting that sets the mood for any occasion from Environmental Lights.  Add a TV from Samsung and speakers from Sonance, and you may not want to cook in your indoor kitchen ever again! 

Echo Workshop can bring your dreams to life with the best technology.  Let us help enhance your lifestyle with a space to play, entertain, relax, and bring your family together – al fresco!   

A New Year Home Addition Just for You

TVs from both Samsung and Sony make great additions to any home

A New Year Home Addition Just for You

It’s a new year, you survived the holidays, and you spoiled everyone in your family.  Now it’s your turn!  With the Superbowl quickly approaching, now is the time to consider a fun addition to the home for you – a new TV or projector to watch the big game on - or dream big with a home theater.  

TVs from both Samsung and Sony make great additions to any home, both with high-quality pictures.  However, if you are putting it in a room that serves a dual purpose and isn’t dedicated to just your entertainment, you may want to hide it.  Echo Workshop can engineer mounts so your TV can rise from furniture or descend from the ceiling.  Perhaps your new TV is going to go in the living room and you don’t want it to take away from the aesthetics of the room.  The Frame from Samsung can go from the big game to art mode with the push of a button, displaying art chosen from the Samsung library or your favorite family photo.

Maybe you’re already dreaming of spring and summertime activities with your family and are thinking about enhancing your outdoor space. We have TVs from partners like Séura that are engineered to withstand Houston’s extreme weather and reduce glare.  The picture is clear and bright in both direct sun and shade, making it perfect for poolside watching or movies in the evening with your neighborhood friends. 

If you’re looking for a new experience, you may want to consider a projector?  We partner with entertainment gurus like Sony and Screen Innovations to provide the clearest picture and most up-to-date technology, making colors richer and blacks deeper, and also eliminating annoying glare.  And, again, you can hide the screen if you like.  Go with a motorized option and Echo Workshop can put the screen just about anywhere.

However, let’s just think about all of the possibilities.  Have you been considering converting that unused room upstairs into a theater?  Perhaps you’re building or remodeling.  Echo Workshop specializes in designing and building unique, high-end home theaters.  Of course, TV and projector selection is an important part of the process, but getting us involved will also give you great insight when choosing audio for the room, as well as other fun features.  Imagine walking into your dedicated home theater and with the push of a button your motorized shades descend, your lights dim, and your new Screen Innovations Black Diamond screen descends.  Add to that some comfortable theater seating or a theater bed from Elite Home Theater Seating and you are ready for a perfect night in with the whole family.

Echo Workshop is your premier Houston smart home company, with TVs and projectors to fit every lifestyle and budget.  Contact us today to learn more about these great products or how to get started designing and building your next home media project.   

Some of Echo Workshop's Favorite Things for 2022

Top Technology Trends for 2022

Some of Echo Workshop's Favorite Things for 2022

If you’re in my age group, you remember as a child having one TV in the house.  It was probably a 19” tube TV, and if you were really advanced, you had a remote control. For part of my childhood, I was the remote control- “Hey kid, go change the channel!” I’m digressing… Upon my visit to CEDIA this year, one of the items that stuck out the most was TV sizing. I’ve been involved in this industry for 36 years now, and I remember when having a 42” flat screen was a big deal. It certainly was an upgrade from my 19” as a kid.  Soon after, it seemed that 55” was a good trend.  Years have passed since then, and we’re now in the age of the MicroLED panels.  It has become common to install an 85” TV in someone’s living room these days, but as of the past three months, it has become common for us to install 98” TVs in client’s homes, and we’ll soon be installing a 122” TV at someone’s poolside that comes out of the ground.  When asked what are the 2022 innovations that have really stood out, MicroLED is certainly top of mind.  I recognize they have been available for a few years, but the pricing structure is making an exit from the ridiculous level and more people are now able to afford them.  MicroLED is certainly a change in trend that will become more apparent over the next few years, and they all come with remote controls.  I foresee the theater room experience will significantly change as well.

Landscape audio is another changing trend. It isn’t what I would consider a new offering, but it is finally catching some traction. The ability to place multiple speakers dispersed throughout your yard that point back towards your home creates a much more enjoyable experience in your space, as opposed to the old way of blasting your neighbors with speakers under your eves.  I hope this trend catches on more as it is a phenomenal solution for audio distribution.

Along the same lines, invisible speakers have certainly been around for several years now, but there has been a significant change in the technology behind this offering. Once upon a time, I used to say, “yes, they’re completely invisible to the eye, they are more expensive, and you’re giving up sound quality to gain the invisible feature.” The technological change is that we no longer have to give up sound quality to have an invisible speaker. Our partners at Revel, Artison, and Sonance have released some incredible sounding speakers that are now invisible.  Really great stuff!

This is just a snapshot of three standout trends in technology.  Since technology is an ever-changing industry, Echo Workshop makes it a top priority to keep up-to-date on the best products for your home and business.  Design, technology, lifestyle…that’s what Echo Workshop is all about!

                                                                                                                                            - Luis Cortes