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It won't be long before children and college students will be back in school, although, unlike last year, they'll likely be able to attend in-person throughout the entire school year. Still, most students will need almost daily access to the internet for school-related activities.

College Students — Students who attend local community colleges are online almost every day, whether they enrolled in an online course or two (or more), or if they need to do research for a homework assignment. Even in-person classes require fast internet speeds to keep up with emails, postings from instructors, etc.

High School, Middle School, etc. — Children at every level, including elementary school, are likely to have assignments that require access to high-speed internet on a fairly regular basis. 

Adults — In the past year, many adults have switched from their corporate environment to working part-time or even full-time from home. Quite a few of the companies they work for are deciding to make these changes permanent. Of course, remote-working adults will still be expected to deliver high-quality results, even though their children may be using the same internet access this fall. 

Leisure Time — In addition to education-related internet access and work-related access, families still want to have plenty of leisure time online access as well. Now more than ever, many households are switching to streaming TV and movies, and they still want to have plenty of bandwidth available to access their favorite social media sites, check email, etc. 

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More and more people are working remotely, and meetings via Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms are becoming increasingly common. As meetings evolve, it becomes more important than ever that you have the proper equipment to host and participate in virtual meetings. Good audio/visual equipment ensures that your message is properly communicated and your team may continue to connect and move forward as a unit. If your screen fails to transmit your image, or your audio cuts out or gets fuzzy, proper communication becomes impossible. Instead of building morale with the meeting, you are causing frustration and lowering team spirit. A great Sony projector and Screen Innovations motorized screen, along with a good laptop or computer, can extend the quality of the meeting and help foster a sense of camaraderie within the team, regardless of individual locations. The right equipment can go a long way toward making the meeting run smoothly, easily, and in the most positive and productive manner possible. 


A high-quality, high-speed network is imperative to take your conference room and your meetings to the next level. You may have the highest quality equipment, however, it won't work to its full potential if your network is less than capable. Having a network that is fast, able to transmit high levels of quality data, and reliable is a big factor in utilizing technology to the best of its ability.  Your team will need to be able to share materials and discuss them without being hindered by slow lag times and downloading issues. Having a network that seamlessly works with your team is priceless to your meeting quality, your team, and you. 


Smart control and integration of your technology will go a long way toward making your conference room, and your meetings, better than ever. Integrating your technology so that everything works seamlessly together makes meetings run smoother—and that means your team's morale is better. Moreover, having integrated technology that runs off a smart control will give your team confidence in your equipment, in the team's ability to communicate, and in your company. Savant Systems automation integration enables you to run your meeting without having to stop, restart, and pause in the flow of things to use different aspects of technology. Savant Systems is smart control that lets everything run without interruption, allowing your team to work together virtually and effortlessly.

Technology is one of the most influential factors in our lives today. Technology touches every aspect of our lives, both personally and professionally. Especially when it comes to our professional lives, technology is front and center. Echo Workshop is here to help you set up the technology your conference room needs to take your meetings to the next level. Contact one of our Houston representatives today to see how we can create the conference room that builds relationships and grows success. 

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How Commercial Automation Helps Your Office Run More Efficiently


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Simplifying boardroom and meeting space operations can make your meeting run more smoothly so your staff can work more productively.

Technology is a big part of your day-to-day toolset. From video displays to public address systems, you can’t escape the need for smart technology.

With an integrated commercial automation system, you can control everything with a single touch. A tap on your control device will lower the shades, start the projector and turn on the PA system.

That way, you can focus on the work, not on setting up the tech.

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