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New Year, New Technology


It’s mid-January – are you still sticking to your New Year resolutions?  Even if you have given up on your diet or exercise plan, you can improve your life at home with a few technology upgrades.  Make working from home easier and spending time at home more enjoyable with the best technology.  Echo Workshop has some simple upgrades for your home and office that are sure to help you ease into the new year.

Are you still “that guy” working from home with constant tech issues?  It’s embarrassing, right?  It may be time to consider an upgrade to your network.  Do you have rooms in your home where it’s impossible to use your computer or phone.  Is your cell phone coverage spotty all over your house?  Echo Workshop has lots of options to improve your speed and coverage with partners like Ruckus. 

Let’s talk security!  Keeping our families safe is always at the top of our lists.  Is your security system out of date or unreliable?  Do the cameras you currently have give you a crystal-clear picture of what is going on in your home?  Video doorbells, cameras, and lighting are all part of helping protect you and your family not only from intruders, but also from fire or flooding.

Finally, if saving money is at the top of your New Year resolutions, then we can help.  Echo Workshop has technology to help you monitor energy usage, integrate solar energy, or add a charging station for your electric vehicle. 

Echo Workshop can help you make simple changes in your technology that will make big improvements to your life.  Let’s start 2024 out the right way with more efficiency and security.  We are here to help you improve your network, the safety of your family, and save money.  Contact us to today and let us help you make a resolution you can keep.



Are you building a new home?  Then you already know how much planning goes into every step.  You have probably also realized that looking further into the future and making sure that your home can accommodate the needs of new technology is crucial.  Here are a few features that you need to consider adding to your plan today - before you begin building.

  1. Automated Systems, including remote access: Control everything in your home from one convenient device. Control your lighting, audio system, security system, thermostats, door locks, and smart appliances from anywhere in the world. 
  2. Energy: Monitor energy usage, integrate solar energy, and add a charging station for your electric vehicle. This can also help you monitor energy usage and save money.
  3. Security: Video doorbells, cameras, and lighting are all part of home automation that will help protect you and your family not only from intruders, but also from fire or flooding.
  4. Motorized Shades: They come in a multitude of colors and fabrics, but they aren’t just about aesthetics and convenience. You will also benefit from energy savings with the ability to close shades during the hottest/coldest parts of the day.    
  5. Pre-wiring and networking: Without having this done correctly, the rest of your home won’t work the way it was planned. Get the backbone of your home mapped out and installed correctly the first time, so walls don’t have to be re-opened after your home is built. 

If you are interested in learning more about making your new home smarter, please contact the experts at Echo Workshop.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose what is best for you now and help you plan for the future. 





If you want to measure the temperature of delivery, keep an eye on overheating electronics, or detect fever in the people at your door, modern temperature detection cameras can help keep your property safe.

Fever detection cameras monitor heat on objects and people and determine appropriate temperature ranges. These ranges are based on differences in temperature between multiple people, objects, or the surrounding area. Cameras work in real time to prevent costly mistakes. Moreover, you can set limits and send alerts when your system detects temperatures outside above your safety standards. In other words, you can rely on your system to prevent sick people from entering your home.

Systems offer accurate readings, with some offering margins of error as small as 0.54 degrees or lower. So it’s a reliable means of limiting unwanted pathogens in and around your property. Objects, people, and animals with high readings stand out. Plus, cameras integrate with other security features for a more robust solution.

Our partner manufacturers produce a wide variety of smart security features and surveillance systems, including recorders, video analytics, and facial recognition software. We only work with best-in-class companies, so you can count on our technology to help protect your home.

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Summer Security Checklist




If you want your surveillance system to work correctly, you'll have to ensure the cameras have a clear view of your home. Make sure you trim hedges, remove spider-webs, and clear other obstructions that may impede visibility.

It's also an excellent time to check that your cameras are working correctly. If you don't want to rely on battery-powered IP solutions, consider upgrading your surveillance system with hardwired cameras. A hardwired system is more reliable, harder to hack, and offers better quality than IP surveillance.


Make sure to trim back any tree branches that may make it easy to climb into your yard or windows. It’s a good idea to check for any overgrown foliage in and around your property. Most criminal activity happens when it's convenient. By removing easy-to-exploit elements like overgrown branches, your home becomes a much less appealing target.

Additionally, installing a surveillance system that’s easy to see from the street will help. According to the UNC School of Criminal Justice, 60 percent of criminals surveyed said they would re-think breaking into a home if they knew there were security features present.

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