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Easing Into Fall With the Best Technology


It’s still warm in Houston, but take heart in knowing that fall is truly on the way.  In addition to all of the toasty colors and spicy scents that we associate with fall, there are also ways that technology can be added to your home to bring out that homey vibe that fall evokes in all of us. 

When one thinks of fall and color, golden tones and the warmth those hues bring come to mind.  Our lighting design experts can help bring that warmth to your home with a system from Lutron.  Wake up to a warm glow, like the morning sunrise, and with scheduled lighting, let sunset gradually come to your home - following your natural circadian rhythm for better health and wellbeing.  But it’s not just about beauty and health, imagine the convenience and energy savings of having your lighting on a schedule.  You no longer need to worry about your family remembering to turn off lights on their way to work or school. 

Soon we will also notice the shortening of our daylight hours.  With our homes well-lit indoors, we also need to consider outdoor lighting, not only for beautifying your outdoor space, but also for safety.  Light up walkways, patios, and pools to keep you and your family safe all year long.

Fall also brings about a yearning to slow down and enjoy our homes more.  With stunning products like the Frame TV from Samsung, you can have the best of both worlds – a TV when in use and art when the TV is off.  Imagine your favorite fall scenes displayed in your living room.  The Frame can truly bring a room to life with beautiful art of your choosing. 

How about adding some fun technology to your outdoor space to take your family time to the next level?  With the cooler temperatures of fall, we can comfortably spend more time in our backyards and on our patios.  Imagine your family gathering on Friday evening for an outdoor movie.  With outdoor TVs from Seura, you can enjoy crystal-clear viewing while also feeling assured that your TV can withstand any kind of weather Mother Nature has in store for Houston this year.  Do you love to dine outdoors?  Set the scene perfectly with speakers from Sonos strategically placed throughout your outdoor space for amazing quality of sound, while not taking a thing away from the beauty of your yard.

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Hide Technology for the Ultimate Room Design




The most prominent components that exist in any living space are your speakers. If you want to hear clear audio, your space will likely feature multiple speakers throughout your rooms and hallways. In some cases, they’re designed to look aesthetically pleasing and can become the cornerstone of your interior design. But while that may be appropriate for one room, it probably won’t do for an entire house.

Instead, recessed speakers exist within walls and can be placed in the ceiling. They're set back, with apertures similar to lighting recesses. When a homeowner walks into a room, these speakers are virtually invisible, and they won't draw the eye.


You may think that popular wireless technology like Sonos will solve many of the issues regarding loose wires throughout the space. That’s only half true. Wireless systems connect to each other wirelessly but still have to plug into a wall. Additionally, wireless systems are less reliable and can’t offer quite the same level of sound quality as a hardwired system.

An integrator can run wires and other cables throughout the walls in easy-to-access structures. That means your clients will never have to see ugly wiring, while still connecting the entire property to a single whole home audio system.

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A Soundtrack for Every Room




With an integrated whole-home audio system, you can craft the perfect playlist for each room with a few swipes on your tablet or smartphone. Keep track of what’s playing, adjust the volume, and fill your space with your favorite music no matter where you are in the house.

Thanks to Savant, defining your rooms’ soundtrack is easier than ever. A ‘now playing” bar shows you what track you’re listening to, sliders let you adjust the volume, and you can easily skip tracks. Plus, you can enjoy easily visible artwork and artist information directly from your screen.

Whether you want the same song to play throughout your property or you want to hear a different song in each room, you can do it, thanks to Savant.


With simple controls and lossless music streaming, it’s easy to entertain for the big events coming up soon. Whether it’s your favorite holiday, sporting event, or anything else, you can easily stream your favorite tracks and create a memory that will last forever.

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