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Is Home Lighting Control Right for You?


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Our lighting control partner is Lutron, the leading company in the industry for over half a century.  Their solutions can control lighting for one room or a whole house – and they can grow with you.

Lutron controls allow you to wirelessly adjust lights, even if you’re in another room.  From your bedside, you can turn them all off, or set a predetermined nighttime brightness.  About to leave for work, but can’t remember if you turned everything off? You can control lights from your car with a small remote – or your smartphone, depending on the system you choose.  The Lutron Caseta system offers various dimmers and switches for controlling one room or several.


Maybe you want more than just convenience – you want true luxury in your home.  Lutron systems like RadioRA2 and Homeworks QS are designed to control a large number of devices – from 200 to 10,000, making them appropriate for the largest homes.  They include features like customizable keypads, wireless communication, and multiple styles and color options to fit any décor. 

What’s luxury? You can set scenes based on times of day or activities.  Maintain full manual and automatic control of all your lights, individually, in groups or zones, and by room.  Augment the system further with technology like motorized shades and climate control.  You can even set mood lighting coordinated with your music. 

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter in 2018


SEE ALSO: 5 Ways A Smart Home Makes Your Life Easier And Better Than Before


Managing lighting is more flexible than ever before. Home lighting control systems like those from our partner Lutron offer the convenience and luxury of controlling lights from anywhere you have an Internet connection – like your car or smartphone.  It’s easy to set scenes for moods and activities, coordinate those outside lights with sunrises and sunsets, and turn off lights in rooms that aren’t in use. Don’t forget the safety aspect of lighting control – you can make your home look occupied when it’s not.


Motorized shades that go up and down with a button push have been around for years – but they’re much smarter now.  They can be triggered by sensors that detect a specified level of sunlight, closing them when the heat rises. With our brutal Texas summers, this will make for a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Integrated to a home automation system, like that of our partner Savant, the shades, lights, and climate control can be set to your liking for when you leave or arrive home. 


Need to give access to a contractor or maintenance person?  Maybe a guest?  You don’t need to leave the key under the door anymore.

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