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3 Exciting Ways Multi-Room Music Enhances Your Listening Experience




Though Ozzie may have decried having to play the same song a million times, you could do exactly that in every corner of your property with a whole home audio system. Of course, you don’t have to -- thanks to millions of songs available from a variety of streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.

As part of an expert multi-room audio system design, speakers are placed throughout each room of your home, as well as outside, for a complete listening experience. You’ll never deal with hot spots or peak audio. Speakers are set up for full coverage, with multiple units firing at once and providing even sound.


With so much technology in your home, you may think your rooms are going to clutter up with AV components. Actually, the opposite is true. When you integrate a whole home audio system, you only see the components you want to see. The receivers, amplifiers, and sources are tucked away neatly in an unused basement or closet. You retain full control through a smart system. From your smartphone, dedicated controller, or even your Amazon Echo, you can select songs, playlists, and more. Stream to a single room or many, and even choose a different playlist for different parts of the house.

Plus, you won’t have to look at the speakers. Instead, in-ceiling units are recessed overhead. Roughly the size and shape of LED canned lights, they’re virtually invisible when you walk into a room.

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