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Is Home Lighting Control Right for You?

Start Slow or Go Big, the Choice is Yours

Is Home Lighting Control Right for You?

You’re here because you’re interested in home lighting control.

You might want to know how big of a commitment you need to make to lighting control to benefit from it. The answer is: You can try just a taste or go big and clean the plate. The choice is yours.

Start with one room and scale up to the whole house, if it suits you. Or, add lighting control to your whole home at once, and never get up to flip a switch again.

There are four big advantages to installing home lighting control in your Houston abode -  convenience, luxury, energy savings, and safety.  Let’s explore each a little further below.

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Our lighting control partner is Lutron, the leading company in the industry for over half a century.  Their solutions can control lighting for one room or a whole house – and they can grow with you.

Lutron controls allow you to wirelessly adjust lights, even if you’re in another room.  From your bedside, you can turn them all off, or set a predetermined nighttime brightness.  About to leave for work, but can’t remember if you turned everything off? You can control lights from your car with a small remote – or your smartphone, depending on the system you choose.  The Lutron Caseta system offers various dimmers and switches for controlling one room or several.


Maybe you want more than just convenience – you want true luxury in your home.  Lutron systems like RadioRA2 and Homeworks QS are designed to control a large number of devices – from 200 to 10,000, making them appropriate for the largest homes.  They include features like customizable keypads, wireless communication, and multiple styles and color options to fit any décor. 

What’s luxury? You can set scenes based on times of day or activities.  Maintain full manual and automatic control of all your lights, individually, in groups or zones, and by room.  Augment the system further with technology like motorized shades and climate control.  You can even set mood lighting coordinated with your music. 

Energy Savings

Lighting control can save energy – and money. For example, Lutron occupancy sensors can detect activity in a room, and turn off lighting when it’s not in use. The system can fade up outside lights synchronized to daily sunset times and turn them off at sunrise. Features like Green Mode programming in the higher-end systems can trim brightness from lights by without affecting usability.  And Lutron control can coordinate ceiling fans to come on and off coordinated with lights, temperature, and automated shades. 


Another great feature of lighting control is giving the appearance that a home is occupied when it’s not – sometimes called “mockupancy”.  A randomized pattern of lights can be turned on, making it difficult to detect if you are away.  Lutron systems also have excellent integration capabilities with home automation systems like Savant.  Such systems can set “away” modes, which can activate security systems, environmental sensors (for water leaks or intrusion, for example), trigger cameras, and of course, manage lights. 

Let us show you the many ways lighting control can enhance your Houston home.  Reach out to us today.

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