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Spring Ready Technology


Summer is just around the corner and now is the time to get your home and outdoor spaces ready for family fun.  Don’t wait until the night before your big family reunion to maintain and check on the health of the technology in your home.  Let’s consider a bit of “spring cleaning” that can help keep your technology at its healthiest and ready for fun in the Houston sun. 

Keeping your electronics clean and as dust-free as possible is vital for optimal performance as well as longevity.  To clean your equipment, always spray the cleaner on a clean cloth and not directly onto your electronics.  Gently wipe the dust away to keep it cooling correctly and prevent dust from entering the electronics.  And remember, use a clean cloth that is free of debris to clean screens so scratches don’t occur.  Another great spring-cleaning habit is changing out all the batteries on your smoke detectors every year.  Perhaps choose the same date to do it annually, like April Fool’s Day, so you don’t forget.  And if that’s not something that you want to do, Echo Workshop is always here to take care of your technology maintenance needs. 

Next, let’s head outside and check in on the health of our outdoor spaces.  Is it time for a new outdoor TV from Séura or perhaps you’re ready to add some speakers around your pool area and are interested in the Sonance Landscape Series?  It’s important to have equipment that is built to withstand Houston’s unpredictable weather and that is just what you’ll get with Séura and Sonance products. 

Is your pool properly protected from Houston’s crazy weather with surge protection?  This not only ensures that your delicate pool equipment is protected, but also prevents the surge from entering your home and ruining your electronics inside.  Echo Workshop can help design and install a surge protection system that will keep you protected both inside and out.

Echo Workshop is here to help you with all of your indoor and outdoor upgrades.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can make sure that your summer fun goes uninterrupted with the very best in technology.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Great Music


At Echo Workshop we are big believers that technology can be beautifully integrated into any space, while keeping all the style and feel that you worked so hard to achieve.   The same holds true for our outdoor spaces.  In Houston we spend a lot of time in our outdoor living areas and pools and, of course, we want to listen to our favorite tunes while entertaining and relaxing.  If you are looking for amazing sound quality while still maintaining the beauty of your outdoor living area, we have a couple of great options.

The Sonance Landscape Series offers incredible sound quality while blending into surrounding foliage and landscaping.  Imagine underground subwoofers and small hidden satellite speakers throughout your space.  They even offer rock speakers that completely blend into the landscaping.  And since the Sonance Landscape Series is scalable, you can experience immersive sound and even coverage no matter the size of your outdoor area.

If speakers on your patio or in your outdoor kitchen is more what you are looking for, the Revel XC Series is a perfect solution.  Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these speakers are made to withstand hot, cold, damp, humid, or wet weather.  These speakers are so well designed that they are even rated for use on docks and beachfront property (we see you Galveston)! 

If you’re like us, you are dreaming about spring and more time outside.  Call Echo Workshop for a free consultation to find out how we can bring your outdoor space to life with great sound.



Are you building a new home?  Then you already know how much planning goes into every step.  You have probably also realized that looking further into the future and making sure that your home can accommodate the needs of new technology is crucial.  Here are a few features that you need to consider adding to your plan today - before you begin building.

  1. Automated Systems, including remote access: Control everything in your home from one convenient device. Control your lighting, audio system, security system, thermostats, door locks, and smart appliances from anywhere in the world. 
  2. Energy: Monitor energy usage, integrate solar energy, and add a charging station for your electric vehicle. This can also help you monitor energy usage and save money.
  3. Security: Video doorbells, cameras, and lighting are all part of home automation that will help protect you and your family not only from intruders, but also from fire or flooding.
  4. Motorized Shades: They come in a multitude of colors and fabrics, but they aren’t just about aesthetics and convenience. You will also benefit from energy savings with the ability to close shades during the hottest/coldest parts of the day.    
  5. Pre-wiring and networking: Without having this done correctly, the rest of your home won’t work the way it was planned. Get the backbone of your home mapped out and installed correctly the first time, so walls don’t have to be re-opened after your home is built. 

If you are interested in learning more about making your new home smarter, please contact the experts at Echo Workshop.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose what is best for you now and help you plan for the future. 

Motorized Technology for Your Home


Are you building a new home or perhaps remodeling?  Maybe you’re redecorating and trying to find a solution that will give you the convenience of technology without compromising the beauty of your space.  If you’re in the midst of planning and learning about all of your options, Echo Workshop can help you incorporate technology to enhance your design - not compromise it. 

Motorized window treatments are one product that adds so much to the home from both an aesthetic and convenience point of view.  First of all, it eliminates those ugly cords and that also removes the risk of choking.  With just the push of a button or from your smart device, you can open and close your shades.  Better yet, integrate your window treatments into a smart home system from Control4 and set them to open and close on a schedule.  It’s not only convenient, but saves energy and blocks harmful UV rays.  Consider the health benefits of darkening your room for better sleep and having the shades automatically open in the morning to keep your circadian rhythm on track.  Are you getting your outdoor living area ready in anticipation of cooler fall weather?  Motorized shades are great outside too.  Lower them to not only keep the sun out, but also the bugs! 

Motorized lifts can be hidden and integrated in a multitude of ways.  Do you want a TV in your bedroom, but want it hidden when it’s not in use?  Motorized lifts can be hidden in the ceiling, rise from under the bed, or be hidden in a piece of furniture.  The possibilities are endless.  Do you have a TV over your fireplace that’s a little too high, making it difficult to view?  Echo Workshop can provide a motorized mount that drops the TV down to a comfortable viewing level.  Have you been thinking about adding outdoor entertainment, a TV or projector?  We have lifts that will perfectly integrate into your outdoor space, keeping your technology out of the way and protected. 

Echo Workshop has the technology and the experience to make life more convenient, entertaining, and aesthetically pleasing.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can add motorized technology to your home for better living.



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