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Spring Ready Technology


Summer is just around the corner and now is the time to get your home and outdoor spaces ready for family fun.  Don’t wait until the night before your big family reunion to maintain and check on the health of the technology in your home.  Let’s consider a bit of “spring cleaning” that can help keep your technology at its healthiest and ready for fun in the Houston sun. 

Keeping your electronics clean and as dust-free as possible is vital for optimal performance as well as longevity.  To clean your equipment, always spray the cleaner on a clean cloth and not directly onto your electronics.  Gently wipe the dust away to keep it cooling correctly and prevent dust from entering the electronics.  And remember, use a clean cloth that is free of debris to clean screens so scratches don’t occur.  Another great spring-cleaning habit is changing out all the batteries on your smoke detectors every year.  Perhaps choose the same date to do it annually, like April Fool’s Day, so you don’t forget.  And if that’s not something that you want to do, Echo Workshop is always here to take care of your technology maintenance needs. 

Next, let’s head outside and check in on the health of our outdoor spaces.  Is it time for a new outdoor TV from Séura or perhaps you’re ready to add some speakers around your pool area and are interested in the Sonance Landscape Series?  It’s important to have equipment that is built to withstand Houston’s unpredictable weather and that is just what you’ll get with Séura and Sonance products. 

Is your pool properly protected from Houston’s crazy weather with surge protection?  This not only ensures that your delicate pool equipment is protected, but also prevents the surge from entering your home and ruining your electronics inside.  Echo Workshop can help design and install a surge protection system that will keep you protected both inside and out.

Echo Workshop is here to help you with all of your indoor and outdoor upgrades.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can make sure that your summer fun goes uninterrupted with the very best in technology.

3 Reasons You Should Install Motorized Shades in Your Next Project




Did you know that 65 percent of homebuyers are willing to spend more on smart home packages? That means the potential value of your new home build will increase with the more integrated systems you add. While they’re not complex systems, smart shades are a perfect starting point for many new homeowners, who enjoy their convenience and practicality.

By working with an integrator from the beginning, it's easy to plan, design, and deploy a smart shading system that will benefit the entire property. Wiring and installation are simple when they're done before the drywall goes up, so you won't have to deal with added project time or re-work.


All the demand for smart technology isn't as simple as it appears. Many homeowners want to benefit from it and are willing to pay more for it. But they also don't want systems that will jeopardize their privacy or go out of date within a year. They're looking for evergreen technology – not smart hubs and TVs that they'll have to replace quickly.

Motorized shades are relatively simple. While manufacturers occasionally upgrade the systems with quieter motors or more custom roller options, it’s a technology that doesn’t develop at the same pace as some other more visible components. In other words, adding Lutron shades (or other top-of-the-line components) will increase value without the risk of going out of style.

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Motorized Shades Are Perfect for Winter




During the winter, window shades are essential. They help keep the heat in your home rather than escaping through the windows. Most of the heat in your space will leave the room through the thin pane of glass, and by covering them, you can prevent most of the heat loss.

But, of course, you probably have shades or blinds on your windows. They do more than just look good. They help add privacy, enhance securitymanage light, and regulate your room’s temperature.


Motorizations means your shades move without you drawing them. With just a touch of a button, they'll move up and down instantly, and in unison, so you can enjoy quick adjustments to the light and temperature regulation of the room.

And as part of a smart control system, they do it automatically. Your shades, thermostat, lights, and other connected devices automatically adjust when the room gets too cold. That means less pressure on your HVAC system, and less time spent making adjustments to your rooms.

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