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Technology & Design Come Together for Added Security


It’s the beginning of the busiest time of year.  On top of work, we can all expect more visitors, the need for more service calls getting ready for holiday company, and more deliveries.  But what if your busy schedule keeps you away from home and you aren’t able to be there for some of these?  Echo Workshop has the perfect solution – DoorBird.

With DoorBird you can expect a high-quality camera and intercom system that allows you to keep track of everyone coming to visit.  Are you expecting a delivery?  With DoorBird you can talk to the delivery driver and instruct them to leave the package with your neighbor or open the garage door for them via your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.   

On top of convenience, DoorBird also provides added security.  Did you know that often times burglars ring doorbells to see if somebody is home before attempting entry?  With DoorBird you can make your presence known to deter burglars and porch pirates. 

DoorBird is compatible with most smart home systems, making adding one at your front door or gate a convenient choice, and with multiple choices of materials and surfaces to choose from, you can easily find something that compliments your home.  Do you have a specific look already in mind?  DoorBird allows you to design your own custom system with their easy-to-use configurator. You can define the dimensions, style and functions individually and choose from over 50 materials and colors. 

Contact Echo Workshop today to learn how technology and design come together for an aesthetically pleasing, high-functioning solution for additional convenience and added security.

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Many vacation homes reside alongside other vacation homes, making the overall neighborhood an attractive target for thieves and home squatters. By targeting vacation homes, both of these groups know their unlawful actions are likely to go undetected for months. If a break-in should occur, the thieves will have long since gone on to other neighborhoods, leaving the homeowners to spend their time replacing essential household components, as well mourning the loss of irreplaceable sentimental items. 

Other problems that could arise over a long span of time are issues resulting from storm damage or property damage from wildlife. A shattered window or skylight as a result of a broken tree limb could cause major damage to both a home's exterior and interior. Even something as seemingly benign as a squirrel can find its way into a home and cause major damage in their desperate attempt to find their way out of the home.


Here at Echo Workshop, we take pride in working with our clients to develop a comprehensive security package to protect their valuable vacation homes. We know that peace of mind for homeowners and protection of personal property are the utmost priorities for any security system. Our security packages are designed to encompass a home's exterior as well as the interior. They include critical features such as strategically-placed security cameras, a comprehensive alarm system, and other thoughtful features such as lighting and window shades that can be programmed to make it appear as if residents are home. 


One of the foundational components found within our comprehensive security package is the DoorBird entry system. The DoorBird is a video door intercom and video doorbell system. Its usefulness quickly becomes evident whether homeowners are away, or simply in their backyard enjoying relaxation time with family and friends. The DoorBird works with both the Android and iOS operating systems, allowing homeowners to answer the doorbell of their vacation home whether they are halfway across the globe, or spending some downtime in the backyard pool. 

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