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Easing Into Fall With the Best Technology


It’s still warm in Houston, but take heart in knowing that fall is truly on the way.  In addition to all of the toasty colors and spicy scents that we associate with fall, there are also ways that technology can be added to your home to bring out that homey vibe that fall evokes in all of us. 

When one thinks of fall and color, golden tones and the warmth those hues bring come to mind.  Our lighting design experts can help bring that warmth to your home with a system from Lutron.  Wake up to a warm glow, like the morning sunrise, and with scheduled lighting, let sunset gradually come to your home - following your natural circadian rhythm for better health and wellbeing.  But it’s not just about beauty and health, imagine the convenience and energy savings of having your lighting on a schedule.  You no longer need to worry about your family remembering to turn off lights on their way to work or school. 

Soon we will also notice the shortening of our daylight hours.  With our homes well-lit indoors, we also need to consider outdoor lighting, not only for beautifying your outdoor space, but also for safety.  Light up walkways, patios, and pools to keep you and your family safe all year long.

Fall also brings about a yearning to slow down and enjoy our homes more.  With stunning products like the Frame TV from Samsung, you can have the best of both worlds – a TV when in use and art when the TV is off.  Imagine your favorite fall scenes displayed in your living room.  The Frame can truly bring a room to life with beautiful art of your choosing. 

How about adding some fun technology to your outdoor space to take your family time to the next level?  With the cooler temperatures of fall, we can comfortably spend more time in our backyards and on our patios.  Imagine your family gathering on Friday evening for an outdoor movie.  With outdoor TVs from Seura, you can enjoy crystal-clear viewing while also feeling assured that your TV can withstand any kind of weather Mother Nature has in store for Houston this year.  Do you love to dine outdoors?  Set the scene perfectly with speakers from Sonos strategically placed throughout your outdoor space for amazing quality of sound, while not taking a thing away from the beauty of your yard.

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Motorized Technology for Your Home


Are you building a new home or perhaps remodeling?  Maybe you’re redecorating and trying to find a solution that will give you the convenience of technology without compromising the beauty of your space.  If you’re in the midst of planning and learning about all of your options, Echo Workshop can help you incorporate technology to enhance your design - not compromise it. 

Motorized window treatments are one product that adds so much to the home from both an aesthetic and convenience point of view.  First of all, it eliminates those ugly cords and that also removes the risk of choking.  With just the push of a button or from your smart device, you can open and close your shades.  Better yet, integrate your window treatments into a smart home system from Control4 and set them to open and close on a schedule.  It’s not only convenient, but saves energy and blocks harmful UV rays.  Consider the health benefits of darkening your room for better sleep and having the shades automatically open in the morning to keep your circadian rhythm on track.  Are you getting your outdoor living area ready in anticipation of cooler fall weather?  Motorized shades are great outside too.  Lower them to not only keep the sun out, but also the bugs! 

Motorized lifts can be hidden and integrated in a multitude of ways.  Do you want a TV in your bedroom, but want it hidden when it’s not in use?  Motorized lifts can be hidden in the ceiling, rise from under the bed, or be hidden in a piece of furniture.  The possibilities are endless.  Do you have a TV over your fireplace that’s a little too high, making it difficult to view?  Echo Workshop can provide a motorized mount that drops the TV down to a comfortable viewing level.  Have you been thinking about adding outdoor entertainment, a TV or projector?  We have lifts that will perfectly integrate into your outdoor space, keeping your technology out of the way and protected. 

Echo Workshop has the technology and the experience to make life more convenient, entertaining, and aesthetically pleasing.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can add motorized technology to your home for better living.

Let's Get You Connected


In just a month it will be back-to-school time.  If you finished the last school year with your kids complaining about the WiFi and connectivity in your home, now is the time to correct that – before the high demand of the school year.  Echo Workshop can design and install the network backbone you need for a strong internet connection throughout your home or office.

If you are technologically savvy and want to try doing your own troubleshooting, there are a few easy things you can check.  Look at your cables and make sure that they are pushed in all the way.  You may also need to consider the age of your router or other devices that you are using via WiFi.  Older devices may have limited capabilities and perhaps you need to consider an upgrade.  It is also always a good idea to make sure that you are running the latest system software.  If this doesn’t help, it’s time to call the experts at Echo Workshop.

I’m sure that you have heard a lot about wireless access points.  A wireless access point (or WAP) allows devices that can be connected wirelessly to connect to a wired network.  These access points boost your signal and help improve your wireless connectivity in your home, where there are dead spots or poor signal strength, and can even increase the battery life of your wireless devices. With WiFi 6 now readily available, you will be amazed at the improvement in your WiFi coverage and strength.

WiFi and connectivity issues can be caused by so many things that troubleshooting can be overwhelming.  From building materials to poor cable health, Echo Workshop has the expertise to assess and make informed recommendations on how best to improve your signal.  Call us today to learn more about how we can get you better connected. 

Pool Time!


It’s June in Houston and it is HOT out there.  For many Houstonians that means a lot more time spent poolside.  As most pool owners know, proper maintenance is essential for a sparkling clean and inviting dip.  However, what many people forget about is protecting the delicate pool controls and equipment that run your pool.  Do you know if you have surge protection on your pool equipment?  With our crazy Houston weather, it is essential to have this to not only protect your pool equipment, but also to prevent a lightning strike from entering your home and causing more damage.  Echo Workshop can help you design and install the protection you need to keep your outdoor oasis healthy and running smoothly, with no downtime this summer.

Now that we have your equipment protected, let’s consider some fun upgrades to enhance your outdoor space.  Fun times outdoors are always made more fun with your favorite music.  With a Sonance Landscape Series system you will not only get great sound, but also flexibility in design and great coverage for your whole outdoor area. 

Now let’s imagine a beautiful Friday evening in June.  The sun has set and it has cooled down a bit.  You and your family just finished a fantastic dinner and you’re now ready for movie night – in the pool!  With an outdoor TV from Seura, you not only get the very best picture, with screens that are three times brighter than indoor screens, but you also get a TV that can truly withstand the temperature extremes, dust, and bugs that Texas has an abundance of. 

Echo Workshop also has the very best to offer in lighting and shades.  Set the mood with color-changing lights or consider motorized shades to enhance your comfort on the patio.  With our exclusive design team, and outstanding products from Lutron, Savant, Control4, and many others, Echo Workshop can help you take your backyard and pool from dull to electrifying.

Lights, Camera, Action!


Summer vacation is upon us, and that means that many of us are planning vacations.  The last thing we want to do while we are soaking up the sun is worry about the security of our home.  Echo Workshop offers the best products to keep you connected, protected, and on top of your home security, whether you’re checking in from work or from across the country. 


Lighting that turns on at various times and in various rooms can be a great deterrent to burglars.  And with a control system like Savant, it is easy to set up various scenes throughout your home.  Your lighting system can be programmed so that it follows your regular schedule, making it appear that you are home.


Let’s start with the basics – a video doorbell from Ring or Doorbird.  Not only can you safely check to see who is dropping by when you’re home, you can also see and talk to visitors from anywhere.  This gives you the ability to not only protect your home, but protect your family by intervening when solicitors or strangers come knocking.

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Things are Heating Up


It’s spring!  In Houston that means things are about to heat up fast.  At Echo Workshop we deal with the best in technology and can help you integrate the finest products to help keep you and your home cool.  Here are three of our favorite ways technology can help you beat the heat and even save you money.

Motorized shades are not only convenient, they can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home design.  They come in a multitude of colors and fabrics and can be customized to fit any size or shape of window.  To make them even more desirable, they can be integrated into your smart home system.  Imagine setting the thermostat, lowering shades, and turning out the lights, all with the push of one button.  Do you enjoy patio time, but not the bright sun in your eyes - or the mosquitos?  Then motorized outdoor shades are a perfect consideration.  These can also be integrated into your smart home system.  Picture lowering your outdoor shades, turning on your favorite playlist, and lowering the lights – the perfect setting for some dinner on your patio.    

With the increased temperatures of spring and summer, we can all expect an increase in our electric bills.  One way to reduce electricity costs is with automated thermostats.  Set schedules to fit the needs of your family throughout the day, keeping it cooler when you’re home and conserving energy when you are away.  Add to that the convenience of being able to adjust the temperature remotely from anywhere in the world, and it’s a perfect solution for you and your family’s comfort. 

Lastly, let’s not forget how technology can enhance your lifestyle and make staying at home fun.  Outdoor entertainment is a must in the spring and summer in Houston.  Have you been considering upgrading your outdoor space?  Perhaps you would like an outdoor TV, a sound system to play your favorite tunes when you are poolside, or even an outdoor theater.  Echo Workshop can help you design your space and choose products that your whole family will find easy and fun to use.  

Let Echo Workshop help keep things cool at your home this spring.  With the best products, an incredible design team, and technicians that go the extra mile to make sure you are not only happy with your products, but know how to use them, Echo Workshop is here for your cool summer fun! 


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