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How Commercial Automation Helps Your Office Run More Efficiently


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Simplifying boardroom and meeting space operations can make your meeting run more smoothly so your staff can work more productively.

Technology is a big part of your day-to-day toolset. From video displays to public address systems, you can’t escape the need for smart technology.

With an integrated commercial automation system, you can control everything with a single touch. A tap on your control device will lower the shades, start the projector and turn on the PA system.

That way, you can focus on the work, not on setting up the tech.


Countless studies have been performed against the merits of an open work space. The challenges of such spaces are the lack of privacy, employee distractions, and breakdowns in productivity.  One of the main culprits is the minor discomforts of your workday.

Sometimes the space is too cold. Other times, the glare from the sun is unbearable. Any kind of situation can make getting your work done a bit more complicated.

Modern technology helps combat the privacy issue with sound masking systems that make voice unintelligible over large spaces.

With centralized control over your comfort technology, you can make the spaces more comfortable for everyone in your office. One touch can lower sunshades, reducing glare and solar heat gain while keeping everything visible with natural sunlight.

If you’ve integrated the thermostat, you can also raise or lower the temperature to ensure everyone is satisfied.

The result is a more productive workforce.


To accommodate all of this technology, you’re going to need a strong network. A mesh Enterprise Level network will help ensure each device runs smoothly and you don’t experience any dead spots in connectivity.

The way a mesh network works is similar to regular Wi-Fi. However, instead of all the wireless signals emanating throughout an area from a central router, a mesh network connects multiple signal points strategically placed around the space. Each point in the mesh, called nodes, connects to others in a distributed fashion.

This network of nodes allows for a stronger, fuller signal around the designated area. And the more nodes you add, the greater the coverage.

Are you interested in improving your business solutions with smart commercial automation technology? Just click the button at the bottom of your screen to start chatting with a live professional right now, or contact our commercial automation experts today.

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