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Only a few years ago there was great focus on the energy efficiency of our spaces.  When we talked about lighing control in the past, efficiency was one of the three topics of conversation. When we talked about air conditioning,  we discussed SEER ratings and how much we could save by choosing one unit over another. Technology has pushed through it's ceiling again, and the topic of conversation has benefitted from it. Not that energy efficiency isn't still on our minds, but our focus as humans has shifted with great resolve towards Health and Wellness and some of us have even delved into Biophilia. 

A variety of studies show that we spend between 85% and 95% of our time indoors or in a vehicle. Other studies indicate that constant exclusion from outdoor spaces can be closely corelated to illness, disease and even premature mortality. If we're confined to spending the majority of our time in our indoor spaces, the next question should be- what can we do to make our indoor spaces as healthy for us as the outdoor? 

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Poor air quality is, globally, the number one cause of premature mortality.  Our constant exposure to allergens, particulates, viruses, and toxins severely affect our heath and quality of life.  We, at Echo Workshop, have partnered with Pure365 to provide the highest quality air purification devices. Whether you're looking for a single room or a whole-house solution, we have the product available.

The Intellipure line of air purifiers utilize its' patented DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) technology, developed through a United States military grant. It removes 99.99% of harmful viruses, fungi, molds, and bacteria, down to 0.007 micron — that’s 40 times more efficient than HEPA and around 14 times smaller than the size of the avg virus. This technology is currently used in hospitals, medical clean rooms, government buildings and military applications.

Solutions & Features

  •  Pure365 Super V Central Air Solution
  •  Pure365 Ultrafine 468 single room/ area soltuon
  •  Removes 99.99% of harmful viruses, fungi molds, and bacteria, down to .007 micron in size
  •  Currently used in hospitals, medical clean rooms, government buildings and military applications

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Poor water quality is recognized as the second highest source of disease globally. In the U.S., we consider we have clean water coming into our homes because "there's no way our provider would give us anything harmful," however, there have been many documented cases of harmful toxins in tap water. The drinking water contaminants that can have chronic effects include chemicals (such as disinfection byproducts, solvents and pesticides), radionuclides (such as radium), and minerals (such as arsenic).  A recent study also showed that out of 259 bottled water brands tested, 93% of them were found to contain micro plastics in them. As these polymers enter the body and into the bloodstream they can have a long-term negative impact on our health.

The Bluewater Spirit adds a new dimension to generating cleaner, healthier water in home and commercial environments by improving the entire drinking experience. Easy to install, maintain and use, the beautifully designed Bluewater Spirit not only means you get pristine drinking water but you can also forget buying bottled water altogether and help reduce the 8 million metric tonnes of single use plastics that enter the oceans annually that harm our marine habitats. Satisfy your thirst for life by transforming your home or workplace into your own source of fresh water and a welcoming oasis. 

Solutions & Features

  •  BlueWater Spirit
  •  BlueWater Cleone
  •  Pure Wellness RO
  •  Five stages of Filtration
  •  Better than bottled water quality at the tap.

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There are an overwhelming number of studies done on human-centric lighting, otherwise known as circadian lighting.  The basic premise is that during the entire period of early evolution, humans were outdoors. We grew to depend on the cycles of the sun (and light) throughout the period of the day. These Circadian Cycles led us through the creation of cortisol, seratonin, melatonin, and other natural chemicals within our bodies.  Now move the clock up to 150 years ago when humans started leading most of our lives within the indoor spaces, under the fluorescent lights.  At a physiological level, our bodies start to crave the outdoor experience. Not just lighting, but exposure to the sun, sounds, smell... the whole experience. A lot of these studies even tie the lack of enough exposure to the outdoors environment to disease and illness.

Partners like Savant Systems, and Lutron Electronics have developed Circadian Lighting solution that transform your indoor space into one that simulates the lighting temperatures generated by the path of the sun acrross our sky. Human-centric lighting is a healthy approach to lighting within your home as your lighing fixtures can automatically change color temprature throughout the day.

Common Solutions

  •  Savant and USAI fixtures and LED Srips
  •  Ketra by Lutron lighting fixtures.
  •  Have your home automatically change color temperatures throughout the day for comfort and health.

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Focusing on Wellness, climate control can be used for features like adjusting temperature to warm to energize you in the morning or cool to help you sleep at night. There's focus on controlling circulation of air in your space, and fresh air induction into your space to minimize the flow or toxins, alergens, molds and harmful chemical buildup.  A Smart Thermostat system can also help managing temperatures in your space based on accoupancy or use.

The Savant offering of thermostats also ties into your whole-home control system and gives you one-touch connectivity to trigger scenes that affect your entire home. These thermostats report back to the user device (screen) and can show you the activity of all the thermostats in your home.

Solutions & Features

  •  Savant Systems single room Thermostats
  •  Savant Systems Multi-room thermostat module
  •  Lutron Thermostats
  •  Control your temparature from anywhere with Smart Devices.
  •  Institute scheduling that controls temperature for you automatically throughout the day.