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Automated Privacy Glass Brings a New Level of Control

For your home or business, Echo Workshop is your Houston privacy glass dealer.

Automated Privacy Glass Brings a New Level of Control

Nothing offers excellent control over the UV rays that enter your room more than a switchable/integrated window film. They leave your home or office more comfortable and productive. A Houston privacy glass dealer can get you the glass you need at your home or business. This will enable you to achieve a calm environment at your homestead and a peaceful work environment for your employees. 

Below are some other benefits that privacy glass can have at your premises, including front doors, windows, conference rooms, and restrooms.

Control Over Your Privacy

While getting natural light is important, so is privacy. Instead of using curtains, tapestry, and shutter blinds, you can opt to install a privacy glass, which is the best way to attain privacy, while also reducing congestion. With a switchable privacy glass window or door, you can change from plain to semi-transparent to opaque. For instance, when you hold a meeting to discuss an important issue concerning the company, you may need a more private and distraction-free environment. A privacy window or door can help.

Besides having privacy settings, smart window films can also help reduce or regulate the noise from the outside environment. This enables attendees to concentrate while also creating a quiet and conducive environment to hold a meeting effectively. With privacy glass, you can redefine the room in seconds with ease.

At home, even though you want a well-lit house that allows the morning sun to penetrate easily, your privacy should never be compromised. You can ensure this by installing privacy glass at your front door, bedroom, living room, dining room, media room, or window. You can switch from clear to opaque at different times of the day and vice versa.

Control Over Room Temperature and Light

High room temperatures and irritating glares can make you uncomfortable and lead to underperformance at work. If you are working in a position with direct sunlight, you may struggle when reading documents, thus having less productivity. With privacy windows, you can switch to opaque, which will not only reduce the room temperature by 60% but also block at least 98% of the UV rays. This will create a friendly working environment, which translates to high productivity.

Window films can also eliminate hot spots, thus preserving room temperature, which helps save energy. As a result, you can reduce the chances of your HVAC appliances wearing out.

Switchable privacy glass will enable you to control the level of UV rays that enter your room. Therefore, you can prevent the rays from damaging your valuable furnishing—for instance, the artwork, furniture, and carpets, among others.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Unlike custom glasses, you can easily operate a switchable privacy glass by just switching on or off. There is no learning curve and you can start operating it as soon as it is installed. In addition, it is easy to clean, since it does not absorb much dust, and maintain, since it requires a relatively low operating voltage.

A Highly Versatile Nature

Given their versatility and availability in different colors and sizes, switchable privacy glass can serve other tasks like advertising and engaging with your audience. You can use it as a presentation screen at shows and exhibitions for displaying advertisements.

Echo Workshop is your trusted and dedicated Houston privacy glass dealer who is ready to help you improve your work premises or home. Our team has the right expertise and is highly experienced in all matters regarding smart films, from selecting the best types to installation. We also take pride in providing the best service. Contact us to install the switchable window film at your residential or commercial property today.

Enhance your Dining Experience with Speakers from Your Houston Sonance Dealer

Echo Workshop can help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Enhance your Dining Experience with Speakers from Your Houston Sonance Dealer

Like other homeowners, you might take pride in making your dining space comfortable for the family and their guests. This can be enhanced with simple decorating features solely based on your tastes and preferences. One of such designs involves having Sonance Invisible Speakers hidden in the distinct areas of your Houston dining space, rather than hanging conspicuously all over the walls. It is a great way to incorporate technology into your dining experience in a creative manner. 

With the help of the professional team at Echo Workshop, you can effectively design and install such speakers. Below are some of the ways that such technology refines your dining experience:

Your Dining Area Can Have Hidden Speakers

Instead of mounting speakers at the corners of the room, install invisible speakers on walls and ceilings. This is the best way to keep the speakers out of sight, yet lighten up the room with some enjoyable background music. You can choose to install hidden speakers in your dining space to upgrade your dining experience in any setting.

Interior designers can show you various ways to disguise the speakers and blend them with the walls in a way that does not compromise the sound quality. They can come up with multiple designs as well, so that you can choose one that you can be comfortable living with. Professional installers can then help to put up the speakers in a manner that maximizes their output and sound quality. This also includes using appropriate installation materials to ensure that the speakers remain fixed to the wall to lessen the chances of accidents or damage when they fall.  

Sonance Invisible Speakers allow you to appreciate the available space in your Houston home as they decongest the dining room, creating a fresh environment. When installing hidden speakers, it is advisable to deal with specialized personnel who have impeccable service delivery and can work to fulfill your custom requirements. 

Your Dining Area Can Have an Entertainment Function

You can make your dining room more functional by incorporating things like entertainment. You can achieve this by acquiring and installing the best speakers which have the best sound quality. You will enjoy the relaxing feeling that Sonance Invisible Speakers offer as you listen to magical music in your dining space with family and friends. This includes having some of your favorite tunes play in the background when you are hosting some friends to set up the mood or just avoiding a dull and gloomy mood during routine family mealtimes. 

If you want to install the speakers on your own, chances are that you could mess up their sound quality, which automatically lowers their entertainment value. However, the professionals at Echo Workshop can help you get it right. 

You Can Showcase Art, Not Speakers

If you are an art lover, you will understand the enriching feeling that comes with furnishing your home. Rather than hanging huge speakers in your dining space, you can showcase your art skills by having small peculiar speakers that blend with your house's interior decoration. Wall decor is one of the best ways to connect with yourself, as you can be as artistic as you want with what you put up. The more beautiful it is, the more relaxing it can be to look at and give you more comfort. Wall art also makes the dining room more vibrant and completes the space available, thereby creating a cozy environment.

Echo Workshop has a team of professionals ready to assist you with all your speaker design and installation needs. Our quality work will leave your home offering a superior dining experience for each person who uses the space. Contact us today or visit our Houston showroom to learn more about speaker installation. 

Slow Internet? It Could Be Time to Upgrade

A networking installation from Echo Workshop will prepare your household for high internet use in the fall.

Slow Internet? It Could Be Time to Upgrade

 With today's ubiquitous use of technology, household members need to have access to reliable and fast internet, with essentially no downtime. Internet use has become as critical to everyday household living as other essential utilities such as electricity, water usage, and temperature control. If someone is already experiencing slow internet speeds during the current summer season, it's possible they could have an even bigger problem this fall. Here's why you need the right networking installation from Echo Workshop.

Internet Overload

It won't be long before children and college students will be back in school, although, unlike last year, they'll likely be able to attend in-person throughout the entire school year. Still, most students will need almost daily access to the internet for school-related activities.

College Students — Students who attend local community colleges are online almost every day, whether they enrolled in an online course or two (or more), or if they need to do research for a homework assignment. Even in-person classes require fast internet speeds to keep up with emails, postings from instructors, etc.

High School, Middle School, etc. — Children at every level, including elementary school, are likely to have assignments that require access to high-speed internet on a fairly regular basis. 

Adults — In the past year, many adults have switched from their corporate environment to working part-time or even full-time from home. Quite a few of the companies they work for are deciding to make these changes permanent. Of course, remote-working adults will still be expected to deliver high-quality results, even though their children may be using the same internet access this fall. 

Leisure Time — In addition to education-related internet access and work-related access, families still want to have plenty of leisure time online access as well. Now more than ever, many households are switching to streaming TV and movies, and they still want to have plenty of bandwidth available to access their favorite social media sites, check email, etc. 

Between remote work, educational activities, leisure time online pursuits, and smart home features that require internet access, it's possible that more than a few households could run into trouble this fall if they don't ramp up their internet access in advance.

Upgrading Your Networking Installation with Echo Workshop

Here at Echo Workshop, we understand that today's 21st-century households need and want it all in terms of internet access. Busy families require no less than fast internet access from home, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Our professional team can analyze your entire household's internet requirements, then deliver a professional solution that will work quietly and effectively in the background — delivering fast internet access to every person and every IoT device within the home.    

Our internet professionals will analyze all the internet use areas throughout the home, including remote work offices, student areas, smart home devices, and (indoor and outdoor) leisure time areas. If weak WiFi signals are detected in certain regions, we can add wired connections so households members will have access to a stable connection, no matter if they're working in the home or watching TV from the patio. 

Another option to consider is implementing a mesh WiFi system. This type of system allows for the connection of multiple wireless access points, essentially blanketing the entire home (and outdoor areas if needed) with a more reliable connection.

Last but not least, our team will analyze the household's current router to determine if it adheres to the latest industry security standards and whether upgrading it to a next-level bandwidth is in order.

Prepare in Advance

Upgrading now means avoiding getting bogged down when internet use increases this fall. Also, it's important to ensure that your internet connection is truly secure. Get prepared for the future by contacting Echo Workshop today, to meet with one of our networking installation professionals.

Is Your Summer Vacation Home Secure?

DoorBird, security cameras, and alarm systems will bring you peace of mind when you’re away from your residence.

Is Your Summer Vacation Home Secure?

A summer vacation home provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation, fun family times, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, one of the caveats of owning a summer home is that they often go unoccupied for months at a time. This puts these types of homes at an increased risk for break-ins, broken windows, and other types of damage from nearby wildlife or storm damage, and perhaps even an unwanted home squatter.

If one's summer home doesn't have the protection offered by a comprehensive security system, homeowners planning to relax and rejuvenate at their summer home may instead spend most of their vacation time cleaning up property damage, along with filling out police reports, etc. Fortunately, this type of scenario can be completely avoided with thoughtful attention to the special security needs of a vacation home.

Security Pitfalls 

Many vacation homes reside alongside other vacation homes, making the overall neighborhood an attractive target for thieves and home squatters. By targeting vacation homes, both of these groups know their unlawful actions are likely to go undetected for months. If a break-in should occur, the thieves will have long since gone on to other neighborhoods, leaving the homeowners to spend their time replacing essential household components, as well mourning the loss of irreplaceable sentimental items. 

Other problems that could arise over a long span of time are issues resulting from storm damage or property damage from wildlife. A shattered window or skylight as a result of a broken tree limb could cause major damage to both a home's exterior and interior. Even something as seemingly benign as a squirrel can find its way into a home and cause major damage in their desperate attempt to find their way out of the home.

Planning for Security Issues

Here at Echo Workshop, we take pride in working with our clients to develop a comprehensive security package to protect their valuable vacation homes. We know that peace of mind for homeowners and protection of personal property are the utmost priorities for any security system. Our security packages are designed to encompass a home's exterior as well as the interior. They include critical features such as strategically-placed security cameras, a comprehensive alarm system, and other thoughtful features such as lighting and window shades that can be programmed to make it appear as if residents are home. 

Start at the Beginning - The Entryway

One of the foundational components found within our comprehensive security package is the DoorBird entry system. The DoorBird is a video door intercom and video doorbell system. Its usefulness quickly becomes evident whether homeowners are away, or simply in their backyard enjoying relaxation time with family and friends. The DoorBird works with both the Android and iOS operating systems, allowing homeowners to answer the doorbell of their vacation home whether they are halfway across the globe, or spending some downtime in the backyard pool. 

The DoorBird is thoughtfully designed and houses both security components and features of convenience as well. Package delivery becomes a breeze by simply using the DoorBird app to open up the garage door, then remotely communicating to the parcel deliverer to leave the packages inside the garage. It's also convenient to know exactly who rang the doorbell before you open the door. Simply view the person(s) by way of the DoorBird app which monitors the intercom's HD wide-eye hemispheric camera lens.       

Discrete and Effective

We understand our clients want their summer homes to be safe and secure, yet they also want their vacation homes to be a primary hub for enjoyment and leisure time. We take pride in seeking out the latest in discrete, thoughtfully designed security components and can work with both builders and homeowners to create a security system that effectively works in the background for each specific home design. From the initial consultation to maintenance and support, we are ready to be your vacation home's security expert. Contact Echo Workshop today!