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Articles in Category: Home Security System

Protect your home and your loved ones with a smart home security system that simplifies the safety of your entire property. Find out more here.

Is Your Summer Vacation Home Secure?

DoorBird, security cameras, and alarm systems will bring you peace of mind when you’re away from your residence.

Is Your Summer Vacation Home Secure?

A summer vacation home provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation, fun family times, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, one of the caveats of owning a summer home is that they often go unoccupied for months at a time. This puts these types of homes at an increased risk for break-ins, broken windows, and other types of damage from nearby wildlife or storm damage, and perhaps even an unwanted home squatter.

If one's summer home doesn't have the protection offered by a comprehensive security system, homeowners planning to relax and rejuvenate at their summer home may instead spend most of their vacation time cleaning up property damage, along with filling out police reports, etc. Fortunately, this type of scenario can be completely avoided with thoughtful attention to the special security needs of a vacation home.

Security Pitfalls 

Many vacation homes reside alongside other vacation homes, making the overall neighborhood an attractive target for thieves and home squatters. By targeting vacation homes, both of these groups know their unlawful actions are likely to go undetected for months. If a break-in should occur, the thieves will have long since gone on to other neighborhoods, leaving the homeowners to spend their time replacing essential household components, as well mourning the loss of irreplaceable sentimental items. 

Other problems that could arise over a long span of time are issues resulting from storm damage or property damage from wildlife. A shattered window or skylight as a result of a broken tree limb could cause major damage to both a home's exterior and interior. Even something as seemingly benign as a squirrel can find its way into a home and cause major damage in their desperate attempt to find their way out of the home.

Planning for Security Issues

Here at Echo Workshop, we take pride in working with our clients to develop a comprehensive security package to protect their valuable vacation homes. We know that peace of mind for homeowners and protection of personal property are the utmost priorities for any security system. Our security packages are designed to encompass a home's exterior as well as the interior. They include critical features such as strategically-placed security cameras, a comprehensive alarm system, and other thoughtful features such as lighting and window shades that can be programmed to make it appear as if residents are home. 

Start at the Beginning - The Entryway

One of the foundational components found within our comprehensive security package is the DoorBird entry system. The DoorBird is a video door intercom and video doorbell system. Its usefulness quickly becomes evident whether homeowners are away, or simply in their backyard enjoying relaxation time with family and friends. The DoorBird works with both the Android and iOS operating systems, allowing homeowners to answer the doorbell of their vacation home whether they are halfway across the globe, or spending some downtime in the backyard pool. 

The DoorBird is thoughtfully designed and houses both security components and features of convenience as well. Package delivery becomes a breeze by simply using the DoorBird app to open up the garage door, then remotely communicating to the parcel deliverer to leave the packages inside the garage. It's also convenient to know exactly who rang the doorbell before you open the door. Simply view the person(s) by way of the DoorBird app which monitors the intercom's HD wide-eye hemispheric camera lens.       

Discrete and Effective

We understand our clients want their summer homes to be safe and secure, yet they also want their vacation homes to be a primary hub for enjoyment and leisure time. We take pride in seeking out the latest in discrete, thoughtfully designed security components and can work with both builders and homeowners to create a security system that effectively works in the background for each specific home design. From the initial consultation to maintenance and support, we are ready to be your vacation home's security expert. Contact Echo Workshop today!

5 Ways Security Cameras Can Make Your Home a Safe Haven

Keep your family and your precious property safe and secure.

5 Ways Security Cameras Can Make Your Home a Safe Haven

Our homes are a safe and sacred place where we lay weary heads and enjoy personal or shared space. That's why keeping the feeling of trust and security is so important. Many people have security cameras monitoring their house, either as a warning to intruders or allowing for peace of mind, and those are only two of the many reasons why having a camera is something to consider. If you're on the fence about getting one, here's a list of the top reasons people invite these integral systems into their homes.

A Great Deterrent

Studies show that outdoor security cameras are a huge red flag for anyone considering a break-in. No one wants to risk their face being captured in the process of a crime, and it's much easier to find an alternative target than risk exposure. Avoid the worst-case scenario, and protect your valuables with the best and most effective deterrent on the market. The price of a security system is little in comparison to what could happen without one.

Keeping Track of Loved Ones

While it might be an invasion of privacy to spy on your significant other, keeping track of your pets has never been easier. We all worry about accidentally leaving a pantry door open for a ravenous feline or curious puppy. Instead of racing home or worrying all day, you can simply check the display of a Savant System. Technology has paved the way to keep your loved ones safe and allow you to take some stress out of your day. Even for children, you can feel good knowing they are safe in bed. With these systems in place, you never have to be kept up at night thinking about the things you can't control.

Answering Every Door Is Old School

Ever been disturbed while sitting down watching TV in the afternoon or had a knock in the middle of the night? One is an inconvenience, the other mildly terrifying; in both situations, a front door camera like DoorBird is the best way to alleviate any concerns of who is at the door. DoorBird is a door intercom and camera system. You can view and answer using the DoorBird app, or have it integrated with your Savant System so you can check your front door from a tablet and never worry about getting up for any unwanted solicitors again. 

Save Money on Insurance

Many homeowner's insurance companies offer discounts for homes that have security systems installed. Whether to protect from risks of fires or document any loss of property, a home security camera keeps your house safe in more ways than one. The discounts that companies offer customers vary depending on the system's features but even without a discount, these types of systems still protect your investment. 

The Little Things

Not everything is a dire situation, and sometimes you just want to monitor your homes in small ways. Making sure you didn't leave the lights on and being able to turn them off with home automation. Anxiety can rear up in many ways, and being able to see your property on live footage can help.  

Whatever your reason for getting a new home security system, Echo Workshop is here to help. With advanced technology, the world is your oyster, and the options are limitless. Having a DoorBird Intercom and Camera System is security access at your fingertips. If you're in the Houston area, contact our team to get set up for your complete home system and check all your cameras from one easy screen.

Home Security System: What You Need to Know

Protect your property with smart automation

Home Security System: What You Need to Know

Now that we’re spending more time in and around our properties, now’s the perfect time to upgrade with a smart home security system. Keeping your distance from neighbors and protecting your family doesn’t have to be challenging: With integrated video capabilities, one-touch control, and multi-device automation, you can protect your whole Houston, TX property with just a few swipes on your smartphone or tablet. Of course, before you invest in a new smart system, you should know what you’re getting. Here, we’ll show you the essential elements you’ll want to consider before investing. Keep reading for more.

Back Off, Porch Pirates!

Use your home security system to protect holiday package deliveries from unwanted attention

Back Off, Porch Pirates!
Did you know that one in four homeowners will have a package stolen from their doorstep throughout an average holiday season? And, according to USA Today, 2018 was a banner year for so-called “porch pirates” -- opportunistic thieves who target easy-to-access deliveries. Though it may not seem like it, the 2019 holidays are right around the corner. That means you have to take action now to prevent potential loss. Thankfully, your smart home security system can help you avoid becoming another statistic in Houston, TX. Want to find out how? Keep reading.