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3 Things You Should Look for in Your Smart Home Company

Work with professionals that deliver a system you’ll use every day

3 Things You Should Look for in Your Smart Home Company

Adding smart home technology to your Houston, TX, property is stressful. Not only are you confused about the devices themselves, but you also have to find a company that operates reliably and efficiently from initial discovery to final walkthrough. And you'll need one that supports its work after the installation finishes -- you don't want them to disappear if something goes wrong! So, here, we've made it simple. Check out the three things you should look for in your next smart home company.



If you’re building a smart home system, you want to work with someone who has a bit of history in the field. Not only does it indicate that they’ve completed satisfactory jobs in the past, but they also come to you with experience. A local professional is more likely to understand the needs of local residents. They can help suggest ideas that your neighbors are already enjoying, while still listening to you. Together, you’ll build the system of your dreams.

For more than 20 years, Echo Workshop has been serving the greater Houston area with AV and integrated technology solutions. We’ve seen devices and manufacturers come and go, and our experience has helped us partner with reliable companies that will take your home to the next level. And we have a proven record of collaborating with other local professionals like designers, architects, and builders for the best installation experience.


Any company you work with should be an expert in the field of technology. Of course, that may be hard to determine -- especially if you don’t know much about it yourself. Remember, you’re not looking for an expert on every manufacturer. You’re looking for an expert on the manufacturers and devices that can fit your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, it's your home system, and a good integrator wants it to be a practical part of your everyday life.

We partner with best-in-class manufacturers to provide you with the best and most versatile solutions. Our Tutorials page will show you how you can take advantage of your systems quickly and efficiently while providing you with easy-to-understand instructional videos. 


The hardest part of finding the right integrator comes in finding a reliable one. You can’t know if your installer will back their work until after the job is finished. It’s essential to scope out internet reviews and ask around to find out if the company is worth the investment.

We make it easy for you. You can check out testimonials from our past clients and see what they’re saying about the systems that have had a positive impact on their daily lives. When you work with a reliable company that boasts expertise and a long history, you can count on your technology installation being simple, punctual, and fun.

Want to learn more about working with Houston’s premier smart home installer? Click here or give us a call at (713) 589-9222 today!

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