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3 Ways To Enjoy Multi Room Audio

Discover how multi-room audio will enhance your Houston area home

3 Ways To Enjoy Multi Room Audio

There are few things better than listening to your favorite music, but what if you could listen to your favorite music in every room of your home? Multi-room audio allows you to listen to music throughout your home and control everything through a centralized control system. Not only that, but you can also even listen to your favorite recordings on a variety of sources. Learn three ways you can enjoy your multi-room audio system in Houston, TX.


Streaming Services

The most popular way to listen to music nowadays is through a streaming service, and for a good reason. For just a few dollars a month, you have access to thousands of songs wherever you have an internet connection. Whether you prefer Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal, you can enjoy your favorite playlists on your whole home audio system. If your family has vastly different tastes in music, they can play their favorite songs in their respective rooms. If you wanted to, you could even play a different song in every room of your home, all at once. Best of all, it will be hi-fi quality, no more listening to music on cheap Bluetooth speakers.

CD and Record Players

If you are into more old school methods of listening to music, worry not; your audio system is compatible with those as well. For example, Rega and Mark Levinson turntables and electronics are a fantastic way to listen to your favorite records over a hi-fi whole-home sound system.. CD players are also another popular way to listen to music. The audio on both records and CDs is not as digitally compressed as it is on streaming services, meaning the sound is higher quality. Play all of your favorite vintage music throughout your home at a dinner party or burn CDs of your favorite music for date night!

Audio-Video Systems

Your multi-room audio system doesn't have to be limited to just music. You can connect it to your television or your projector to incorporate it into movie night, whether it be outdoors on your porch or even in your customized home theater. If you need to grab a drink in the middle of the movie and don't want to hit pause, the audio will follow you to the kitchen, so you don't miss out on meaningful dialogue. With your audio system integrated with your TV, you’ll be able to broadcast sound everywhere and manage everything seamlessly from your device of choice.

Are you ready to install a multi-room audio system in your Houston area home? Echo Workshop has been serving the local community since 1999. We can install a whole-home audio system that fits your family needs. And now is the perfect time to incorporate outdoor audio as well with the Sonance outdoor speaker promotion. Want to find out more? Click here now.

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