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3 Ways To Enjoy Your Media Room Installation

Celebrate summer with video game tournaments, movie nights, and more

3 Ways To Enjoy Your Media Room Installation

The weather is getting warmer, which means that you will be spending the hottest part of the day inside. This means movie marathons, TV show binges, and video game tournaments to cool off in the comfort of your home. A media room is a perfect place to entertain indoors. Read our latest blog to learn three ways you can enjoy your media room installation in Houston, TX.



A great summer activity is playing video games with friends. Whether you are playing vintage consoles like the N64 or more modern consoles like the PS4, you need an audio video system that will give you the best performance possible. For an exceptional experience, consider installing a video wall of multiple televisions. You can display one picture across multiple TVs, or you can use split-screen mode to enhance multiplayer gameplay.

For example, if you are playing a competitive game, separate screens enhance player privacy and avoid revealing your location to your opponents. In co-op play, a split-screen mode can help you explore different parts of the map more effectively. Hi-fi surround sound systems completely immerse you in the world of the game. A Savant home automation system will allow you to control various aspects of your home's technology without hitting pause.

Movie Night

Summer is the perfect time for watching blockbuster movies, but with social distancing orders in place and movie theaters closed, you miss out on those classic movie nights. What if you could bring the experience of the cinema to the safety of your home? Stream 4K content from a variety of services to watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows. Movie services like Kaleidescape and Prime Cinema offer you access to brand new movies before the theaters reopen. And with many commercial theaters closed, many releases are hitting streaming services in just a matter of weeks.

 If you are set on having a video wall for gaming purposes, consider installing a projector screen in the ceiling that rolls down in front of it for movie night. Integrate your audio video equipment with a home automation system and create a scene called "Movie Night." With just the press of a button on a remote or smart device of choice, roll down the screen, dim the lights, close the shades, turn up the AC, lock the doors, and start your movie without leaving the comfort of the couch.


Media rooms don't have to be limited to just digital entertainment; pool tables, card tables, and board games are fantastic ways to spend your summer. What is the perfect complement to these activities? Music! Install a hi-fi speaker system that will elevate movie night and play your favorite tunes during game night. Surround sound speaker systems can be tastefully concealed in your walls or the ceiling so that your aesthetic is maintained and your space is free for your family. There are several streaming services such as Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify that you can choose from.

Are you ready for a media room installation in your Houston area home? Echo Workshop has been serving the local community since 1999. Want to find out more? Click here now.

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