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A Soundtrack for Every Room

How a whole home audio system helps you entertain throughout the year

A Soundtrack for Every Room

Once the holidays are over, you might think you’ll be slowing down. But the fact is, after the new year there are still plenty of events to get excited about. From the Super Bowl to March Madness, Valentine’s Day to spring break, you’ll need a system that can deliver the entertainment you love to every room of your Houston, TX property. Find out how a whole-home audio system can transform the soundscape of your property here.


A Playlist for Each Room

With an integrated whole-home audio system, you can craft the perfect playlist for each room with a few swipes on your tablet or smartphone. Keep track of what’s playing, adjust the volume, and fill your space with your favorite music no matter where you are in the house.

Thanks to Savant, defining your rooms’ soundtrack is easier than ever. A ‘now playing” bar shows you what track you’re listening to, sliders let you adjust the volume, and you can easily skip tracks. Plus, you can enjoy easily visible artwork and artist information directly from your screen.

Whether you want the same song to play throughout your property or you want to hear a different song in each room, you can do it, thanks to Savant.

Entertaining for Big Events

With simple controls and lossless music streaming, it’s easy to entertain for the big events coming up soon. Whether it’s your favorite holiday, sporting event, or anything else, you can easily stream your favorite tracks and create a memory that will last forever.

Savant’s integrated smart home technology means you don’t just get to enjoy music. You can transform your entire property with a single touch.

Ready for the big party? Tap a button and dim the lights, unlock the front door, and listen to your music play throughout the house. Each room can feature a different "scene" or lighting arrangement, and you can choose the ideal music for the occasion. If it’s the Super Bowl, pipe the sound from the game over every speaker in the house.

A whole-home audio system simplifies entertainment. By using a combination of in-wall, floor-standing, and bookshelf speakers, you never have to miss a beat of your favorite tracks or shows. Plus, our expert calibration will help ensure you don't hear hotspots or dead zones. That way, you can listen without interruption no matter where you are on your property.

Want to learn more about whole-home audio, holiday entertaining, or smart technology? Click here or give us a call at  (713) 589-9222 today!

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