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FAQ: How to Set Scenes Using Lutron Lighting Control

Get More out of Your Smart Home Lighting

FAQ: How to Set Scenes Using Lutron Lighting Control

Smart home lighting is the cornerstone of many automation systems. Not only is it fundamental to the function of most of your rooms – especially at night – but it’s also a fun way to accentuate the style of your Houston, TX spaces. Plus, smart lighting can help you manage energy usage and enhance the security of your property. Among the easiest ways to get the most out of your system is by setting “scenes.” Here, we’ll show you how scenes work and how you can craft lighting arrangements that work for your home. Keep reading to find out more.


What Are Scenes?

Scenes are a way to perform multiple functions within your lighting system with one button. You can brighten or dim different fixtures, and manage your connected shades, with a single command wherever a Lutron keypad is present. If you have a keypad installed in your home theater, living room, bedrooms, and kitchen, those are the rooms you can include in your scene.

For instance, if you want to prepare for family time in the living room, you can tap a button that shuts down the lights in your bedrooms, kitchen, and home theater. A scene can also adjust the lights in the living room based on zones. So, the lights in front of the TV may dim while the ones behind the couch remain bright, and accent lights under stairs and behind artwork shine. You can work with your integrator to adjust the settings for style and function.

How to Set a Favorite Scene

Your integrator can set a scene anywhere there’s a Lutron keypad present in your home. Once set, you can select which scenes will appear on the home menu of the Lutron app under “Favorite Scenes.”

To set a scene as a favorite, first open the Lutron app. Tap the settings button at the top of the screen. Find and press the “Favorites” button. You’ll then see a menu with all available rooms.

Scenes go beyond aesthetics. They can help you manage security, energy, and the function of each room. After you’ve determined your favorites, you can choose which ones appear on your app for easy access.

Talk to Your Integrator

If you’re interested in setting a scene with your Lutron system, talk to your integrator today. They can help you define scenes that will simplify your daily life. They can also help train you on using your system.

Plus, your Lutron system can integrate with other devices for total home automation. Combine controls with a Savant smart home automation system and enjoy one-touch control over your lights, shades, AV, security, and more.

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