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Hide Your Home Theater System with Salamander Furniture

Customized components simplify home theater installation

Hide Your Home Theater System with Salamander Furniture

When you think about a home theater installation in your Houston, TX property, you probably think of the display and sound system. But it takes more than that to build a home theater -- from lighting control to integrated systems, a theater is a complex ecosystem of technologies. But one element you might overlook is the furniture. Salamander Designs produces exclusive home theater furniture built for versatility and customization. Keep reading to learn more.



In a home theater setting, your couch or recliner probably won’t cut it. Theater seating is designed to keep you comfortable while providing the support you need to enjoy your favorite content. It shouldn’t impede sound from moving freely about the room, though the plush cushions will likely absorb echoes and help minimize reverberations.

Salamander seating is built to last and fully customizable, featuring modular designs that you and your home theater professional can configure to your specifications. Whether you want to enjoy multiple rows or a semi-circular design, your seating can fit your needs.

You can even customize your own seating, choosing from Salamander’s wide array of options, or supplying materials that fit your theater design theme and transforming them into unique furniture. With Salamander seating, your home theater will look and feel like a reflection of your personal style.


Of course, your components need somewhere to go, too. Salamander offers plenty of options for low-profile cabinetry that looks great and works as part of the room’s decor. They’re available in a variety of styles and finishes and designed to offer easy access to your components without dominating your space.

And for homeowners who love the idea of ultra-short throw projectors, Salamander customizes cabinets for specific manufacturers. UST cabinets are an essential part of your theater design if you’re interested in space-saving projectors. Salamander’s options work with many of the top brands in the industry, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for style.

Work with a Local Professional

At Echo Workshop, we have decades of experience at designing home theater systems that work with your needs and lifestyle. We can help guide you to the options that will deliver what you want out of your system, whether you’re interested in movies, videogames, sports, or anything else.

If you’re interested in working with Houston’s leading smart home and theater AV installer, click here or give us a call at (713) 589-9222.

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