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Create an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Experience with Outdoor A/V

Celebrate together in the backyard this holiday season.

Create an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Experience with Outdoor A/V

As the holiday season approaches, we're all beginning to feel the full impact of the changes we've lived with during this chaotic year. Simple family traditions such as sharing a meal around a dining table have suddenly become complicated. It seems funny that this time last year we stressed over seating arrangements and who would cook what dish when this year we now have to contend with concerns over whether everyone will be able to safely attend without risking their health. Many families are even wondering if it's even advisable to celebrate at all, lest they put their family's health at risk. While there's nothing wrong with choosing to abstain from holiday festivities in order to preserve health, there are ways to celebrate while minimizing risk. One big way that you can work to reduce risk while still maintaining a semblance of normalcy is to choose to hold your holiday celebration outdoors. Outdoor TVs and other technology can empower you to create the same cozy, festive atmosphere outdoors that you're accustomed to having in your home. 

A New Normal for Holidays

Seura Outdoor TVs are designed to turn outdoor spaces into event-worthy areas that are sure to impress and bring comfort to your family. Although it's tempting to simply place an indoor TV outside in order to facilitate a last-minute tailgate, an indoor TV is simply not going to give the same performance. Indoor TVs aren't waterproof and will not function well in extreme temperatures. Additionally, the picture will usually suffer, as the screens of indoor TVs are calibrated to function indoors, so they aren't bright enough to be seen in sunlight. 

In contrast, Seura Outdoor TVs are specifically designed to function outside. They withstand moisture, as well as extreme temperatures and, are three times brighter than indoor TVs, so they're actually visible in full sunlight. If watching football is part of your Thanksgiving tradition and celebrating outdoors is one of the ways you've considered modifying your holiday this year, an outdoor TV would be an excellent investment. There's no comparison to the performance you'll receive from a Seura Outdoor TV.

Additionally, if TV isn't really part of your traditions, you can still upgrade your outdoor space into something magical by adding in outdoor lighting and audio systems. Outdoor lighting design can completely change the mood of your backyard or patio. While in the past we may have associated outdoor lights with dim, unreliable offerings, now we have available lights that can completely transform the way you use your space. Lutron Lighting Control can remember your favorite lights and sync them to your schedule, as well as offer energy-efficient options and adjustable dimmers.

Having an outdoor audio system professionally installed can offer the good vibes that you want to groove to when you bring your holiday celebration outdoors. While you could simply bring your phone outside to play music, the quality of the sound would simply not compare to the quality (or even the ease-of-use) of a professionally installed outdoor audio system. Everyone enjoys a crisp, clear sound that floats at an even tone throughout the yard, allowing easy conversations over the music. A perfect ambiance that transforms your outdoor space into something incredible.

Beyond the Holiday Season

This kind of technology also offers year-round benefits. Who doesn't want to enjoy their favorite entertainment while simultaneously enjoying everything nature has to give? The same technology that can help bring family and friends together during sports games can upgrade summer parties and create memorable birthdays. 

If you're ready to take the next step in making your backyard your other party room, contact our Houston team today!

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