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Is Your Media Room Ready for the Super Bowl on February 7th?

For Black Diamond screens and more, Echo Workshop is your Houston Screen Innovations dealer.

Is Your Media Room Ready for the Super Bowl on February 7th?

You have your Super Bowl party all planned out. You have a list of the food, the drinks, and a few of your closest friends and family. You are ready. The only question that remains, however, is regarding your media room. You may be ready but is your media room ready? Having the right technology in your media room can make the difference between just watching the game and immersing yourself in the experience of the Super Bowl. The right screen is the key to making your media room Super Bowl ready. Echo Workshop can help elevate your Super Bowl experience to another level and enable you to feel like you are right there at the game while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Your Screen—The Centerpiece of Your Media Room

The centerpiece of any media room is the screen. All eyes will be turned to the screen for the duration of the game and that makes the quality of your screen one of the most important aspects of your media room. One of the characteristics you will want in your screen is for it to be ambient light rejecting or ALR. This means that your screen will reject other light sources, such as the lights in the room or sunlight through a window. They will enable you to watch the game with the lights on without glare thereby allowing you the opportunity to fully invest and enjoy the game. These screens will also produce a higher level of contrast when they are compared with matte screens making every image more vibrant and crisp.

Fixed Screens

Before you embark on purchasing the perfect screen for your media room, you will need to decide if you would like a fixed screen or motorized screen. The choice you make will have an influence on the types of materials you have to choose from for your screen. The choice to go with a fixed screen enables you to choose from materials such as Black Diamond, Black Diamond film, Slate, Flex Glass, and many more. Many of these materials are usable both in a fixed or motorized manner. However, there are also some, such as Black Diamond, that is only an option if it is being used in a fixed capacity. Screens, such as the Black Diamond, communicate images that go way beyond simply watching a game or television show. They create an immersive experience that allows you and your guests to feel like you are right there in the thick of things. 

Motorized Screens

Motorized screens, on the other hand, can give your media room a wow factor that fixed screens may not. Screens such as slate screens, which can be found in either a fixed or motorized capacity, can create a hush that falls over the room when they drop from the ceiling. Slate screens are made from a special material that reject the light in such a way that makes it popular with many people, including astronauts. That's right, slate screens are the projection screen material used by the International Space Station. Slate screens make content quality good even in space so just imagine what they could do in your Houston living room and your Super Bowl experience.

You are prepared and ready for the biggest game in football. You have the food ready, the drinks ready, and the perfect people to watch the game with you. The only thing that remains to be done is making sure your media room is as ready for the big game as you are. The right screen, such as one from Screen Innovations, is the key to creating the perfect Super Bowl experience. Echo Workshop can help you choose the right screen to make your team, your friends, and you have an incredible Super Bowl experience. 

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