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What You Need to Know About Lighting

From interior lighting design to integrated control, here’s the essential info

What You Need to Know About Lighting

Smart lighting control is a great way to beautify your spaces while saving energy, enhancing wellness, and increasing security. If you're looking for a smart lighting upgrade, you may think it's as easy as screwing in a lightbulb. However, it takes a series of sophisticated practices to get you the look and user experience you want. At Echo Workshop, we're experts in every aspect of the process and tuned into all the details. Here's what you need to know about lighting, from interior lighting design to integrated control.



Lighting design is an intricate skill that should be handled by an experienced professional. You may think all it takes is a lamp or on-wall fixture to illuminate a space. Still, intelligent lighting design enhances the beauty and functionality of your rooms while giving you more options for your lighting control system.

Beyond the apparent fixtures, consider under-cabinet lighting along the stairs, behind TVs and art, and more. Smart lighting design can illuminate your home in surprising ways, enhancing visibility while also improving your options. Raise, dim, and arrange your lighting in exciting new ways.


Installing fixtures is another part of the equation. For this service, electrical know-how is essential. Your installer will efficiently add fixtures, including recessed, chandeliers, on-wall fixtures, and more that fit your lifestyle.

In most cases, fixtures are installed by a certified electrician with wires run to a centralized panel for control. This panel lives in an out-of-the-way space so you can enjoy a clutter-free living environment with easy access to your panel for maintenance and service purposes.


To get the most out of your lighting system, you’ll need simple, easy-to-use, one-touch controls. That means an integrated system for every fixture in your home. With centralized smart control, you can easily play with the way your home looks, craft new scenes and enjoy a new level of beauty throughout your home.

From a single controller, determine the brightness, intensity, and more of each fixture. Group by zone and explore the possibilities of a system that offers incredible depth and diversity in the way you use it.

Plus, you can easily integrate features like voice control and timers for easy, hands-free adjustments. With just the sound of your voice, you can transform the look of your spaces.

Want to work with a lighting professional who can deliver design, installation, and control? Click here or give us a call at (713) 589-9222.

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