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Why and How to Build Movie Library in the Cloud

Why and How to Build Movie Library in the Cloud

So far there are two ways to watch the movies—either insert a disc (may be a flash drive) into DVD player or stream the content online. Both ways give you a freedom to watch the movies anytime and anywhere rather than waiting for the broadcast or going to the cinema hall like few years ago. But DVDs require your labor and patient for inserting and playback and you have to return back if they are rented. Similarly, online streaming eats up your bandwidth data and can be a “patient tester” with slow links or poor connectivity.

In this scenario, you’re willing for the “third” way of movie watching where you can mix up the pros of both these ways (DVD+Online Streaming). That’s why “cloud movie watching” fit in this condition. It means you convert the movies into files and then store them on server, where you can access them to watch or download. As an added bonus, you can watch movies on mobile phones and tablets while on the go. Let’s see how you can build your cloud movie library.

Choose Appropriate Cloud Services for Movies:

Well, there are many dedicated cloud services which let you convert DVDs into digital files which can be stored into their digital library later. Check their storage services and processes of building up your digital movie library. Choose the one which not only keeps the backup of your movies but also sync them on all PCs and devices.

Choose the Right Format:

After selecting the cloud platform, you can check their options to convert the movies into various formats. Make sure you have chosen the format that makes your files easily uploaded to the cloud side. Find a balanced bit rate to meet your need best. Whereas a high bit rate will make the file size bigger and reduce the storage space, file with low bit rate can affect the sound and video quality. MP4 is one of the popular media formats that is not so heavy and keeps the quality of your audio/video intact.

Organize your files

Don’t forget to organize your file amidst the exciting features of a cloud service provider. Name and tag the movies so that you can easily search them when you’ve a large collection in digital library.

So, these are the tips to build a digital library collection to enhance your movie watching experience.