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Savant Home System 101



Control Everything with a Single App

Savant is all about simplicity. That means, you only need one app to control all the technology in your home. From a dedicated touch-panel controller, the smartphone in your pocket, or even your Apple Watch, you can command your smart home features with ease.

The Savant app is designed for unique homes and bold statements. You can do more than just dim your lights and adjust the volume on your whole home audio system. Take control of every lighting fixture, all your AV, security, comfort, and more. Savant even offers native controls for water fixtures, irrigation, and pools.

Set the Scene

With Savant scenes, you can use multiple devices with the touch of a single button. Whether you want to control the lights and AV all at once, simplify a romantic evening, or ensure your home is locked up before bed, you can assign the appropriate technology under a single button.

Choose from a library of pre-set names or customize your own scene with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Once you’ve arranged everything to your ideal settings, save it and return to it whenever you’d like.


Just because you can control everything with a single interface doesn’t mean everyone has to have the same power. Select which services your family and friends can use by building user profiles.

For instance, mom and dad may have full control over everything -- lights, thermostat, security, and AV, while junior can only use the lights and AV. Build custom profiles for frequent guests too, like the neighborhood babysitter.  That way, they can enjoy the benefits of control without risking your system’s safety.

Built for Entertainment

While you can use your Savant system to control almost everything in your home, it’s the most fun when you use it for entertainment. Whether you’re streaming the latest Netflix show or listening to your favorite album, Savant makes accessing and controlling your content easier than ever.

Access Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, and other popular streaming platforms natively on your Savant remote or via the Savant app. Watch up to nine feeds simultaneously on a single display with TrueControl.

You can even select a different music playlist for each room to create the perfect environment no matter where you are in your home.

Want to learn more about Savant? Click here now.

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