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Securing Your Shop for the Holiday Season


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Among your best bets for loss prevention is installing surveillance cameras throughout your store. Cameras can help ward off potential theft by simply being visible. And if something is stolen, you’ll have a visual record of the event.

Today’s cameras offer 4K resolution, 360 degree viewing angles and more to help keep your business safe.

Plus, artificial intelligence is changing the game. Not only can predictive analytics notify you if a crime is about to happen, but facial recognition technology can alert you to troublemakers before they even enter your store.

Moreover, AI can also help with things beyond security, like queue management and more.


Let’s face it: trust is essential when it comes to running your business. You must trust your staff to be on time and to protect your merchandise.

But that doesn’t mean some bad apples can’t fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, some people will still try to enter your business and steal from you.

One way to prevent this is with a robust access control system. Access control – along with smart locks – help protect your most private spaces.

Not only will it prevent access to areas of your business, but each employee with access receives a unique identifier. This identifier can look like a key card, a numerical code, or even their own retina or finger print. It also acts as their key.

The advantage of a system like this is obvious: you’ll know who goes in and out of your doors at any given time and have complete records for later reference whenever you need them.

How else can you protect your business this holiday season? We have plenty of great solutions. Just click the button at the bottom of your screen to chat with a member of our staff right now!

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