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Business AV Trends to Watch for in 2019




For decades business owners have used projectors for conference rooms and auditoriums. Not only were they convenient, space-saving devices; they also generated giant displays that anyone in the room could see.

Today, there’s been a shift. LED flat-panels are growing in size, shrinking in depth, and offering features not thought possible with projectors. Appreciated for their bright backlighting, LEDs don’t need specific light conditions to operate. With modern technology like 4K and HDR, LED displays are popping up throughout workspaces for easy viewing anywhere.


Whether you choose to upgrade with a traditional projector or a modern LED display, one thing is certain: interactivity is key. Businesses have been experimenting with interactive video content, and the demand for capacitive touch technology is growing.

Capacitive touch means the interactive image isn’t affected by the pressure of a user’s finger, but rather the ability of your finger to disrupt the flow of electricity. What that means is that you can directly modify images on a screen -- or even a projected image -- with the touch of your finger.


From display technology to the other side of the camera, predictive analytics are transforming workflow, security, and more thanks to artificial intelligence.

PA measures behavior captured on camera and determines the likelihood of future behavior based on an adaptive algorithm. For instance, if queues are getting long at multiple registers, PA software can tell you how long and where backups will most likely occur.

As you can imagine, the same technology can help protect your spaces and your workers from potential threats, as well as help you manage your day-to-day activities.


By now it may seem like old news, but it’s becoming increasingly more essential: it’s time to integrate your AV.

Integration means you can control everything with a single device, a single interface, and, often, a single touch. Whether that’s dropping a projector from the ceiling, starting up the sound system, and dimming the lights, or simply shutting down the office and locking the electronic entryways at the end of the night.

To get the most out of your AV and other smart technology, it’s time to invest in business solutions that matter. Click here to start the process right now!

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