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Here Are 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home Theater Design

Love Home AV? This Is How to Make it Spectacular

Here Are 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home Theater Design

When you think of a home theater, what comes to mind?

Does it look like a mega-plex? Is it personalized to your tastes?

The truth is, the possibilities of home theater design are virtually endless. Whether you want something straight out of a sci-fi movie or something that reflects your Memorial Village hometown pride.

But just because your space can look however you want, there are still common issues that you may want to steer clear of.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of these areas and how you can design the private cinema of your dreams. Keep reading for more.


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Mistake 1: Your Screen Is Too Big!

No matter what you choose to do with your design, you’ll need a display. Some homeowners are opting for non-traditional displays, like 4K flat panels, but for the most part users still prefer to pair a projector and screen.

But what you may not realize is that it’s easy to over estimate the size of screen you’ll need. A screen that’s too big can make viewers uncomfortable.

How to Avoid it: Measure your space before you purchase a screen. Determine how many seats you’ll add, and where they’ll go. Once you know that, the screen size is easier to determine. Investigate the commonly accepted ranges for seating distance to screen based on screen sizes.


Mistake 2: Too Much Light!

One of the biggest challenges when building a home theater is overcoming ambient light. That’s the kind of light that filters in through cracks in the doorway or the space between curtains.

If you have too much, it can be difficult to watch your shows and movies during the daytime. The screen can appear washed out and it can make your theater virtually useless half the time.

How to Avoid it: Ensure your windows and doors are covered with motorized shades to help block even more light. The artificial lighting fixtures should be positioned away from the screen and you should integrate zone control to raise or dim the lights in specified areas.


Mistake 3: Too Many Reflective Surfaces!

One source of ambient light may come as a bit of surprise: the projector itself. But even the light from the projector can become a problem when you have too many reflective surfaces.

Glass memorabilia cases, shiny furniture, and polished surfaces may seem like a touch of elegance for your cinema spaces, but they can cause reflections that ruin the experience.

How to Avoid it: Consider your light sources and the way they’re positioned. If you’re dying to feature your vintage poster collection, ensure that they’re placed outside the illumination radius.


Get Started

These are just a few of the smart ways you can avoid big mistakes in your home theater design.

If you want to learn more – like how to set up a surround sound system for optimal efficiency – we’re here to help!

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