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How Smart Home Automation Helps with Security

From the holidays to the Super Bowl, here’s how integrated systems keep you safe

How Smart Home Automation Helps with Security

If you’re a fan of technology, you already know about the convenience smart home automation can add to your Houston, TX lifestyle. But did you know it can also help bolster your security system? Integrated technology does more than just enhance entertainment and increase comfort -- it actually helps keep you safe. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.


While You’re Away

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. Not only do you get to enjoy time with your friends and family, but you also get to unwrap lots of fun gifts. Of course, more merriment means more foot traffic in and around your home. You’ll need a way to deter prying eyes from peering through your windows and ruining the festivities for everyone.

Your security system can help keep most potential porch pirates at bay, by merely being present. Most criminals won't target homes with visible security features like cameras and sensors. But your technology can do even more to keep your home safe.

With an integrated Savant home automation system, you can make it look like you’ve never left the house, even when you’re miles away. That is, as long as you have the appropriate smart technology systems installed.

Smart lights and motorized shades can alternate automatically at realistic intervals when you leave the house. All you have to do it tap the Away setting. Unnecessary systems like AV and HVAC will turn off or adjust to appropriate settings, while your lights and shades make it look like you’ve never left. The result is a home that looks occupied, even when you’re away.

Entry Services

When someone comes knocking at your door, you should be able to communicate with them instantly. When you use Savant Entry Services, you can talk to the person on your doorstep from anywhere in the world.

Connected entry provides instant video and audio communication from your doors, gates, garages, and more, so you can keep an eye on everything. HD video intercoms offer wide viewing angles, video capture, and seamless two-way communication directly to your smartphone or tablet via the Savant app. And when you’re expecting a guest, delivery, or service, let them in remotely via your Savant-controlled smart lock with a single tap.

You can also enjoy peace of mind with night vision viewing for visibility any time, day or night. Plus, you can even customize sensors to alert you when motion or noise is detected, and pull up video footage to review instantly.

Want to learn more about how Savant smart home automation helps protect your home for the holidays and beyond? Click here or give us a call at (713) 589-9222 today.

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