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What’s the Difference Between Smart Home Control and Smart Home Automation?

How Savant Home Automation Transforms Your Lifestyle

What’s the Difference Between Smart Home Control and Smart Home Automation?

Control is a wonderful thing. 

When you make dinner, you can control what goes on the plate. When you watch a movie at home, you can control when you stop and start. Having control over what you do is one of the most simple yet rewarding pleasures in life.

And home control is a big part of that. From one-touch functions of your thermostat, lights, AV, and more, you can take advantage of your home automation system from your smartphone or tablet.

But Savant smart home automation does more that that. It allows you to control each device in your home and a provides you a system that integrates them seamlessly.

What’s the difference between home control and home automation? Find out below.


Setting up for Game Day

A perfect example of the difference between automation and control happens every Sunday. Getting ready for kickoff is a time when you interact with a lot of technology.

Each device you use may have smart features. You can simply request that the Houston Texans game play via voice control, choose the right volume with the touch of a button, and remotely dim your lights from your smart phone. When your friends come over, you can easily unlock your front door with another tap.

It’s easy and fun to control each smart device in your home without ever getting up from the couch.

But Savant automation system works a little differently. Different controls are grouped under single commands, so your system ends up doing the heavy lifting for you.

For instance, you can simply tap an integrated button on your control device and your TV display turns on, the sports setting is enabled, and it tunes to the right channel. The sound system is signaled turn on and adjust to a pre-set volume. 

Plus, integrated controls of your lights automatically dim, motorized shades will lower and your thermostat will even set to the optimum temperature.

In other words, your Savant system will work on its own to make you comfortable.

Timers and Sensors

Additionally, smart home automation offers hands-free options.

When you leave the house, a robust network of occupancy sensors can ensure that your property remains safe. Once they detect you’re out, security features enable the thermostat to adjust to an energy-saving temperature, and all unnecessary electronics power off.

Even if you’ve forgotten to lock to lock the door, your system understands that you’re out of the house and engage the locks accordingly.

And while you’re away, smart timers help your home function normally, whether enacting the sprinkler system, turning on the exterior lights at sundown or adjusting the thermostat before you walk in the door.

Want to get the most out of your home automation system? Reach out to us to get started.

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