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Where Does Your Music Sound Best?

Unlocking the Secrets of Multi-Room Music

Where Does Your Music Sound Best?

If you’re a fan of music, you never want to be without it. That’s why a multi-room music system is a great investment for your Houston Heights property.

But you may wonder: “Isn’t it better to build a dedicated room for all my tunes instead of a sub-par system throughout my home?”

The answer is simple. You can stream top-quality music through your entire property and still enjoy the experience of a room completely optimized for your listening enjoyment.

Here, you’ll find the keys to building a top-quality audio distribution system. Keep reading to learn more.


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Speaker Distribution

A whole home audio system means you can listen in just about any room. But if the space isn’t optimized for sound, you need to get creative with speaker placement.

First, distribution is the biggest factor in getting quality sound. You and your integrator need to ensure that you’re getting full coverage, even quality and no hot spots. That means placing speakers evenly throughout the room, in a similar manner to overhead lighting fixtures.

But just because speakers are scattered throughout a room doesn’t mean you have to look at big black boxes hanging off your ceiling or walls.

Hidden speakers are the way to go. Instead of blocky components taking up space in every room, hidden speakers are recessed into the ceiling, occupying spaces not much different from your lighting fixtures.

In fact, you can also hide some types of in-wall speakers behind a paintable grill, so you won’t see them, but you’ll definitely hear them. There are even invisible speakers that can be part of your system that provide great sound without sacrificing the aesthetics of your room.


Coverage in Every Room

Part of the beauty of a whole house music system is that you can enjoy your favorite tunes in every space while enjoying centralized controls.

That means your AV receiver, amplifiers and more stay in an unused closet or dedicated media cabinet while the music flows throughout your home.

Multiple sources mean that you can stream from an online service, access your own digital music collection or even play an old-fashioned record and hear it in every room.

Long-distance cabling like fiber-optics or HDBaseT give you the bandwidth to stream high-definition audio, so you can enjoy high-quality audio everywhere in your home.

Plus, you only need a single device to control everything. You can switch between sources, choose your favorite tracks, define playlists for each room and more with a single smartphone, tablet or remote.


If you’re interested in learning more about how a multi-room music system can benefit your property, just click the button at the bottom of your screen to chat with a live professional right now, or contact our team of audio experts. 

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